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The EPIC Story Introduction

The EPIC Story Introduction

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Published by patrick_berger_13
A story made for an GW2 guild. A story full of adventure, honor, love and EPICness!
A story made for an GW2 guild. A story full of adventure, honor, love and EPICness!

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Published by: patrick_berger_13 on May 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Epic Story
By: Patrick Berger aka Timeraider Introduction
This story is dedicated to the pre-release Guild Wars 2 guild also known as EPIC. Before I started writing this story I 
wrote anything, not a word. Second of all, English also isn't my main language so it's a bit harder to write a good story in Englishthan it would be for some other people. The fact that after first release of some chaptersit got a lot of good comments really surprised me, but I am happy at least a few peopleenjoyed reading it.The whole story will be dedicated to Guild Wars 2. Using small pieces of lore, owncreations of new places and history, the idea's from a lot of EPIC-members and of course any comments I have gotten from dedicated readers. I wanna thank EPIC for being one of the most dedicated and friendly guild existing at the moment. Also I want to thank the EPIC-members who allowed me to use their namesin this story, cause being able to implant the characters of the EPIC-members reallyhelped me write the story and of course I want to thank Arenanet for making Guild Wars2. It will be the game of the century and I would not wanna miss it for a million euro's.Thanks for reading the introduction and I hope you will enjoy the story. Relive legends and write your own Be Epic Patrick Berger AKA Timeraider  If this is a paper version or distributed in any other way , the story is also readable at my site :http://epic-timeraider.weebly.com/the-epic-story.html  
For people unfamiliar with the Guild Wars LoreThe History
 For generations, war and chaos raged across the land of Tyria. Five great racescompeted and warred against each other, struggling to tip the balance of power in their  favor.Then the dragons woke.The all-powerful beasts (The Elder Dragons, led by Kralkatorrik ) stirred from their millennial sleep under earth and sea. With their magical breath the dragons spread destruction and created legions of twisted slaves. Now heroes from the five races must set aside ancient rivalries and stand together against their common enemies. Magic, technology, and cold steel will determine the ultimate fate of the world.
The sylvari are an enigma. Humanoid in form, plantlike in nature, they are recent arrivals in Tyria and have roamed the world for only twenty-five years. They are all born of a single parent— the mighty Pale Tree that dominates the Tarnished Coast. Theyare bound together with a common origin and a shared dream. No one knows why theyhave suddenly appeared in Tyria, least of all the sylvari themselves, and they seek todiscover their purpose in the world. Of all the races, they have the greatest appreciationof the danger posed by the Elder Dragons; the sylvari battle the undead minions of  Zhaitan on a regular basis.
The norn are a race of valiant, shape-changing barbarians. Boisterous, strong-willed,and passionate, the norn are an independent people that swear fealty to no single being.They thrive in their mountain stronghold by the sharpness of their senses, the quicknessof their wits, and the strength of their massive forearms. They are guided in this world by their Spirits of the Wild, who embody the virtues of the mightiest beasts. As a people,they are quick to anger, even quicker to smile, and treat each new day as a personal challenge. They drink and feast and hunt with equal gusto, and fear few things. They are steadfast allies and implacable foes.

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