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Me and My Life RAJON

Me and My Life RAJON

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Published by S. A. AHSAN RAJON
Me and My Life- about S. A. AHSAN RAJON
Me and My Life- about S. A. AHSAN RAJON

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Published by: S. A. AHSAN RAJON on May 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Me and My Life…
My life is very much simple and, I am simpler than my life. However I am much more proud of my life. I am also glad to consider me as the happiest man of the world, because ALLAH hascreated me as a human with normal shape and facility. I am grateful to almighty because He hassent me to such a family, such a society which has shaped me with sufficient education, enoughhumanity and complete ethics. I feel ever blessed having the opportunity to know myself, to livein this temporal earth with my sweet family with greater comfort and above all for getting theprivilege to become an engineer. I am very optimistic since I have got lots of things in my life bythe grace of almighty which were completely beyond my expectation. At the same time, I amextremely pessimistic because, I have experienced the pain of losing something after attainingthat. In terms of academic qualifications, I am an engineer. In terms of my profession, I am ateacher; and in terms of my existence, I am simply a creature of ALLAH.I enjoy passing my entire daytime with my works. I love to pass my leisure with my Abbu, Ammuand Vaiya. I am afraid of making friends; since, in my life I miss them the most. I amstraightforward; I never hesitate to say the right thing and to do the thing which I think perfect.I give supreme importance of my thinking; no matter what others say. I have the courage toadmit my limitations; to confess what I don’t know and what I can’t do; since this insists me tocross that barrier, to do that undone thing, to know that unknown concept. Sometimes I am verymuch talkative, and noisy and sometimes so much quiet and peaceful. My strength is myconfidence. My potentiality is my dedication and sincerity. My power is my honesty. I likerejuvenation; new ideas, new technologies. But I hate imitation. I feel honored to respect thosepeople whom I believe respectable. I never accept comparison with me and anyone; no matterwho he is. I know that I can find answer to any question that my mind raises. I believe that I cansolve even the most critical problem that I face. I believe that I have complete command onmyself. I never try to know anyone except my family; since I believe that, that is the mostmeaningless thing of the world.I am greater than any particular thing or any particularly. I am greater than sorrow, it needs meto exist. However, I not am greater than joyous feelings, since I heartily desire that. I need notbe afraid of something since I only depend on my Almighty. I never run towards getting closer tosomeone rather I empower myself for the opposite; even though I neither try to impress anyone

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