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Protection Call to the Archangel Michael for Light

Protection Call to the Archangel Michael for Light

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Published by Joanne Jackson

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Published by: Joanne Jackson on May 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"Protection Call to the Archangel Michaelfor Light-bearers, Our Nations and PlanetEarth."
 Beloved I AM Presence, Beloved ArchangelMichael and your legions of Blue Flame Angels.I call for the electronic presence of the BelovedArchangel Michael, Prince of the Hosts of Light,to please enfold me and my family and lovedones ( you can say names) and light bearers of the world with your Sacred Fire Miracle Mantleof Blue Flame Protection.Beloved Archangel Michael cut us free from alladversarial energies within and without thatwould steal our light.Please protect our souls and our consciousnessfrom forces of evil known and unknown, hereon earth and from the astral plane.Cleanse within us and in our environment allnegativity and anything that is not of the lightand love of God.Beloved Archangel Michael protect all that is"constructive" within our nation.
Blaze the light through, Blaze the Love Through( 3X)Beloved Archangel Michael, please keep theLight and Love of God Sustained within us.We Call for the full protection of the Light andLove of God by the Archangel Michael and theHosts of Light into the economic and financialaffairs of our nation and all nations frommanipulation by dark forces.We Call for the protection of planet earth andthe natural environment and the elementalkingdom by the Light and Love of God and theBlue Flame Angels.Beloved Archangel Michael we call for thecutting free of the media and your God controlover the media and education systems of thisplanet.We call for your Blue Flame Will of God andGod control of our Governments and the UnitedNations and their organisations to protectfreedom, peace and justice on this planet andto follow the Divine plan for the earth.
We Call for the Healing Light of God to blazethrough our planet and humanity and all thoseserving the healing professions.We call for the "Staying Hand of the Lord" on allwarfare and weapons of war that cause painand suffering to people and other sentientbeings."May Peace with Freedom and Justice prevaileternally on Earth."Beloved Archangel Michael we call for your Godcontrol and the stopping of international lawsthat would take away personal freedoms andfree choice of the individual and the sovereignty of our governments and our nations throughvested interest by corporations, multi-nationalsand their international agreements andtreaties. May freedom of choice prevail onearth.We Call for Beloved Archangel Michael and theAngelic Legions of Blue Flame Angels to be by our side and all light-bearers on this planetevery minute of every day and night.

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