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Unison Contact List

Unison Contact List

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Published by: Andy Gammon Cunningham on May 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Branch Secretary
Linda Holden 3910 Monday + TuesdayUNISON Office, Ormond 1409 Wednesday to FridayL.Holden@mmu.ac.uk 
Mobile 0772 5277202
 Assistant Secretary
Andrew Cunningham 3485 Monday, Tuesday + FridayUNISON Office 1395 Wednesday and ThursdayA.D.Cunningham@mmu Mobile 0772 5277203
Assistant Secretary
Linda Myers 6145 L.Myers@mmuProgrammes Team 1, Manton Mobile 0772 5277169
Branch Chair 
Patrick Gannon 5936 P.Gannon@mmuStudent Life Office, JD Mobile 0772 5277204
 Branch Vice Chair VacancyHealth + Safety Secretary
Dave Groom 6207 D.Groom@mmuEnv + Geo, John Dalton
Ludovic Tolhurst-Cleaver 1312 L.Tolhurst-Cleaver@mmuLRT, All Saints Library
Membership Officer 
Anthony Kubicki 1150 A.Kubicki@mmuTechnical Support Services, JD
Communications Officer 
Richard Lighten 4675 R.Lighten@mmu.ac.uk Celt, Cavendish
Education Co-ordinator 
Sue Howarth 6122 S.Howarth@mmuLibrary, Didsbury
Labour Link Officer 
Chris Wills 2774 C.Wills@mmu.ac.uk Research, Gaskell
 Welfare Officer 
Guy Harper 2456 G.Harper@mmu
Programmes Team, Gaskell
Equality Officer 
Nicola Fraser 2203 N.A.Fraser@mmuStudent Services, Business School
Membership Services Officer 
Gill Lord 6564 G.Lord@mmuAll Saints Library
International Officer 
Alex Lee 2188 A.J.Lee@mmuLRT, All Saints Library
Minutes Secretary
Paul Aldcroft 1508 P.Aldcroft@mmuComputing + Maths, John Dalton
Acting Young Members Officer VacancyLifelong Learning Co-ordinator 
Rosina Morrison 3486 R.Morrision@mmuCounselling Services, Business School
Retired Members’ Secretary
Frank Duffy 1409 c/o UNISON Office
List as Updated
July 2012
 UNISON Self Organised Group Officers:-
Black Members Group Vacancy
Disabled Members Group
Elaine Howarth 3364/3340 E.Howarth@mmu
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and
Kath Daly 3011 K.Daly@mmu
Transgender Group
Yvonne Harris 3495 Y.Harris@mmu
 Women’s Group
Nicola Fraser 2203 N.A.Fraser@mmu
UNISON Auditors
Branch Auditors
Adam Bowman 6401 A.Bowman@mmuSelina Khan 2539 S.Khan@mmu
UNISON Green Reps
Building Name Place of Work Extension Email
All Saints Andy Cunningham Careers 3485 A.D.Cunningham@mmuAlex Lee LRT 2188 A.J.Lee@mmuRosina Morrison Counselling 3486 R.Morrison@mmuCavendish Richard Lighten Celt 4675 R.Lighten@mmuTylecote Linda Holden UNISON Office 1409 L.Holden@mmu
UNISON Pension Contacts
Branch Pension Champion -
Andy Cunningham 3485 A.D.Cunningham@mmu
Building Name Place of Work Extension Email
All Saints Library Ludo Tolhurst-Cleaver LRT 1312 L.Tolhurst-Cleaver@mmuBusiness School Linda Holden Programmes Team Mon+Tues 3910 L.Holden@mmuAndy Cunningham Careers, Mon, Tues + Fri 3485 A.D.Cunningham@mmuCavendish Richard Lighten Celt 4675 R.Lighten@mmuDidsbury Sue Howarth Library 6122 S.Howarth@mmuGaskell Adam Bowman Human Resources 6401 A.Bowman@mmu John Dalton Building Elaine Howarth Analytical Centre 3364/3340 E.Howarth@mmuAnthony Kubicki Technical Support Services 1150 A.Kubicki@mmuManton Building Linda Myers Programmes Team 1 6145 L.Myers@mmuTylecote Building Linda Holden UNISON Off, Wed to Fri 1409 L.Holden@mmuAndy Cunningham UNISON Off, Wed and Thur 1395 A.D.Cunningham@mmu
UNISON Stewards and Officers
 Where we are based:-
Alex Lee LRT
2188 A.J.Lee@mmu
Gill Lord Library 6564 G.Lord@mmuLudo Tolhurst-Cleaver LRT 1312 L.Tolhurst-Cleaver@mmuPaula Unger ICTS 3803 P.Unger@mmu
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Business School
Andy Cunningham Careers M, Tue + Fr 3485 A.D.Cunningham@mmuNicola Fraser Careers Services 2203 N.A.Fraser@mmuLinda Holden Prog Team
Mon+Tues 3910 L.Holden@mmu
 David Jackson Facilities 1362 5.00 pm to 8.00 pmEmma Lewis Student Services 1042 E.L.Lewis@mmuChris Marshall Admissions 2518 C.Marshall@mmuRosina Morrison Counselling Services 3486 R.Morrison@mmu
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Burslem Building
Michelle Nascmiento Facilities 2886 6.30 am to 9.30 am
 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chatham Building
Chantelle Whelan ICTS 6091 C.Whelan@mmu
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cavendish Building
Richard Lighten Celt 4675 R.Lighten@mmuMichelle Nascmiento Facilities 1338 10.00 am to 1.00 pm
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cheshire - Crewe
Christine Elliott ICTS 5679 C.L.Elliott@mmu
Booth Hall
Carol Goodfellow House Services 5481 C.A.Goodfellow@mmu
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Didsbury Site
Sue Howarth Library 6122 S.Howarth@mmu
Gaskell Site
Guy Harper Programmes Team 2456 G.Harper@mmuChris Wills Research Team 2771 C.Wills@mmu.ac.u
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John Dalton Site
Paul Aldcroft Comp + Maths 1508 P.Aldcroft@mmuPatrick Gannon Student Life Office 5936 P.Gannon@mmuDave Groom Env and Geo 6207 D.Groom@mmuElaine Howarth Analytical Centre 3364/3340 E.Howarth@mmuAnthony Kubicki Tech Support Serv 1150 A.Kubicki@mmu
Thomas McManus House Services 1782 T.McManus@mmu---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Manton Building
Linda Myers Prog Team 1 6145
Katie O’Brien
House Services 1361 K.OBrien@mmu---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Minshull House
David Jackson Facilities 1365 7.00 am to 10.00 am
Ormond Building
Peter Ashby Facilities 1272---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tylecote Building
Andy Cunningham UNISON Off 
1395 A.D.Cunningham@mmu
Linda Holden
1409 L.Holden@mmu

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