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Published by kaseyanderson6
This is just something that i did in my spare time and if you have any comments about the contents please feel free to inform me of them, you send any constructive critisism to my personal email-unknownwriter06@gmail.com
This is just something that i did in my spare time and if you have any comments about the contents please feel free to inform me of them, you send any constructive critisism to my personal email-unknownwriter06@gmail.com

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Published by: kaseyanderson6 on Dec 26, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The fetid stench from the unwashed bodies and human waste was made worse by the tight quartersand lack of fresh air making Marni lose the meager contents of her stomach on the dirty floor next toher. She was so weak, the thought of fighting her captures the next time they came in to give themtheir food had fled her mind long ago. It seemed as though they gave them just enough food andwater to sustain life, but nothing more. The number of bodies that occupied the small room with herhad slowly started to dwindle away as of late. Orginally there were 18 women in the room, two haddied of fever from the lack of blankets and appropriate clothing, and within the last four days the menhave come in and taken 6 more away never to be returned. Leaving the rest in the room to do nothingbut think about what awaits them once they too are taken out of the room. Some said they were beingsold, others said they were to be put to work on there backs to make back the money used in feedingthem. Either way Marni could not imagine anything more horrible then what she had gone through inthis place.The day passed as every other for the last six weeks, she got up in the morning, walked the crampsout of her legs, ate the cold poorage and moldy bread they brought for breakfast, releaved herself inthe communal bucket that sat in the corner of the room, then waited. Waited to see who they wouldtake next, when they would come for her. She wished they would just come and take her, get her outof the this room and away from these pitiful looking creatures that only slightly resembled women now.She may have given up on fighting her captures, but unlike the others in the room she was not yetready to die, she was not yet ready to give up on life.Two days later her prayers were answered. They came in the middle of the night and took her, atfirst she thought it was a dream. Some one came in and lifted her off the cold dirtly ground, to weak tofight she just let her head fall against the mans chest. He walked for what seamed like and eternityand then she was standing on her feet in a well lit room. The man who had carried her into the roomgrunted and jestured to the corner of the room. Looking in the direction he indicated, Marni almostcried out loud. There was a huge oaken tub filled with steaming hot water. Forgetting herself she ranto the bath tub stopping only moments before she ripped the remains of her night shift off her body.Looking over her shoulder she realized that the man who had brought her into the room had quietlyslipped out the door, she was alone, for a moment the thought of excape crossed her mind, but she newnot where she was, not to mention the fact that she was filthy, smelled of human waste, vomit, andother fowel things she dared not attempt to identify. She stood in the middle of the large room for amoment trying to decide if she was going to run or not, finally putting the idea out of her mind she lether shift slide to the floor and climbed into the tub.The hot water seemed to melt the soarness out of her limbs. Relaxing for the first time in manyweeks she soaked in the tub. She wondered what would be next. She was no longer afraid for her life,if they wanted to kill her they would have done it long ago, other then being deprived of proper food,clothing, and bedding she had not been harmed in any way. Her person had not been violated and shehad not been beaten or tortured. Taking up the bar of soap and wash cloth that had been left by theside of the tub she vigorously scrubbed the grime from her limbs and hair. When her hair was onceagain shinning and her skin it's natural milky white complexion she arose from the tub, and quicklywrapped herself in the towel that had been left by the fire place to warm.Now that she was clean and felt some what like herself again she was more interested in hersurroundings. There was a medium sized four poster bed in the center of room, with red velvetdrapes. The spread was red with pink flowers and was turned back to reveal pink silk sheets. Theoverstuffed mattress looked so comfortable and inviting that the rest of the room was quickly forgottenand she was climbing into the bed. The sent of lillies surrounded her as she pulled the blankets up overher shoulders. Quickly she was drifting into blissfull nothingness as sleep engulfed her. She slept thefirst restfull sleep she had had in weeks and when she awoke the sun was already past the noon dayarch and begining it's decline into the night. Looking around she realized that the bath tub had beenremoved as well as the tattered remnants of her shift. During the night someone had even removedher towel, quickly looking around to make certain that she was alone she jumped up and grabbed therobe that was on the foot of the bed.Looking around to see what else they had done in the middle of the night she found herself pleasantly surprised by a large platter with fresh bread, yellow cheese, strawberries, watermelon,cantelope, honeydew, and a cirafe of sweat red wine. Sitting down she devoured all the bread and
cheese and drank three full glasses of wine. After going so long without adequate food her stomachhad shrunk so much that the thought of attempting to eat any of the fruit made her sick. As soon asshe finished her last glass of wine the door opened and a lady in a strange uniform came in. Withoutsaying a word she took the half empty cirafe along with the left over fruit and removed them from theroom. Moments later she came back and taking her hand led her to the bed. Drawing the curtain's shestarted barking orders, within minutes a troop of men were bringing the oak tub back into the room andfilling it with steaming hot water after the tub was full the woman opened a hidden cabinet that Marnihad not noticed before and selected a bottle, going to the tub she poored a generous dollop of the fluidin the tub and soon the sent of lillies diffused the entire room."Come child" said the woman.Slowly Marna pulled back the curtains and stepped from the bed. This was the first time anyone hadspoken to her directly. Even the women she had been held captive with had not spoken to her. Theyhad all stayed clear of her even when she had attempted to speak with them they had turned therebacks on her."where am I?""That is not for me to tell. We must bathe you and get you ready, now come, hurry hurry""Ready for what?""Once again, you ask questions that I am not at liberty to answer, now get in the tub."Giving up the futile attempt at finding anything out from the woman she simply obeyed. Removingthe robe she had on she stepped into the tub and allowed the woman to wash her hair and scrub herbody. Once her ablutions where done, the woman left allowing her to soak in the tub. Once again theidea of running jumped into her mind but looking around the room she realized that the woman hadtaken the robe she had been wearing. Resigning herself to her fate she sat in the tub until it got coldthen she got out and wrapped herself in the towel that had been left by the fire to get warm.She was wrapped in the towel sitting before the fire when the woman returned with a tray laden withfresh bread, sharp cheddar cheese, a roasted bird of some sort and a carafe of red wine. After gettingMarni situated in the bed with her dinner around her she closed the bed curtains and pulled the bellpull. Once again a line of footman came in, emptied the tub out the window and removed it.The woman busied herself cleaning while Marni devoured the food set before her. She ate half the loaf of bread smothered with sweet butter and slices of cheese. Drank two glasses of the red wine, and atehalf the roasted bird before the fullness in her stomach threatened to overflow. After she was doneeating a bowl of scented water was supplied for her to wash her hands and face with.Once she was all cleaned up the woman brought her a soft blue wrap made of silk. It was one of themost beautifal things Marni had ever seen. It was floor lengthe just like one of the dressing gowns thatshe would have worn on any formal occassion at home, except unlike her gowns at home it was all onepeice. The arms were long and full ending just above the back of her hand and tapering into a 2 footbell around her wrist. The lengthe of the the wrap was contoured to fit her body and had a 2 inch sashthat tied around her waist and hung from her left hip to the floor. All through out the wrap intricatedesigns embroidered in silk thread just a shade or two darker then the mass of silk itself depictedbeautifal foriegn birds in flight, exotic flowers in full bloom and a multitude of other undescribablybeautiful depictions of earth and nature.Once the gown clung to Marni's slender form just as the maid wanted it to she was led to a low tablebefore a dressing mirror and was forced sit upon a bench looking at herself while the maid brushedMarni's tresses until they shined. The only traits that Marni recognized as her own in the mirror werethe color of her lavender eye's, the shape of her straight but to short nose, and her mass of ebonycurls. The last weeks had drained any and all fat from her face which made her high cheek bones avery prominent feature, her face had lost all it's roundess of youth and was now slender and perfectlyoval. Even her lips seemed to have thinned, where before her lower lip hand been plump and almost tolarge to match her upper lip, the two halves seem to fit perfectly together now. How strange shethought,
I look like a whole new person, not myself, yet not entirely different either 
.Finally satisified with her hair the maid put a long blue vail on her head attaching it at the crown of 
her head with a large bone hair comb decorated with the same birds and flowers that adorned the wrap.Two then membranes from the vail attached to one another under her mass of hair to fully ingulf it sothat all but the very top of her head was free from open inspection. The maid then went back to thehidden cabinet and pulled forth a small bottle with a light purple substance in it, coming back to thedressing table she dabbed the liquid at the base of Marni's through, behind her ear's, and on the insideof her wrist's.Replacing the bottle back in the cabinet the woman beconed for Marni to fallow her, hesitant Marnirose from the bench and warily fallowed the woman out the door. She found herself standing at theend of a long narrow hallway, fallowing the woman Marni walked pased five doors on her left hand sideand six on her right. The floor was what she assumed to be marble of some sort, thought it wascovered with a thick finely woven rug with such and intricate patter on it that the idea of attempting toweave some that detailed made Marni's head hurt.At the end of the hallway there was a long wide staircase that turnes slightly to the left, descendingthe staircase she found herself standing in a great marble hall. The floor was black marble with veins of the purest white shooting through it, live white vines creaping across the floor to the blindingly whitewalls. Every twenty five to thirty feet there was a different marble statue set into a recessed alcove of the wall itself. Each statue depicted a different element fully engulfing a man or a beast she did notrecognize. There was a woman being engulfed in wave of blue water, a man being egulfed by aninferno of fire, a small female child with her hair wipping around her in the wind, and small male childbeing buried in the mother earth. The scenes were repeated over and over with other creatures of thegods creation.The woman led her through the lengthe of the hall and up to a pair of double doors. Poking her headinto the room she said a quick sentence in language that Marni did not understand and then withdrewto inspect Marni's appearance on last time. Pleased with her handiwork she swung the doors wide andrevealed Marni to the expantant group on the other side. There where a series of startled and shockedgasps then a volly of whispers that Marni was not able to understand. Not daring to look directly at anythe individual she glanced up through her downturned lashes. There where several elegantly dressedindividuals in the room, both men and women. Scanning one figure after another, Marni searched thecrowd for someone who she might be able to explain her plight to, someone that may be sympatheticand help her to return to her home. Though the faces did not seem harsh or uncarring, she new rightaway that none in the room would help her return to her home.Moving of their volition her feet propelled her forward into the room. Once she passed over thethreshold a compulsory urge to stare into the eyes of each of the idividuals in the room overwhelmedher. Looking up she was aware of the fact that the beings that surrounded her where not as she herself was, mortal and capable of being hurt. Something she could not put her finger on told her that she wasin the company beings more powerful than any she had every seen before. Fallowing the urge shecould not define she peered into the eyes of each being in the room, for some time nothing but coldsteel staired back at her, all the eyes she focused on were the same empty silver color. Then as hereyes moved to the back of the room she beheld one of the most beautiful men she had ever seen, no
most beautiful man she had ever seen. There was no other word in her vocabulary that coulddefine him.He stood nearly a foot and a half taller then Marni herself, which that in and of itself was incrediblefeet for Marni loomed over most of her peers at six foot two inches tall. He had hair so black that italmost appeared blue that hung to just past his immense shoulders. The man,
if that was what he was
,was so huge he made even Marni feel small. Not only was he tall but everything about him screamedpower. From the expanse of chest that easily double if not tripled that of the largest man in Marni'svillage to the huge biceps that strained agains the black fabric that covered is torso. His hands were soimmense that Marni new without a doubt that he could nearly wrap a single had all the way around herwaist. The muscle's of his thigh's threaten to burst forth from the silk trouser's that hid them from herview. As firghtening as he appeared to be and unfamilier warmth spread through her limbs fallowed bya tingling sensation that had no origin and no end.Finding her courage she stared at the mans face, is eye's the most startling shade of blue she hadever seen, they were like crystal clear lakes so deep that even Mt. Zadarac* would have drowned inthem. Though they did not appear cruel, there was a certain hardness about them that took her amoment to pin point. This man was a warrior, the look in his eyes could have only been caused bywatching the demise of hundreds if not thousands of his kind. She had seen that look in the eye's of many of the men that had come back to her village from the wars against fellow tribes, and otherunthinkable danger's to their people. They were almost hallow inside. They went through the normalday to day rituals of life. They ate and drank along with everyone esle, spoke when spoken to, madelove to their wives, begot childred and tilled their fields, but underneath all the attempted normalcy,

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