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Classification of Drugs and Their Effects

Classification of Drugs and Their Effects



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Published by Jija Ayoub

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Published by: Jija Ayoub on Jun 05, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Classification of Drugs and Their Effects
PsychoactiveDrugsRange of EffectsFromToDevelopment of ToleranceProlongedUse of LargeAmountsWithdrawalSymptomsAfterProlongedUseAlcohol
- Beer- Wine- Hard LiquorDepressantRelaxation,loweredinhibitions,reducedintensity of physicalsensations,digestiveupsets, bodyheat loss,reducedmuscularcoordination.Loss of bodycontrol,passing out(also causingphysicalinjuries),susceptibilityto pneumonia,cessation of breathing.ModerateLiver damage,ulcers, chronicdiarrhea,amnesia,vomiting, braindamage,internalbleeding,debilitation.
Barbiturates:- Nebutal- Phenobarbital- Seconal Tranquilizers:- Valium- Librium- QuaaludesDepressantRelaxation,loweredinhibitions,reducedintensity of physicalsensations,digestiveupsets, bodyheat loss,reducedmuscularcoordination.Passing out,loss of bodycontrol, stupor,severedepression of respiration,possible death.(Effects areexaggeratedwhen used incombinationwith alcohol -synergisticeffect).ModerateAmnesia,confusion,drowsiness,personalitychanges.Convulsions,shakes,hallucinations,loss of memory,uncontrolledmuscularspasms,psychosis.
- Opium- Morphine- Heroin- Codeine- Dilaudids- Percodan- Darvon- MethadoneDepressantSuppression of pain, loweredblood pressureand respiratoryrate,constipation,disruption of menstrualcycle,hallucinations,sleep.Clammy skin,convulsions,coma,respiratorydepression,possible death.HighDepressedsexual drive,lethargy,generalphysicaldebilitation,infections,hepatitisWater eyes,running nose,severe backpains, stomachcramps,sleeplessness,nausea,diarrhea,sweating,muscle spasms.
Amphetamines- Dexedrine- Metham-phetaminesStimulation of CentralNervousSystemIncreasedParanoidreaction,temporarypsychosis,irritability,HighPsychosis,insomnia,paranoia,nervoussystemSeveredepression,both physicaland mental.(Not true for
Specific Drugs and Their Effects
Drug Name:
Drug Type:DepressantFacts forParents:25% of 8th graders have admitted to being intoxicated at leastonce.OtherNames:Beer, wine, liquor, cooler, malt liquor, boozeHowConsumed:OrallyEffects:Addiction (alcoholism), dizziness, nausea, vomiting, hangovers,slurred speech, disturbed sleep, impaired motor skills, violentbehavior, fetal alcohol syndrome, respiratory depression anddeath (high doses).Drug Name:
Drug Type:StimulantFacts forParents:Chronic use can induce psychosis with symptoms similar toschizophrenia.OtherNames:Speed, uppers, ups, hearts, black beauties, pep pills, capilots,bumble bees, Benzedrine, Dexedrine, footballs, biphetamineHowConsumed:Orally, injected, snorted, or smokedEffects:Addiction, irritability, anxiety, increased blood pressure,paranoia, psychosis, depression, aggression, convulsions,dilated pupils, dizziness, sleeplessness, loss of appetite,malnutrition. Increased risk of exposure to HIV, hepatitis, andother infectious diseases if injected.Drug Name:
Drug Type:StimulantFacts forParents:Some users avoid sleep 3 to 15 days.OtherNames:Speed, meth, crank, crystal, ice, fire, croak, crypto, white cross,glass. "Ice" is the street name for the smokeable form.HowConsumed:Orally, injected, snorted, or smokedEffects:Addiction, irritability, aggression, hypothermia, stroke,paranoia, psychosis, convulsions, heart and blood vesseltoxicity, hallucinations, arrhythmia, formication (the sensationof insects creeping on or under your skin).Drug Name:
Drug Type:StimulantsFacts for Ecstasy is popular at all-night underground parties (called

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All drugs are poisonous when taken in excess and build resistance when under dosed hence result in habit forming.
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hahaha bulaga
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