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Main Spacex Manifest 042012

Main Spacex Manifest 042012

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Published by sam7939

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Published by: sam7939 on May 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 SpaceX-D Manifest
USOS (U.S. On-Orbit Segment) Cargo
Food and Crew Provisions 674 pounds (306 kilograms
13 bags standard rationsFood, about 117 standard meals, and45 low-sodium meals
5 bags low sodium rations
Crew clothing
Pantry items (batteries, etc)
SODF and Official Flight Kit
Utilization Payloads 46.3 pounds (21 kilograms)
NanoRacks Module 9 for U.S.National LaboratoryNanoRacks-CubeLabs Module-9 uses a2 cube unit box for student competitioninvestigations using 15 liquid mixingtube assemblies that function similar tocommercial glow sticks. Science goalsfor NanoRacks-CubeLabs Module-9range from microbial growth to waterpurification in microgravity
Ice bricksFor cooling and transfer of experimentsamples.
Cargo Bags
271.1 pounds (123 kilograms)
Cargo bagsPreposition of cargo bags for futureflights
Computers and supplies 22 pounds (10 kilograms)
Laptop, batteries, power supplycables
Total Cargo Mass 1,014 pounds (460 kilograms)
Total Mass Including Packaging 1,146 pounds (520 kilograms)
Crew Preference Items 315 pounds (143 kilograms)
Crew preference items, officialflight kit items
 SpaceX-D Manifest
USOS (U.S. On-Orbit Segment) Cargo
Utilization Payloads 205 pounds (93 kilograms)
“Plant Signaling” hardware (16Experiment Unique EquipmentAssemblies)
Plant Signaling seek: tounderstand the molecularmechanisms plants use to senseand respond to changes in theirenvironment. Ambient Hardwarereturn only; no plant sample return(24 kg)
Shear History ExtensionalRheology Experiment (SHERE)Hardware
SHERE seeks to understand howliquid polymers behave inmicrogravity by measuringresponse to straining andstressing. Ambient hardwarereturn; no samples (36 kg)
Materials Science ResearchRack (MSRR) Sample CartridgeAssemblies (Qty 3)
MSRR experiments examinedvarious aspects of alloy materialsprocessing in microgravity.
SETA (Solidification along aEutectic path in Ternary Alloys-2)
MICAST/CETSOL (MicrostructureFormation in Casting of TechnicalAlloys under Diffusive andMagnetically ControlledConvective Conditions/Columnar-to-Equiaxed Transition inSolidification Processing )
Ambient hardware return withsamples (9kg)
Supporting research hardwaresuch Combustion Integrated Rack(CIR) and Active Rack Isolation(ARIS) components, double coldbags, MSG Tapes.

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