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Pans Lans Wans

Pans Lans Wans

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Published by Stuart Docker

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Published by: Stuart Docker on May 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stuart Docker
PAN Technologies and standards:
USB - Universal Serial Bus - A standard of devices and cable types used in a lot of devices to transfer data to and from. USB2.0 has speeds of up to 60MB/s and USB3.0 up to 625MB/s
Firewire - A more technologicallyadvanced and faster standard than theUSB 2.0 developed by apple and hasspeeds ranging from 50 to 400MB/s
Bluetooth - a wireless technology foundin many working on radio waves from2400-2480 MHz with a range of about10m max. Bluetooth 2.0 can achievespeeds up to 3Mbit/s and 3.0 up to24MBit
Infrared - a wireless technology alsofound in a lot of devices, uses infraredlight which needs to have direct line of sight with a range of no more than 5mwith speeds of up to 4MBit/s
What is a PAN?
Personal Area Network
There are such devices asphones, PDAs, computers,printers and other likedevices
The point of a PAN is tomove data betweendifferent connected
devices in someone’s
immediate area
Uploading data and filesto a USB stick through USBfrom a computer
Stuart Docker
What is a LAN?
Local Area Network
Includes host devices such as computers, servers,laptops, IP phones etc. And networking devices such ashubs, switches, Integrated Services Routers, bridgesand wireless access points
What a LAN does is interconnect hosts to the internetand to other hosts across an area
In a building all computers on 1 floor connected to aswitch, the switch connecting to a router and goingout onto the internet would be considered a LAN
LAN technologies and standards
IEEE 802.2
The standard defining how Logical LinkControl (LLC) works. LLC is used to connect to thenetwork layer to the data link layer and controls framesynchronization flow control and error checking
IEEE 802.3
The standard defining how Ethernet works.Ethernet is a standard of wire that has a RJ-45 as itsconnector
IEEE 802.5
The standard defining how Token Ringworks. Token ring is a ring topology using the tokenpassing scheme in order to prevent collisions. A littleframe known as the token is passed around the networkand what ever is holding the token is allowed to transmitdata, all others cant transmit anything without thetoken.
Stuart Docker
What is a WAN?
Wide Area Network
Include devices thatinterconnect LANs over a widearea such as Modems androuters
A WAN connects LANs toother LANs over a (World)wide area
The internet is a massive WANwith loads of ISPs connectedtogetherWAN Technologies
Frame relay - a cheap and popularstandardized WAN packet-switching technology for usebetween LANs to form WANs thatworks at layer 2
MPLS - Multi Protocol LabelSwitching - used to make fastsecure private WANs that usesswitching in cells rather thanrouting in packets
ATM - Asynchronous TransferMode - a LAN and WAN standardused to handle data, voice andvideo traffic at the same time

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