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Especialiy for West Papua Human Rights Hamah to Un

Especialiy for West Papua Human Rights Hamah to Un

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Published by Sagrim Yasib
Special Report the Human Rights, focus to west papua - Hamah Sagrim - to UN
Special Report the Human Rights, focus to west papua - Hamah Sagrim - to UN

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Published by: Sagrim Yasib on May 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Special report 2012@hamahsagrim- IWG & NGO recommended of LITP
Especialiy for West PapuaHamah Sagrim – AgentNGO and Member of IWG Asia Africa to GlobalizedRecommended by
Special report 2012@hamahsagrim- IWG & NGO recommended of LITP
Back ground
I pleasure This is the 97th in a series of monthly reports that focus on developments affectingPapuans. This series is produced by the non-profit West Papua Advocacy Team (WPAT)drawing on media accounts, other NGO assessments, and analysis and reporting from sourceswithin West Papua. This report is co-published with Frank Hamah Sagrim, Especialy Agent of Asian Human Rights Comsission.
One demonstrator was reportedly killed, two were wounded, and 13 arrested inMay 1 demonstrations throughout West Papua. The protests marked the 49th anniversary of Indonesia's coerced annexation of West Papua. Indonesian government plans to continue to sendsettlers from outside into West Papua ("transmigration") has prompted protests from Papuanorganizations who fear the further marginalization of Papuans and growing communal tensions.Several international organizations have protested continued, longstanding efforts by theIndonesian government to cover up human rights violations by preventing journalists and rightsobservers from traveling to or within West Papua. Following large scale peaceful demonstrationsin Serui district, Indonesian security forces have launched a crackdown involving sweepoperations. The shooting of a civilian aircraft as it landed at an airport in the Puncak Jaya areacaused civilian casualties and has prompted unproven charges by authorities that the perpetratorswere the Papuan armed resistance organization, the OPM. Papuan leaders have called on thegovernment to conduct a transparent investigation and to engage with local civil and governmentorganizations to put an end to ongoing tensions and conflict in the Puncak Jaya region. They notethat security force resort to force in dealing with incidents harms innocent local civilians who areoften driven from their homes. Despite its obligations under Indonesian and International law,the Indonesian government is refusing to fund urgently needed medical treatment for Papuanpolitical prisoner Filep Karma. Two new reports reveal extensive "land grabbing" bycorporations, backed by the Indonesian government, at the Merauke Integrated Food and EnergyEstate (MIFEE) project in southern West Papua. Indonesia faces a quadrennial review of itshuman rights performance by the UN Human Rights Commission. WPAT member Dr. EbenKirksey has authored a new book on West Papua.
Arrests and Shootings of Protesters Mar Peaceful Demonstrations Marking Indonesia'sAnnexation of West Papua.
Special report 2012@hamahsagrim- IWG & NGO recommended of LITP
New Transmigration Plans Prompt Protest and Fears of Communal Conflict in West Papua2.
Indonesian Government Covers Up Human Rights Abuse and Repression in West Papua3.
Security Forces Launch Crackdown, Sweeps in Serui District4.
Shooting of Civilian Aircraft Raises Concern over New Sweep Operations by SecurityForces5.
Political Prisoner Filep Karma Denied Urgent Medical Treatment6.
New Organization Emerges to Support Local Papuans Facing Land Grabs Such as theMIFEE Project7.
Indonesia to Face Quadrennial UN Human Rights Review in May8.
WPAT Member Dr. Eben Kirksey Book on West Papua Published
Arrests and Shootings of Demonstrators Mar Peaceful Demonstrations MarkingIndonesia's Annexation of West Papua
 The human rights organization ELSHAM Papua reported that large protests marked the May1,1963 anniversary of Indonesia's annexation of West Papua. Gunfire, targeting a peacefuldemonstration killed one demonstrator and wounded several. In addition, police arrested 13demonstrators in Sentani.Demonstrations, organized by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), transpired invarious places in West Papua , the largest appears to have been in the Abepura area where acrowd assembled to hear a speech by Buchtar Tabuni, KNPB Chair. According to ELSHAM,Tabuni said in part: "On this day, 49 years ago, we commemorate the day when our people fellinto the hands of the Indonesian state. All the Papuan people reject annexation by Indonesia."Tabuni also said that May 1 marked the beginning of the perpetration of gross human rightsviolations against the Papuan people.Many of the demonstrators marched to the center of Jayapura, joined by supporters along theroute. Some demonstrators attempted to fly Morning Star flags in a field alongside the tomb of the martyred Papuan leader Theys Eluay in Sentani, but they were prevented from doing so bythe police, who arrested thirteen people. Among those arrested was Darius Koyoga, organizer of the action.One demonstrator, Terjolih Weah, was shot near the TNI's Koramil base in Abepura. Inaddition, as the demonstrators were walking from the Elim Church to Koramil, an unidentified

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