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Published by Lifelove Kumbh
this is the synopsis of the book LIFE..LOVE..KUMBH..published by Srishti new delhi..THE BOOK IS AVAILABLE AT FLIPKART, JUNGLEE AS WELL AS ALL MAJOR ONLINE BOOKSTORES
this is the synopsis of the book LIFE..LOVE..KUMBH..published by Srishti new delhi..THE BOOK IS AVAILABLE AT FLIPKART, JUNGLEE AS WELL AS ALL MAJOR ONLINE BOOKSTORES

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Published by: Lifelove Kumbh on May 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SYNOPSISAt 5.30 am on13th of January 2010, two men: Annant Bharadwaj and Agastaya Vashisth, go their separate businesses, in the holy town of Haridwar on the banks of the river Ganga; the next day isthe first of the Eleven great baths of the Kumbh Fair spread across four months in which millionsof devotees are expected to take a dip of the holy river.Annant Bharadwaj is an upcoming writer who lives in the Nanku Havelli. He is joined by hiscousin Sameer Bhargava, a medical intern, who brings in Jorden, a Jew from London whoresearches on the Raj relics. They go through their morning rituals on the roof of the dilapidated building on the foothills of Shivalik range, discussing literature, philosophy and the death of Ninawho was Annant’s disciple and for whom he grieves. .The three men have their tea and enter the bazaars; they are eager to take the morning dip in theholy river, but search for an isolated beach where they can bath in nude. They come across a sea of humanity, a procession of the naked Naga sadhus and the police barricade; after much of a strugglethey succeed in reaching a quiet bank, hidden from the crowd. They bath naked, assured of their  privacy; but two washerwomen eye them.Annant leaves the river bank and his two companions in his grieving and reaches the Birla College,where he teaches Philosophy on an ad hoc basis. It is his last lecture today, as the collegemanagement is discontinuing the subject from the next term. He lets the student discuss themeson philosophy pertaining to relevancy and irreverence. But Nina’s memories continue to haunthim. Minnie, one of his students, is attracted to his rebellious ways and consoles him as he feignshis sorrow for her sympathy. They end up having a fight and Minnie leaves him. At the end of theclass he meets the principal, JDB, his father’s friend, who advises him to take up a job at the
newspaper, owned by Chadhuary brothers- ‘Beware Haridwar’. Annant laughs it off and asks for his payment. He loiters around with money in his pocket and sits on the embankment of the gangacanal, reflecting his days in his school; St. George’s College; the Christian value system, his questfor excellence in yoga, secular beliefs and the emerging capitalist system in the country, his brushwith religious fanaticism when he was a teenager and a mosque was broken down, his quest tocreate and his struggle to take up writing as his vocation, contrary to what his father Dr. Bhardwaj,the veterinarian, has planned for him. He remembers his relationship with his cousin Shamistta; agirl Ricky and his infatuation for his aunt’s breasts.After the bath Sameer and Jorden go to Annapurna café for breakfast. They are discussingAnnant’s knowledge and his chances of becoming a writer of repute. Himnash, Minnie andMoniriil- Annant’s students join them and Jorden treats them to a wholesome breakfast. Mr.Tweny, a Brit and Shamistta’s husband is seen having breakfast with her and succumbing to her control.Meanwhile, Agastaya Vashist, a clerk in the district administration office, wakes up and goes for awalk. His wife Aditi is up and early and is preparing to receive Agastaya’s Uncle and Aunt, whoare coming for the Kumbh bath. She complains about the lack of space in their small apartmentwhich they share with Mr. and Mrs. Vashist; Agastaya’s parents. But she is excited about going toMumbai the next day after the Kumbh bath to hold talks with an art promoter Mr.Tulli for her upcoming art exhibition in the financial capital of the country. It happens to be Agastaya’s birthdayand Keerii wishes her father. Aditi pesters him on his inability to provide them with better standardof living but also seeks his support for her pursuit of art. Agastaya baths with cold water and sitsfor his meditation. He plans the day and vows to improve his economic condition. Aditi packs afew chapattis for him for breakfast as he bid her goodbye. She hands him a wish list, of things he
has to get from the market, and requests him to attend the Satsang of Ekaba; probably his last- shesays.Agastaya attends a meeting of the Kumbh Authority on the smooth conduct of the Fair. Betweenhis office hours Agastaya takes time out to buy a book on Ayuerveda from a book shop atRishikesh a town twenty kilometers away from Haridwar. Pankaj Bhuria; an Indian PoliceServices’ trainee, accompanies him and discusses applied yoga. They meet Annant at the shop andAgastaya invites him for lunch saying that Aditi has packed a few Chapattis too many and theywould suffice for them both.Agastaya finds Nina’s parents waiting for him when he reaches his office. They have come to gettheir daughter’s aisle, paints and the blue brush, which their daughter had left at his house, as shewas a student of Aditi who gives painting lessons.Local M.L.A. Mr. Ram Singh Saini accosts them and asks the District Magistrate Mr. T. Namgyalto take steps for an early solution to the case. Mr Namgayal promises an interim relief to Nina’s parents and deputes Pankaj Bhuria to conduct a detailed enquiry on the events which led to her mysterious death. Annant is called to give his testimony and misses his luncheon appointment withAgastaya.Meanwhile Sameer and Jorden are relieving themselves out in the open. Sameer lays down the benefits of outdoor ablutions. They discuss things in general, sitting near a stream. Both decide tolunch with Annant. They meet Annant at the college campus and come to know about the policeenquiry from the college peon, Ramcharan. The news agitates them and they decide to get stonedand fight the administration. Annant pays up rupees five-hundred for Ganja to Ramcharan.

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