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Desert Grapes June 2008

Desert Grapes June 2008

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Published by veldfloraed
Originally published in Veld & Flora
Originally published in Veld & Flora

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Published by: veldfloraed on May 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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June 2008
t s w d, wt t mtr prvd-d by Js,  dsrbd d mdt
Jensenobotrya lossowiana 
, pubs-g s fdgs 
1951. em Js’s trstg utf s xpdt ws rprdud  G.Swts bk
Flowering stones and midday flowers 
(erst B, ld,1957). T nmb Dsrt s kw fr tsuqu fr d fu:
 pts, t wb-ftd gk, sd-wdg sks d tbrd btst m but  fw. it s  fry rrwdsrt rug pr t t Wstcst f afr (btw t std d srpmt) fr mr t1600 km (32 t mr r ss 15 dgrsttud). it strts frm sutrag  t rt, trug nmbd mts up wt t suut Krsystm just rt f t oftsRvr  t rtr Wstr cpf Sut afr. hr t vgttssts my f suut Kr dstrdvd, bmg tru dsrt  tRtrsvd furtr rt, d t
ensenobotrya lossowiana 
(dsrtgrps r druwtrsvyg) s  f trrst vygs (msmbs)  nmb,fd t  rg f t nmbDsrt tt rvs rgur st fg.atug mmy fud  suutts tdy, vry fw pp vvr s t  ts tur btt: trs bg tt t urs   f t mst ssb d rmt prtsf t nmb Dsrt, 110 km rtf ludrtz. T r fs wt tSprrgbt nt Prk. T y wy t gt tr s t y by 4x4, but wt xprd drvr w kws trut w ug t gtt sm f t rgst dus  t wrd.
Jensenobotrya lossowiana 
ws ds-vrd by Mrs Budwtz frm ludrtz 1951 t Dp hd but 110km rt f ludrtz. it ws brugtt t ttt f suut tu-sst em Js w vstgtdt msmb trugy d st tt hs hrr,  rtuturst t tStbs Uvrsty BtGrd. hrr mmdty rgzd
Top: Dlhin Head, 110 k nth f Ludeitz,is a quatzitic sandstne utc abut 200 high, suunded by sand dunes in the east and the Atlantic ocean in the west.ABoVE: Clse-u f the flwes f
 Jensenobotrya lossowiana
. Nte the deadleaves still attached t the lant, and theding fuiting casules.
phts: E. van Jaasveld.
Namib flora
Ernst van Jaarsveld,
Desert grapes
An expedition to the remote reachesof the southern Namib
rIGHT ABoVE: Negtiating the huge Naib dunesn the way t Dlhin Head. only exeienceddives like Vlke Jahnke knw the ute.rIGHT: A sawling lant f
Jensenobotrya lossowiana
phts: E. van Jaasveld.
bg rpd by rd sv  ttr d rtr prts f nmbd ag. T sutr prt, frmmr r ss 100 km rt f ludrtzsutwrds, s subjt t wtr r,d t rtr prt rvs sum-mr rf. T st s  d ttrr mu ttr. lrg sd dusr  mm ftur rt f torg Rvr but tr r s rky rs d grv ps.atug t rvs ss t 60 mmf r  yr, d ks dvd f vgtt, t nmb s  r b-dvrsty. Wy? Tr r tw ftrsvvd:  mbt f rgur fgd  g stry f dry dts. Tnmb s  t dsrt mudd by  pur st f rumsts r -dts:  d  d   mt  subtrp dsrt stut (ws smr t t Gpgs isds wtts pur fu d fr). Wtutfg, t d  d  dts,t wud dd b  fss dsrt.
The expedition
Wt t ssst f Dy Gduys, d spsrsp frmBrm v Wyk d t Bty Dprtmt f t Uvrsty f Prtr,i ws prvgd t b b t vstludrtz But d Dp hd, 110km rt f ludrtz  t sut-r nmb. our m purps ws ts
Jensenobotrya lossowiana 
(dsrtgrps r druwtrsvyg) grwg ts tur btt. i m dg  sur-vy f ff dwg suut ptsps  Sut afr d nmb,d ts msmb ws st t b vs-tgtd. T pt bgs t t fm-y Msmbrytm
,  f trgst pt fms  Sut afr,sstg msty f suuts fr tmst prt fd t t wtr rfrg f Sut afr.
s rmrkb, fg-dpdt suutmsmb tt gs dw frm ffs rfrms  sprwg srub bw t ffs.it  grw up t 118 m  gt, ds ds, fy brs tt rsmbbus f grps. T m stm gt s tk s  um’s rm d hshrr stmtd sm f t pts t bt st 200 yrs f g.
June 2008
our fgt ft cp Tw  Sudy mrg rrvg t ludrtz tt ftr-. as  Rux,  srvt-st frm Wrstr, d gv m tdts f tur gud d nmb Dsrtspst, Vkr Jk, w s s spst  drvg  sd dus. os ff w ws  ptur f m tw-g Kgsy hgt  s ld Rvrup  du! ad Vkr s swd ustt  dus wr t stp t vr-m.W spt  dy  ludrtz vstgvrus sts  t psu. T frr s typ suut Kr wtmsmbs dmtg. Vkr ftd us s ld crusr ry  Tusdy mrg. T rut,  xpd, wsfrst t d st  t m rd taus, t rt d t wst v vry g sd dus. T vgtt rs sprs, wt t s mtr (
Acacia erioloba 
), quvr tr (
Aloe dichotoma 
) d
Euphorbia virosa 
. i tstrr wr  rds xst,  4x4 ssst, d Vkr’s kwdg dxpr f t dus d t dsrttt  vs s mu md ts jury mst sussfu. it tk us mst  fudy t gtt t dus, sm tsz f sm muts. T sd-g d dsdg ws smtmsr rsg, but w s rxd wtVkr bd t w. T vgttbm v mr sprs, wt rrs(
Acanthosicyos horridus 
)  frut d tspy dsrt grss (
Cladoraphis spinosa 
)qut budt. W s sw
Monsonia ignorata 
 sm rb wt rtrstrzty prdud, pm-k vs. T dus bm gr d t vg-tt mst dspprd mpty  sm prts. Just bfr w rd ur mpt Sdd h, Dp hd bmvsb;  w, std mut pkbut 200 m g,  t atto sr. Frtuty t ugdus dd brupty s w m tt st p d w rd Sddh tw urs bfr drk. Sdd hmpst s  d st rtd by DBrs idustr Dmds vr  u-drd yrs g. T vgtt wsmy s-gbs (
Salsola nollothen- sis 
),  srubby pt tt frms rgummks.luky fr us, Vkr s  x-t gr kwdg f t fud sm fr, d  kw wrt fd
t, s  drty tk sm btsts frm tWdk hrbrum t t rg.lt tt ftr Vkr tk us tark but 10 km rt f Dphd d Spr By. Ts ws urfrst sgt f  std f 
. T pts wr sprwg  qurtztsdst (t Spr By frmtf t Dmr Squ). T pks-brw, sk urd vs r dsy rrgd k bus f grps brgpk fwrs. Ts pts grw up t80 m  dmtr d r y bu-dt, but r fd t sdstrks. atr vyg,
Drosanthemum luederitzii 
, ws mm r, d ws m rss t nmb pr bus(
Capparis hereroensis 
)  frut, mus-ttj (
Zygophyllum clavatum 
) dkrvyg (
Brownanthus marlothii 
).Vkr swd us  sprg wt stds
Top: The cky sandstne habitat at Dlhin Head shuded in fg.ABoVE: Fg dlets n the leaves f
duing a fggy sell.
phts: E. van Jaasveld.

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