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Published by: Libardo Gonzalez Alvarez on May 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Libardo Gonzàlez Àlvare
Complete corporateEnglish Preparationprogram
Whether your job title reads Administrator.Secretary, Coordinator, or any number of other descriptions, you are a key member of your organization. In fact, you are your organizationto many people. For example, when you are on the telephone or responding to a letter youspeak for your organization.This book was written in honor of you and the valuable contributions you make daily to your managers and organizations. I felt it was important to publicly acknowledge the efforts andhard work that you do, I, too, was once an executive assistant and I know the difficulties,challenges, and rewards that come with that job. I spent more than four years in the role,which supported me while I earned my college degree. I learned a lot of from the variousmanagers I supported over those years, and that learning, coupled with research andtraining done as part of my business, led this book.I also know this job is not easy, and it is not for everyone. This is a complex and challengingrole that requires a multitude of skills, a positive attitude, and an acceptance of constantchanges that are a definite part of the job.This book is about empowering administrative support staff to take risks with managers andcoworkers that will forever change society and the business community`s beliefs about you,beliefs thathave prevailed for more than forty years. I believe that if you are to make a realdifference in the business world, you must first believe that it is possible to make adifference. Collectively, administrative support staffs have tremendous power and needtolean how to use it appropriately.Imagine what would happen if all administrative support staff walked off their jobs today.Where would that leave their managers of the others who rely on them to fulfill a role thatno one else can? Better yet, imagine what it would be like if managers had to do the job of their assistant as well as their own. Let`s face it-the ramifications would be disastrous, no just for management but also for the company`s ability to function as a whole. The impactwould also bedevastating for the profitability of the organizations.Despite knowing this. Many managers and support staff still have an outdated perspectiveon the role of the assistant. Even though managers may see their assistants as functionalparts of the organization, they don’t acknowledge the expanded and critical role they play.Despite the increasing importance of the manager-assistant relationship, few organizationsput any emphasis on strengthening that link or on solving the problems that arise. As aresult, the relationship can suffer from a lack of clear communication, active teamwork, andwell-defined expectations and goals. Those problems affect not just employee morale butalso the organization`s bottom line.
The valuable office professionalism is about helping administrative support staff takeaccountability for the quality of their work life, since we spend more time at work than we doanywhere else.This book also argues that managers and assistants must work together as partners, not astwo individuals attempting to achieve separate goals. There are a multitude of tools, tipsand interactive exercises to help assistants meet the challenge of working as partners withtheir managers especially when the managers don`t see or want to see their assistants aspartners or counterparts. We focus on attaining new knowledge, empowering teamwork,and inspiring professionalism in the workplace in order to bridge the communications andwork style gaps that exist between support staff and those they work with. Assistants willlearn the importance of becoming more responsible for their role and for their own jobsatisfaction.
Libardo González Álvarez 
TEFL-TKT Trainer 

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