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Brief Assignment 2 (b) Axonometric

Brief Assignment 2 (b) Axonometric

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Published by wm
Project brief + objectives + requirements + links to reference
Project brief + objectives + requirements + links to reference

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Published by: wm on May 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Centre For Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast AsiaBachelor of Science (Honours) (ArchitectureDESIGN COMMUNICATION [ARC 1713]Prerequisite: None
Project: 2bAxonometric projectionSubmission date: 7 June 2012Introduction
Axonometric drawing is an excellent method of communicating and expressingan architectural idea – be it as a diagram at a fairly early stage of the designprocess (ie. conceptual expression) or as a presentation aid upon finalization of your design.Axonometric drawings are a visually instigating and exciting way of expressingan idea clearly with minimal words if executed well.
Objectives of Project
In the production of the work for the Orthographic Projections assessment, youwould have, by now, a fairly in-depth understanding of the architectural detailand spatial value of the Villa Savoye.In the next exercise, not only will you learn how to execute an axonometricprojection, but you will put your knowledge of the aforementioned building intogood use by generating an external axonometric projection and a sectionalaxonometric of the house. These projections will be generated at a scale of 1:100 on A1-sized butterpaper (for construction) and finally inked on A1-sized trace.
Learning Outcomes of this Project
1.Ability to express spatial ideas and architectural detail in three-dimension, in the format of an axonometric projection.
2.Understanding of what axonometric projections are, how to generatethem and how to apply them to the design process and presentation.
Ability to produce legible architectural drawings.
Tasks - Methodology
Following the demonstration in the lecture, use pencil and butter paper togenerate an external axonometric drawing of the Villa Savoye. You are to referto your orthographic drawings AND the documents for measurements andinformation throughout this exercise. After having confidently constructed yourdrawing in pencil, proceed to trace your final ink drawing on tracing paper. Youwill have two workshop sessions (read: one week) to produce the externalaxonometric.In the remainder two workshop sessions, you will generate a sectionalaxonometric drawing showing both interior and exterior of the building.
Submission Requirement
External and internal axonometrics of the Villa Savoye. Please submit theconstruction drawing (pencil on butter paper) and final drawing (ink on tracepaper).
Assessment criteria
Understanding and ability to generate axonometric drawings
Communicate understanding of architectural detail and spatial valuewith clarity and accuracy
Quality of hand-drawing skills (neatness of line, overall visual aestheticof the drawing, etc.)
Appropriate use of technique and scale
Marking criteria
Marks shall be distributed according to the assessment criteria mentionedabove.
Suggested References
Ching, Francis 2003.
 Architectural Graphics
, 4
Edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc,New YorkUddin, M. Salleh 1997. ‘Chapter 2: Conventions and Construction of Paralines’in
 Axonometric and Oblique Drawings: A 3-D Construction, Rendering, andDesign Guide
, The Mc-Graw-Hill Companies, New York, pp. 7-46.Uddin, M. Salleh 1997. ‘Exploded Axonometric’, in
 Axonometric and ObliqueDrawings: A 3-D Construction, Rendering, and Design Guide
, The Mc-Graw-HillCompanies, New York, pp. 123-132.

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