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Published by Will Davis

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Published by: Will Davis on May 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Will Davis3-Year PlanExecutive Summary
This business plan provides a review of our companies’ recent status as well as areview of the industries we operate in. The focus of this plan is to highlight where we aredoing well and where there is room for improvement.The market for information products is constantly evolving as competitors createnew, more efficient ways to distribute information to customers. The challenge is not theinformation and advice we offer, but how we can best provide it to our customers.Demand for information products remains strong in most industry segments. TheFinancial & Risk business segment is an exception with the financial realm undergoingmajor changes after a major recession.Contrary to other news organizations, Thomson Reuters is growing, which givesus an appeal to investors and hope for the future.
Review of Recent History
The financial year of 2011 was a rocky period for Thomson Reuters. There weremajor changes in leadership and an overhaul of the corporate structure.In 2011 was announced that you, James C. Smith, would become President andCEO and Stephane Bello would become Executive Vice President and CFO effectiveJanuary 1, 2012. This change in leadership can be considered a positive, as new
leadership may mark a new direction and new ideas to bring the company through aconstantly changing business climate.The most significant occurrence was the reorganization our corporate structure inthe later half of 2011. We collapsed our divisional structure and now the company isorganized into a group of strategic business units with a corporate center, which nowfunctions as a home base and support center.Earnings for the year were less than anticipated at $12.9 billion, which indicatesgrowth of 5%. Free cash flow was below anticipated at $1.6 billion. The Legal, Tax &Accounting sector proved to be the highest performing business unit at 9% growth for thefiscal year. The stock price finished the calendar year at $26.67 with an earnings loss of $1.67 per share. The 2011fiscal year market cap was $22,174.73 million, down from$31,213.59 for the fiscal year of 2010. Overall, the company remains profitable but not as profitable as desired.
Current Market and Competitive Overview
Thomson Reuters is a multi-industry corporation, specializing in intelligentinformation services and products. Intelligent information is the synthesis of humanintelligence, industry expertise and innovative technology. The purpose of intelligentinformation is to provide professionals in a variety of fields with knowledge they need toact and make better decisions faster (Thomson Reuters Annual Report).The intelligence sector is facing ongoing challenges. More and more free sourcesof information are emerging as more government and private entities share informationfree of charge. New legislation threatens to alter the landscape of the information
industry, as lawmakers demand stronger privacy laws, which would restrict access togathering and sharing certain types of information.The market for intelligent information varies in terms of competitors by thecategory of business. Thomson Reuters provides information services to professionals inthe following markets: Financial & Risk, Legal, Tax & Accounting, and IntellectualProperty & Science.The Financial & Risk business unit provides critical news, information andanalytics (Bloomberg). Four categories fall under this business unit: Trading, Investing,Marketplaces, and Governance, Risk & Compliance. Competitors with Trading’sinformation products are Bloomberg, SunGard, Telekurs, IDC, and other smaller localand niche competitors. In vesting’s competitors include. Bloomberg, FactSet,S&P/Capital IQ, Morningstar, SunGard Data Systems, Boadridge Financial Solutions,IDC, and Telekurs. Marketplaces competes with large inter-dealer brokers, like ICAP’sEBS platform and Bloomberg. In the sector of Governance & Risk competes with business entities at the global, regional, and local niche level. Governance & Risk’scompliance audit and risk products compete with Wolters Kluwer Compliance Resource Network, CCH Team Mate, Protiviti, BWise and MetricStream. Governance & Risk’s products in the financial crime and reputational risk market compete with Dow Jones,LexisNexis and Actimize. Governance, transaction and legal risk products compete withLexisNexis, Bloomberg and Practical Law Company.Our Legal business unit provides critical information, decision support tools,software and services to legal, investigation, business and government professionalsaround the world. Our products in this sector range from online databases to software.

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