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Different Perspectives

Different Perspectives

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Published by Eamon Barkhordarian

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Published by: Eamon Barkhordarian on May 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Eamon BarkhordarianPeriod EBlackburnEnglish Masters
Different Perspectives
 Rochester-Chapter 14
“I have already done my job as the host, entertaining the guests throughout the night andsparking conversation. Now, I should be able to enjoy myself for a change.”
I said.I could see she had seated herself quite a distance from me. She simply could not see anypurpose in this conversation. Well, the night is mine, and I should be able to converse withwhom I would like.
“Bring your chair a little
closer Miss Eyre: you are yet too far back: I cannot see youw
ithout disturbing my position in this comfortable chair, which I have no mind to do.”
I couldspot the reluctance in her eyes, but he she did as I asked. I have a certain way with women.I took peculiar cordiality at the fire in front of me. As I gazed into the warm and radiantflames, the austerity seemed to escape from me as a smile drew to my face. Finally after a busynight, I was content. It must have been a few minutes by the time I looked up to see that Janehad been staring at me. I now focused my attention on the beautiful girl that was studying myface. What was she thinking? She must have believed me to be striking to have such an interestin my emotion.
I continued to smile as I asked the question, “You examine me, Miss Eyre. Do you think 
me ha
ndsome?”“No sir.” My eyes grew wide from curiosity as she replied almost before I had finished
asking my question. I could see the uncertainty in her eyes. Women are often so boring, yet this
Eamon BarkhordarianPeriod EBlackburnEnglish Masters
one was so much more interesting in manner that she may prove an exception. What fault did shepossibly see in me?
“Ah! There is something so peculiar about you. You are so quiet and reserved as you sit
on that chair that I cannot see through you no matter how hard I try. When I ask a question inwhich you are required to answer, all I am left with is an abrupt response leaving no sign of emotion.
” I
Jane began to apologize. “
Sir, I was too plain; I beg your pardon. I ought to have repliedthat it was not easy to give an impromptu answer to a question about appearances; that tastesmostly differ; and that beauty is of little consequence, or something of that
sort.”“Absolutely not. As you falsely try to assure me that you responded incorrectly, you in
fact make the situation worse as you send my mind off wandering what could possibly be myflaw. Please, do continue your previous answer. What is it that you find wrong with me? I
assume I have all my limbs in place and my head on straight?”
I am so sorry Mr. Rochester. Please let me take back what I had previously said. I nevermeant for it to cause such banter. We are here to talk, not to quarrel I presume?
 I would not let her change the direction of this conversation. I was to found out what shetruly thought of me. This would be my fun for the night.
“Does my forehead not please youJane?”
 I pushed aside the hair in the front of my face and exposed my forehead, bringing itcloser to Jane in a sort of mockery. I was looking for any reaction, but all I found was a face voidof a clue.
Eamon BarkhordarianPeriod EBlackburnEnglish Masters
“Not at all sir. You would, perhaps, think me rude if I inquired in return
whether you are
a philanthropist?” she asked.
 I would not let her do this again. She had planted a seed of insecurity and curiosity intomy brain and this seed had been growing
ever since she replied “no sir.” Each response of hers
only watered this seed even more.
“There again! There you go again! You try to hide your true intentions, but it only drives
me to become more curious. I used to be partial to the unfledged, unfostered, and unlucky when Iwas your age, but as I grew older, I became as hard as an India-rubber ball. I am as hard as theyget, but even with a man like me you can discover a soft side. Is there any hope for me in your
“Hope of what sir?”
“Of my final re
-transformation from India-
rubber black to flesh?”
I could see the confusion through her expression and half expected for her to roll hereyes. She did not, but rather pondered a few moments while thinking of an answer. Her eyesgrew wide as she stared at the ground trying to elaborate some sort of response. I grew impatient.
You looked very much puzzled, Miss Eyre; and though you are not any more pretty thanI am handsome, you are still very confused. Now, you busy your eyes with the worsted flowersof the rug instead of looking at me; so puzzle on. Young lady, I am inclined to be sociable and
communicative tonight.”

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