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Economic Crisis Japan is It Ready for Its Funeral

Economic Crisis Japan is It Ready for Its Funeral

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Published by Jorge Herbert

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Published by: Jorge Herbert on May 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Yookoso!For the time being Japan is submerge in a tsunami-like crisis, maybe theworse since the second world war. But although Japan’s technologydominance and wealth were badly wounded on March 2011, the currentcrisis is unlikely to be its sepulchre.
Crisis is the word of the moment in Japan. But particularly the international mediasays that this economic crisis will bury Japan and wipe its second to noneeconomic power, unless they do what other countries do, ‘surrender total controlof the country to the government.’Countless times these media gurus have knock Japan out of the ring. Some evensay that Japan losing the II WW is child's play compare to what they face now.But lets consider some negatives, the crisis is not generated in Japan, the crisisis not because they do things wrong, the crisis is not because Japan'sinternational image is taint.Now some positives, Japan's companies are among the best managed in theworld, Japanese products enjoy better than ever reputation--cars, machinery,manga(cartoons), fruits, vegetables, sushi(raw fish), etc., are among the mostsolicited Japanese goods. Japan's employees are highly productive, enjoy better work benefits and environment than most countries, and relation employer-employee is among the better in the world.Yes, a fact is that this damn crisis surprised Japan. A fact is that Japan can'tdream to scape from the devastating effects of the crisis, regardless of the crisisorigin.Yet another fact is that while the Japanese were distracted creating top-quality-for-use-only-in-Japan products like mobile phones, car navigation systems,robots, digital cameras, PDAs, diseases cures, etc. -and neglecting globalisation-others were busy creating use-anywhere products. Others thought global.>> A Japanese pees on a public parking lot in central Tokyo. A foreigner man seeshim, and after the Japanese finishes the foreigner confronts him:- "How come Japanese pees anywhere, and don't wash their hands after ?"The Japanese smiles and answers:- "Japanese don't pee on hands.">> All Crisis are different. This one, with tsunami power, is certainly the mostdevastating in modern times, and there is no easy solution.So, what Japan will do ? Will Japan do what many countries do? Surrender 

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