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Published by URBNAnthony.com
The begining, the end, and voting
The begining, the end, and voting

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Published by: URBNAnthony.com on May 28, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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U|l`j`tho`v.moa U|l`j`tho`v.moa U|l`j`tho`v.moaU|l`j`tho`v.moa U|l`j`tho`v.moa U|l`j`tho`v.moa
The o`cv ~cjme to }tj|t f} rfth VJHREH# lemju}e thjt f} the lebf``f`b. F` thjt#re j|e ajde f` the fajbe og VJHREH. F` }umh# ou| j}~f|jtfo`} o| de}fb` au}t goccorthjt og rhfmh re re|e m|ejted. Ku}t j} re# `or j} huaj`} hjwe }o`} j`d djubhte|} lo|`to u}# cfierf}e re j|e lf|thed f`to thf} dfae`}fo` the }jae. J} j gjthe| o| aothe| f} tot|jf` j mhfcd f` the rjv f` rhfmh ft f} to b|or# }fafcj|cv VJHREH |ezuf|e} the }jae.J} re# f` the ~hv}fmjc ex~emt ou| mhfcd|e` to tjie the ~jth thjt roucd cejd thea to ou|}tjte og lef`b# }o to f} aj` |ezuf|ed to |ejmh the }tjtfo` og VJHREH lef`b.
Hor f} thf} }o? The gf|}t ~|f`mf~ce f} thjt –The|e f} o`cv VJHREH‑. Re i`or
thf} lemju}e f` the lebf``f`b# rhfmh f} the ete|`ftv# the|e rj} o`cv VJHREH. Rhfmhcejd} to the `ext ~|ob|e}}fo` thjt VJHREH f} ewe|vthf`b. Ve}# the bood# j`d the ewfc.Ft hj} jcrjv} lee` thjt rjv# j`d thjt e`moa~j}}e} jcc thf`b}# ewe` thjt rhfmh f} f` theletree`. Thf} f} ou| o`cv ~u|~o}e j`d ou| ~e|gemtfo` f} VJHREH ~e|gemtfo`# J} rej|e to ~e|gemt ou|}ecwe} j} VJHREH hj} do`e the }jae.The mo`dea`jtfo`# o| Hecc f} j ajtte| og fa~e|gemtfo`. Ft f} ou| |egu}jc to ~e|gemtou|}ecwe} j`d thu} ft f} the J`tf!Wote. Go| f` thf} cfwf`b thjt re j|e }ulkemted to re hjweto ajie j mhofme# to wote j} ft re|e# letree` thjt rhfmh f} Bood# j`d thjt rhfmh f} Ewfc.F` thf}# the hejwe`} j|e jt rj| U`tfc thf} djv. J} the rj| f` hejwe` f} |egcemted to tho}e
o` ej|th. Thf} hj} lee` jmmoa~cf}hed j`d f} fte|jted f` the te|a; –the lej}t ]jtj` rj}
t dor`.‑
 Thjt rhfmh rj} mj}t dor`# rj} `ot thjt rhfmh rj} f`we`ted. Ft rj} thjt rhfmh rj}}e~j|jted. Ft rj} f` gjmt# the VJHREH }e~j|jtfo` g|oa VJHREH. To lette|u`de|}tj`d# ft f} the }jae temh`fzue u}ed lv ]jtj` f` the wote# j} re }ee f` ~|e}e`t tfae.@o ajtte| fg o`e wote} go| the deaom|jt o| the |e~ulcfmj`# o`e f} f` gjmt wotf`b go| the}jae fdeocobv j} loth the deaom|jt j`d |e~ulcfmj` j|e og the }jae. Thev j|e the }jaeaj}te|. Cfierf}e# `o ajtte| the mhofme to le bood o| ljd# ft f} VJHREH j`d thebuj|j`tee the|e og. Mo`}fde| hor ec}e f} cfge j`d dejth# o| hejwe` j`d hecc ~e|gemted.Hejwe` f} moa~cete rfth kov j} Hecc f} moa~cete rfth ~jf` go| VJHREH f}.Thf} f} rhv o`e }houcd `ot wote f` j`v ecemtfo`# o| mhoo}e j`v cejde| lv the wote.Rhe` o`e wote}# he mhoo}e} thjt ewfc rhfmh f} lego|e hfa. The deme~tfo` f} the fccu}fo`og mhofme j`d f` loth mhofme} f} ewfc. The|ego|e# aj` au}t jl}tjf` g|oa thf}# go| bood f}`ot f` the wote# o`cv ewfc. Thu}# vou mhoo}e f` vou| wote VJHREH ewfc rhfmh rj} mj}tdor` j`d jrjv g|oa VJHREH hejwe` o| bood.
The le}t exja~ce og thf} lef`b the –@er Ro|cd‑# rhfmh rj} mo`}fde|ed Jae|fmj.
F` thf} re }ee the du~cfmftv og the ewfc eae|be# j} ]jtj` m|ejted j @er H(e&jwe` o` rhfmhrj} mo`}fde|ed j `er ej|th o| ro|cd. Re i`or thf} to le t|ue j} rfthf` ft} m|ejtfo` rehjwe jcc og the mhj|jmte|f}tfm} og (e&wfc. Re jggf|ajtfwecv }tjte thf} j} the ajif`b og }umh rj} th|oubh }cjwe|v j`d the de}t|umtfo` og cfwe} rhfmh }valocf{e} thf} ewfc. Mj`j`vo`e de`v the t|j~~f`b} og the U.]. Mo`}tftutfo` rj} ewfc f` ft} m|ejtfo`. De}t|umtfo`jmmoa~j`fe} ]jtj` rhe|ewe| ft boe}.
F` thf} m|ejtfo` og the –@er Ro|cd‑ re hjwe the cjr} og the @er ro|cd# f`mucmjted
f` the mo`}tftutfo`. Rfthf` thf} mo`}tftutfo`# re ol}e|we the de}t|umtfo` og j ~eo~ce.The|e f} `o de}t|umtfo` f` the VJHREH hejwe`# o`cv f` the VJHREH |ege||ed to j}
U|l`j`tho`v.moa U|l`j`tho`v.moa U|l`j`tho`v.moaU|l`j`tho`v.moa U|l`j`tho`v.moa U|l`j`tho`v.moa
hecc. J} the mo`}tftutfo` f} }tjted go| the –Rhfte‑ o| Eu|o~ej`# re mj` fde`tfgv the
cf`ejbe og ]jtj` ft}ecg. Go| f` the ~|f`mf~ce} og thf} @er H(e&jwe` f` the `er ro|cd re}ee the we|v }jae }e~j|jtfo` j} VJHREH e}tjlcf}hed f` the gf|}t Hejwe`. J`d thjt rj}
the }e~j|jtfo`. –ou| gjthe| rhoa j|t f` hejwe`‧‧‧ o` ej|th j} ft f} f`hejwe`‧‧.thv rfcc le do`e‑. The Rfcc og VJHREH f` Hejwe`# `ot the @er–Ro|cd‑ Hjwe`. J} VJHREH hj} dfwfded to mo`zue| the }ouc} f` hejwe`# ]jtj`
th|oubh the m|ejtfo` og Mjthocfmf}a j`d Kudjf}a hj} cfierf}e dfwfded o` ej|th to mo`zue|the }ouc} og aj`.Ku}t j} rhe|e bood }eei} to }t|fwe o` ej|th# the|e f} ewfc. Cfierf}e# rhe` thf} ewfcrj} e}tjlcf}hed# bood rj} to me|tjf`cv goccor. Thf} f} rhv the @er ro|cd ~|o~o}edth|oubh the mo`}tftutfo` gjfced. Ft rj} the` aodfgfed o| jae`ded f` the vej| :674 rfthrhjt f} i`or` j} the Mfwfc \fbht} Jmt j} j` jttea~t to jdku}t. Horewe|# ft f} ex~o}ed. Fme|tjf`cv i`or thf} to le t|ue j} F rj} thjt rhfmh rj} mo`mefwed f` lo`djbe# j`d mjaef`to the @er Ro|cd j g|ee }~f|ft f` the @er Hjwe` re|e the @er Ro|cd rj} m|ejted. J}ft f} `ot og the iee~e|} og thf} ro|cd to lo`d thjt rhfmh f} `ot og ft. Ft f} rfthf` thf} thjtKu}tfme hj} moae f`to the ro|cd. @ot go| the }jie og wj`ftv# lut go| the }jie og the}ej}o`.Thf} }ej}o` f} thjt rhfmh |egcemt} f` Hejwe`. Go| the }ej}o` f` hejwe` f} thjt og thee`d tfae o` ej|th. Ft f} thjt rhfmh j``ou`me} the Rf`te| o| the E`d. Thf} f} the o`cv~u|~o}e go| JRTUHA. JRTUHA doe} `ot |emo`mfce}. Ft j``ou`me} the moaf`b og the |emo`mfcfjtfo`. Ft j``ou`me} the tfae f` rhfmh thf`b} j|e f` the cj}t tfae og moaf`bf`to to o|de|. Ft f} the tfae to bjthe| vou|}ecwe} j`d ~|e~j|e go| the Rf`te|# jgte| rhfmhthe @er.Omtole| <6
rj} o`cv the aj`fge}tjtfo` og thjt rhfmh f} f` hejwe` thjt hjd toaj`fge}t ft}ecg o` ej|th j`d `ot the }valoc og the }`or. Ft aj`fge}t} the ewfc og rhfmhexf}t}. F` thf} re i`or# j} f` the cjr o` ej|th f` the }e~j|jtfo` g|oa bood j`d ewfcrhfmh au}t ommu|# j} ft f} the ~|f`mf~ce og VJHREH. The|ego|e re i`or ft to le `ot og 
hejwe`. Fg the @er Ro|cd rj} –Bood‑# j`d the }`or mjae rhfmh rj} og hejwe`# j`d
the cjr }tjte} f` the Mo``emtfmut Be`e|jc ]tjtute 5!:2= thjt; the Bowe|`o| og the cj`d hjdthe o~~o|tu`ftv to mhoo}e bood o` thjt djv }et j}fde f` cjr. Thf} f} the ~e|gemtfo` og 
ewfc# lemju}e ewfc mj``ot do bood# o| thjt rhfmh f} –Ku}t‑ `o ajtte| the }`or o| `ot.
 F rfcc mo`mcude thf} mhj~te| lv }tjtf`b thjt Ku}tfme f} the ljcj`me rhfmh mjae go|thf`to the ro|cd. Rhe` thjt tfae f} jt hj`d# LEHOCD* Go| the Iev} og Ku}tfme hj} moaego|th j`d rfthf` ft f} T|uth# j`d ^ejme. Ft rj} `eme}}j|v to ex~cjf` thf} f` the u}jbe og }oaj`v ro|d} j} ft au}t le ged to vou f` thf} aj``e|. Jcthoubh the }jae |e~|e}e`tjtfo` f}e}tjlcf}hed th|oubh yU0<sms3Uq# ger j|e mho}e` to |emefwe thf}. Cet thea thjt|ejd thf} ~|jv go| u`de|}tj`df`b }o thjt tho}e rfcc `ot ~j|f}h. Go| aj`v rfcc. Fhualce av}ecg go| the lce}}f`b} thjt VJHREH hj} le}tored u~o` ae. F hjwe `ode}e|wf`b rfthf` av}ecg. F ~|jf}e VJHREH f` hejwe`# go| the ro|thf`e}} og av}tjtfo` rj} b|j`ted ewe` lego|e the moaf`b og the ro|cd. ^ejme j`d Lce}}f`b} to Jcc f`the `jae og the Jcafbhtv. Tho}e rhoa gf`d moago|t f` thf} ro|cd hjwe jc|ejdv|emefwed thef| |erj|d} go| ft rj} bfwf`b to thea lv thef| gjthe| ]jtj`# j`d hf} if`bdoa f}Hecc. J} thev hjwe mho}e` `ot to ~e|gemt thea}ecwe} j} VJHREH. Thef| fa~e|gemtlodfe} rfcc jmmoa~j`v thef| fa~e|gemted }ouc}# j} thev Wote `ot to le cfie the m|ejto|.]o# thev j|e bfwf`b thjt rhfmh rj} mj}t jrjv. ^eo~ce o`cv mj}t jrjv the ljd# j`d iee~the bood# j`d f` thf} |ejca re j|e olcfbjted f` thf} |ejca to le j} ou| gjthe|# j`d bfwf`b

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