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Success Can Be Achieved With A Crowd? [Awesome CrowdSourcing Ideas]

Success Can Be Achieved With A Crowd? [Awesome CrowdSourcing Ideas]

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Published by Crowdsourcing.org

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Published by: Crowdsourcing.org on May 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Success Can Be Achieved With A Crowd?[Awesome CrowdSourcing Ideas]
By Ali Waqas | May 29, 2012
One of the most extraordinary phenomenons of IT revolution in recent years hasbeen the steady rise in crowdsourcing. For those of you who are unaware of thisconcept, it entails subcontracting tasks to a large number of people.The people to whom tasks are outsourced are often from an undefined group. Asthe leviathan of crowdsourcing rises from the sea to conquer the outsourcingmarket, we take a look at some amazing crowdsourcing success stories.
 IdeaStorm started more than five years ago to allow customers to raise their voiceand take part in brainstorming sessions. The concept was to let customers suggest
new ideas and collaborate with each other, as well as Dell. The result was thegeneration of thousands of ideas including the creation of new products,advertising, etc. Many of these ideas materialized into profitable ventures and Dellitself used 432 ideas among the more than 15000 concepts floated on the website.One of the ideas generated on the website that Dell later used included offeringLinux on Dell hardware.
 PickyDomains is another interesting crowdsourcing success story. This service wasstarted by Dmitry Davydov who provided a platform for people to come up withcool domain names and slogans for websites. The concept showed similar resultsto the IdeaStorm website, as people started flocking to the PickyDomains websiteto provide and look for interesting domains names and slogans.
 In 2009, Vitaminwater announced a $5000 prize for anyone who designed the new
label of the company’s beverage. Furthermore, consumers were also encouraged to
pick a flavor for their new product. The entire process was run via a Facebook 
application and the company’s Facebook page played an
important part in makingthe campaign a success. The winning flavor was announced in 2010,(Vitaminwater Connect). The company successfully used crowdsourcing to notonly gain consumer feedback, outsource tasks, but also gained publicity for theirupcoming product in the process.
Google Moderator
 Google Moderator is an effective service that enables users for providingsuggestions based on user voting. Hence, Google Moderator makes use of crowdsourcing for ranking user submitted questions. The reason this service islisted among crowdsourcing success stories is because despite the fact that GoogleModerator was developed by just three Google engineers (led by project managerKatie Jacobs Stanton) in just 20% of their time, it was used by the President
Barack Obama’s transition team (in December 2008). This goes on to show the

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