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The End of the World

The End of the World



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An essay I wrote a while ago. I haven't been writing since this was written and I hadn't decided to upload it until today (12/27/08). It shows my current confused state. Is anyone else like this? Let me know.
An essay I wrote a while ago. I haven't been writing since this was written and I hadn't decided to upload it until today (12/27/08). It shows my current confused state. Is anyone else like this? Let me know.

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Published by: Bill AKA "Kenosis23" on Dec 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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¯ M( W( ]``lIbhpb}y 3 & <. =551

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Rose added this note
Other than a few typos and such, I don't think this needs much revising. It's a kind of "slice of life" piece that paints a clear picture of where you were at at the time -- your circumstances, surroundings, and thoughts. I think it's beautiful!
7BILLIONHUMANBEING added this note
interesting read write thoughts write gets my vote stars
Bill AKA "Kenosis23" added this note
What a mess! I have been editing and revising this all afternoon and I have begun to wonder if it worth salvaging. Someone rated it 5 stars; why?
Bill AKA "Kenosis23" added this note
This needs a severe editing job ... oh why did I upload this ball of pain?
Shaun Powell liked this

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