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Kadoka Press, May 31, 2012

Kadoka Press, May 31, 2012

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Published by: surfnewmedia on May 30, 2012
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The official newspaper of Jackson County, South Dakota
includes tax
Volume 105Number 46May 31, 2012
News Briefs
The Garden Club
of Philipinvites everyone to the first an-nual plant share on Saturday,June 2 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00a.m. in the Haakon CountyCourthouse. Bring plants toshare if you like and join us forfreebies, door prizes, refresh-ments and plants. Master Gar-deners will be there to answeryour questions. Come and havefun with us.
Jackson Kadoka Eco-nomic Development Corpo-ration
will hold their monthlymeeting on Tuesday, June 5,7:00 p.m. at Club 27. 
 Writer’s Group
will bemeeting at the Jackson CountyLibrary on Wednesday, June 6.
Kadoka Community Bet-terment Association
meetingwill be held on Thursday, June7, 12:00 noon at the H&HRestaurant.
 Photos by Ronda Dennis
“And we also provided the screen-ing kits.”If any child missed the screen-ing, their parents are urged to callPam Bonenberger at the school.“I’m expecting to have a class of over 20 preschoolers next year,” Bo-nenberger added.Through the screening theycheck for areas of concern in devel-opment and parents can learnwhat to work on at home.Earlier in the morning SaraSpeer, who works for Three RiversCoop., worked with the birth tothree years of age children.Stone said there will be a fallscreening for head start students.They are currently taking applica-tions for prenatal and up to fiveyear olds. Call 837-2026 for moreinformation.
--by Ronda Dennis
Eager and ready to be all grownup and start attending school, 18youngsters recently attended thepre-school screening which washeld at the Youth In Family Serv-ices office on Main Street inKadoka.“YFS hosted the pre-schoolscreening,” said Kristie Stone.
Pre-school screening held in Kadoka
 Martin Badure
workson his motor skills during thescreening, making his row of redblocks look like the six whiteblocks.
--photos by Ronda Dennis
Ella Lamont …
works on concepts with MissJoan Enders
 Kaylee Kusick …
tests for language skills atMiss Pam’s station.
Carter Kendrick …
carfully listens for the tones while at thehearing and vision test station.Tickets for mansion tours can beobtained in advance, at no charge,from the Pierre Chamber of Com-merce.Beginning June 6, weekly publictours will be conducted eachWednesday in June, July, and Au-gust (with the exception of July 4,Independence Day; no tour thatweek).The 30-minute tours, for groupsof up to 30 people, will begin at 10a.m. CDT, 11 a.m., 1 p.m., and 2p.m., and will be conducted by vol-unteers, including the First Lady.Tour tickets (free) must be obtainedin advance and will be availableonly from the Pierre Chamber of Commerce.Those people interesting in ar-ranging a tour should call theChamber of Commerce at 605-224-7361.The second season of weeklypublic tours at the South DakotaGovernor’s Mansion, beginningJune 6, has some new attractions.First Lady Linda Daugaard saysthose who tour the stately home onthe shore of Capitol Lake can viewpaintings and sculptures of 13South Dakota artists.“We have some lovely art toshare that is representative of thewonderful diversity of artists inSouth Dakota, and I am pleased todisplay it,” the First Lady said.“We also have added a wall of Gov-ernors’ family photos, and we haveofficially designated two of ourguest rooms in honor of formerGovs. Arthur C. Mellette and TomBerry.”Mellette was South Dakota’sfirst Governor, from 1889 (at state-hood) to 1893; Berry was Governorfrom 1933-1937.
More offered in second seasonof Governor’s Mansion Tours
Belvidere Legion Post salutes soldiers and veterans
Standing on the hillside along the east end of the Belvidere Ceme-tery, overlooking the graves of many fallen soldiers on a cool and windymorning, the color guard and firing squad from the Ellsworth AirForce Base conducted the ceremony at the Belvidere Cemetery on Me-morial Day, Monday, May 28 at 9:30 a.m.Pictured below they stand at attention while Bob Bork played“Taps” at the close of the ceremony. Along with the color guard were Belvidere Legion posts membersTed Vobr carrying the American Legion Flag and Bud Perault with the American Flag.Pictured at left, the American Flag at the gate of the BelvidereCemetery flies at half staff. On Memorial Day flags are to be raised tohalf staff in the morning. At noon the flag is to be raised to full staff.The morning at half staff is for the veterans that have passed andwhen you raise the flag back to full staff at noon, this is for our soldiersand veterans that are still living.
Lenny Sanftner …
recalled Memorial Day pro-grams from his childhood and all they went throughgetting ready for the day, including his dad gettingdressed in uniform and everything being just right. Inlater years, Lenny took part in the programs, reciting“In Flanders Field” and as he got older he memorizedthe famous poem for programs. The yearly program,he said, has been passed down through the families.He recalled the little things, like the children excitedabout picking up the hot brass after the firing squadfinished at the cemetery. Stopping by the graves where American flags waved was another way to honor theveterans. He recalled his school years at Belvidere andshared a few stories.It all comes down to a plan and teamwork of thecommunity, he said. “Community spirit keeps this pro-gram together,” Lenny added.
 Ruby Sanftner …
said Memorial Day is a dayof remembrance and went on to give a brief history of Memorial Day.Even though neither Ruby or her husband wereever in the service, you can find no one prouder; theyhave family members who are.Their daughter, Tina, said in high school she wantedto enlist. It took Tina several pleas to convince hermom of her chosen career, one that mom is so proud of today. Now Tina is a Chief Master Sergeant and hascome a long ways since 1986. She is also a past speakerat the Belvidere program. Their son-in-law, Randy,holds the same position.Ruby closed her speech reading a poem that herbrother-in-law, Jerry Sanftner, wrote for Tina a fewyears ago. It was touching for Jerry to write, being a Vietnam Veteran himself.
Gay Tollefson …
was the master of ceremonies at the MemorialDay program held at the Belvidere Fellowship Hall following the serviceat the cemetery. Her two granddaughters, Mikaylaand A lex Rogers,played the violin and viola, JoA nne Stilwell read a poem, veterans wereacknowledged and a soup and sandwich dinner concluded the service forapproximately the 75 people who werein attendance.
Kadoka Press
USPS 289340
Telephone 605-837-2259 PO Box 309, Kadoka, South Dakota 57543-0309E-mail: press@kadokatelco.com Fax: 605-837-2312
Ravellette Publications, Inc.
PO Box 309 Kadoka, SD 57543-0309
Publisher: Don RavelletteNews Writing/Photography: Ronda Dennis, EditorGraphic Design/Typesetting/Photography: Robyn JonesPublished each Thursday and Periodicals postage paid atKadoka, Jackson County, South Dakota 57543-0309
Official Newspaper for the City of Kadoka, the Town of Interior, the Town of Belvidere,the Town of Cottonwood, the County of Jackson and the Kadoka School District #35-2.
 All of Jackson, Haakon, Jones, Mellette and Bennett Countiesand Quinn and Wall Addresses . . . . . . . . . . . .$35.00 Plus Tax All other areas in South Dakota . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$42.00 Plus TaxOut of state . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$42.00 No Tax
South Dakota Newspaper AssociationPOSTMASTER:Send change of address to the Kadoka Press. PO Box 309, Kadoka, SD 57543
Church Page …
May 31, 2012 • Kadoka Press •
Page 2
or shop by phone toll-freeat 1-888-411-1657
Serving the community  for more than 65 years.
Sunday Worship: 11:00 a.m.
BELVIDERE COMMUNITY CHURCHPastor Gary McCubbin • 344-2233
Sunday Worship: 9:30 a.m.Coffee & Donuts: 10:30 a.m.Sunday School: 10:45 a.m. Sept. - May
OUR LADY OF VICTORY CATHOLIC CHURCHFather Bryan Sorensen • Kadoka • 837-2219
Mass: Sunday - 11:00 a.m.Confession After Mass
Sunday School: 9:30 a.m. • Church: 10:30 a.m.
EAGLE NEST LIFE CENTERGus Craven • Wanblee • 462-6002
Sunday Church: 11:00 a.m.
WIC, FoodStamps & EBTPhone: 837-2232
Monday thru Saturday8 AM - 6 PM
CONCORDIA LUTHERAN • Kadoka • 837-2390Pastor Art Weitschat
Sunday Services: 10:00 a.m.
Sunday Services: 5:00 p.m.
PRESBYTERIAN CHURCHKadoka • Pastor Gary McCubbin • 837-2233
Worship Services: 11:00 a.m.Sunday School: Sr. Adults - 9:45 a.m.Sunday School: All Ages - 9:45 a.m., • Sept. - MayRelease Time: 2:15 p.m. Wednesdays. • Sept. - May
Church Calendar 
Monday, June 4
Eat at Jigger’s
Tuesday, June 5
Eat at Jigger’s
 Wednesday, June 6
Eat at Jigger’s
Thursday, June 7
Eat at Jigger’s
Friday, June 8
Eat at Jigger’s
Meals forthe Elderly
Read Galatians 5:16The Creator has a specific plan for each person's life,and He has arranged our talents, abilities, and circum-stances to fit with these individualized goals (Eph.2:10). When we connect with our God-given purpose,we feel deep satisfaction and great joy. However, it's important to understand that we can't achieve theLord's goals on our own; only by His strength and direction are we able to succeed.In John 16:33, Jesus warned us that trouble is an integral part of life in this world. But easily forgettinghow weak we are, we tend to take on challenges in our own strength and resourcefulness. Human naturewants to tackle life by itself and in its own power--and then take credit. So when temptations, trials, crit-icism, gossip, and persecution assail, many of us have the tendency to go into high gear and try all theharder.For a while, life may actually seem good this way. But in the long run, self-reliance creates a mess. And it also interferes with the fulfillment of God's purposes.The truth is, we sometimes have to experience failure in life in order to realize our complete dependenceupon God. He lovingly breaks our pride by showing us that we cannot live fully without following theSpirit's guidance.Have you surrendered to the Holy Spirit's control? Acknowledge your weakness and recognize Hispower, omniscience, and wisdom. The Lord does not call you to live the Christian life, which is a humanimpossibility. Rather, He wants you to yield control and let Him live His life through you.
The Work of the Holy Spirit 
Inspiration Point
February 2012
Laura Alvarado, Lakewood, CO $105
March 2012
Carol Kicielinski, Cleveland, OH $85Tate Schmeling, Spirit Lake, IA $105Kasey Keller, Rapid City $105 Ahish Jaglur, Minnepolis, MN $165
April 2012
Gordon Davidson, Chicago, IL $125Glen Rapp, Marion $85Gaurav Vyas, Lincoln, NE $145Travis Tauber, Iowa City, IA $105David Wolf, Spokane, WA $220Eric Taylor, Sioux Falls $105Chad Hanson, Dell Rapids $105Melissa Baker, Brandon $145
February 2012
Travis Two Bulls, Rapid City $85
April 2012
Conrad Kjerstad, Brookings $168Irene Saunders, Martin $200Chad Donovan, Norris $145Leo McCauley, St. Francis $220
April 2012
Terry Larson, Sioux Falls $220Robin Mahler, Bethesda, MD $220Peter Bonnichsen, Belle Fourche $200
April 2010
Ione McCloskey, Sioux Falls $25Deanne Bearheels, Rosebud $25
April 2012
Stanislav Mironenko, Venice, FL $170
April 2012
Douglas Bellinger, Lincoln, NE $120
February 2012
Melda Terkildsen, Kadoka $270
Febraury 2012
Regina Smith, St. Francis $120
March 2012
Melanie Hawkins, Wanblee $120
February 2012
James Buskirk, Long Valley $120
April 2012
Michael Peterson, Brookings $120
February 2012
Terri Mahaney, Rapid City $25
March 2012
Shane Morrison, Kernensville, NC $25Meghan McCollum, Stokesdale, NC $25
February 2012
Brooke Ulmer, Wolsey $150
February 2012
Melda Terkildsen, Kadoka $120
February 2012
Dennis Johnson, Blue Earth, MN $170
For quite a few years, “we thepeople” of the US have struggledwith how to provide and pay forhealth care. There is an interest-ing history that got us here.In this country, during WorldWar II, the Federal Governmentforced a wage control, therebybringing companies to compete forthe smaller workforce by givingemployee health insurance bene-fits as an alternative to a highersalary. This health insurancetrend was enhanced in 1954 by atax break on businesses that gaveemployee health insurance. Thus,over the years, after the war, webecame a country where about75% of health care was paid for byemployer-based health insurance.But that left the elderly and un-employed without health insur-ance, and the nation startingarguing about how to fill the gapfor these people. In 1965 presidentLyndon Johnson pushed throughCongress two new programs to payfor health care called Medicareand Medicaid. Some thought thenthat our problems were solved andeveryone was covered.However this evolving system,which is unique to us, differentfrom all the countries of the world,has resulted in two huge problems:first, by 2008 more than 46 millionpeople were not covered, since in-surance companies had to competeby not insuring and avoiding highrisk and expensive patients. Sec-ond, because “the more you do, themore you make” has driven ourwhole system of health care, there-fore more services were provided,which drastically grew hospitals,sub-specialist physicians, proce-dures, pharmaceuticals, and ad-vancing technology. Some of this isgood, but it is very expensive.On top of this, our legal tort/lia-bility system has almost encour-aged patients to threatenedhospitals and physicians with law-suit for any bad result, whetherthere was bad practice or not. Theconsequence has been a culture of health care, which is driven to pre-scribe the highest level of technol-ogy available. And thus we have the most ex-pensive system in the world. Infact we are twice as expensive asthe world’s top 15 most costlyhealth care systems.President Obama’s effort withthe ACA, also lovingly called Oba-macare, is a huge step toward pro-viding insurance coverage for morepeople, but much more will beneeded to control costs.What should the politicians inWashington do next?
Rick Holm, M.D.,
Medical Editor
How did we get into this mess?
 Violet Denke____________________ 
Violet Denke, age 85 of RapidCity, S.D., died Tuesday, May 22,2012, at the Golden Living CenterBella Vista in Rapid City.Violet Geigle was born July 9,1926, at her parents’ home north of Quinn, the daughter of Albert andJohanna (Hein) Geigle. She wasbaptized and confirmed at St. PaulLutheran Church north of Quinn. Violet grew up and received hereducation in the Quinn area. Sheand her other sisters spent muchtime helping on their parents’ farm-ranch. Violet was united in marriage to Adolph John Denke on February22, 1948, at her parents’ homenorth of Quinn. After their mar-riage, they moved to a farm-ranchnorth of Kadoka. In 1957, theymoved to Wichita, Kan., where Adolph worked on the Titan II Mis-siles. In the fall of 1962, theymoved to Rapid City where Violetworked for a rest home with SidneyHaine. Violet worked several yearsfrom her home as a terminal agentfor National Trailer Convoy, and atSCI.Later Violet, along with her hus-band, owned and operated theWestern Mobile Home Park in BoxElder. In 1989, they retired andsold their business to their son,Gene. This gave Violet time toenjoy her favorite hobby, quilting. Violet also enjoyed camping andfishing with her husband (whenthe fish were biting!).Violet was a member of PeaceLutheran Church in Rapid City,and the Good Samaritan Club.Grateful for having shared herlife are her three sons, Gary Denkeand his wife, Gail, of Rapid City,Gene Denke and his wife, Teresa,of Box Elder, and Gerald Denke of San Diego, Calif.; four daughters,Donna Denke of Rapid City, DarlaMengenhauser and her husband,Jack, of Rapid City, Diane Evansand her husband, Morris, of RapidCity, and Delores Fitzler and herhusband, Doug, of Alliance, Neb.;10 grandchildren; 19 great-grand-children; one great-great-granddaughter; two sisters, RuthDenke of Rapid City and Elsie Mor-rison and her husband, Allen, of Melbourne, Fla.; two brothers-in-law, Arnold Johnson of Wall andErhart Denke and his wife, Alice, of Sturgis; two sisters-in-law, MargeDenke and Marie Denke, both of Rapid City; and a host of other rel-atives and friends. Violet was preceded in death byher husband, Adolph Denke, on De-cember 3, 2003; a son, Greg Denke;her parents, Albert and JohannaGeigle; a grandson, Joshua Denke;and a sister, Minnie Johnson.Funeral services were held 10:00a.m. Saturday, May 26, at PeaceLutheran Church in Rapid City,with Pastor David Lindenberg offi-ciating.Music was provided by RobinReinhold and Ruth Stabile, pi-anists, and Maygie Schwiesow, Alice Richter and Alma Crosbie, vo-calists.Ushers were Kenny Denke andGlenn Crose. Pallbearers wereMorris Evans, Phillip, Steve andMichael Leithauser, Doug Fitzlerand Joachim Schwiesow.Interment was held Saturday, atthe Wall Cemetery.A memorial has been estab-lished.Arrangements were with theRush Funeral Chapel of Wall.An online guestbook is availableat www.rushfuneralhome.comThe following students havebeen named to the dean's list foracademic excellence during theSpring 2012 semester at SouthDakota State University. To earndean's list distinctions in SDSU'seight colleges, students must havecompleted a minimum of 12 creditsand must have earned at least a3.5 grade point average on a 4.0scale.•Benjamin Charles Stout,Kadoka, College of Agriculture &Biological Sciences
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
BHSU announces the studentswho graduated at the Spring 2012graduation ceremony.•LaTasha Buchholz, Kadoka,BS, Professional Accountancy•TaraJo Deuter, Kadoka, BS,Political Science, Human Services•Laurie Prichard, Kadoka, MS,Curriculum and Instruction•Christy Willert, Kadoka, MS,Curriculum and Instruction•Keely Krolikowski, Martin,Summa Cum Laude, BS, Compos-ite Chemistry•Sharyl Bush, Rapid City, BS,Human Services, Sociology•Amber (Riggins) Cornella,Rapid City, MBA, Applied Manage-ment
College News
Is it just me, or do others havetrouble catching up? Just when itlooks like I am almost caught upwith some project or my to-do-list,something happens setting meback a few paces. One step for-ward, as they say and for me 17steps backward. Or, so it seems.I don’t have any problem what-soever catching a cold. I once evencaught a fly in my mouth whilepreaching, and it is as easy as New York style cheesecake to catch thedickens from the Gracious Mis-tress of the Parsonage. Catchingup is another matter all together.Two things happened last weekthat brought this to my attention.First, I took someone out tolunch. That in itself is not out-standing. My wife tells me I amout to lunch all the time.Have you ever tried to impresssomeone by taking them out tolunch and insist on paying forlunch? That is exactly what I didthis past week. Why I ever try toimpress anyone is beyond mywife’s wildest imagination, but Itry, much to her chagrin.With a couple of hours to spare,my friend called me. ImmediatelyI set into action a plan to meet himat the restaurant for lunch – onme.We had a grand time catchingup on each other’s life. Personally,I was thrilled to Catch Up onsomething. Unfortunately, Ithought I was on a roll with hamand cheese. It was delicious toenjoy this brief time if only for amoment, but all good things doend.Things were about to turn ugly.No, someone did not bring me amirror. Instead, the affable wait-ress brought me the check.Normally, this would not be aproblem. I would accept the checkafter some friendly banter with thewaitress complaining about theamount and threatening not to tipher and she threatening to tell mywife. We all smiled and then ithappened.I casually reached around to myback pocket to extract my walletcontaining my credit card withwhich I would pay the check. Myback pocket was as empty as apolitician’s promises.At first, a slight streak of panicraced through my person causingme to freeze in petrifying fear. Myfirst thought, I had someone else’strousers on. But whose? More im-portant, where was the man wear-ing my trousers?I smiled one of those smiles thatsays, “Oops, I’m in trouble but Idon’t want anyone to know.”My friend sensed somethingwas wrong; friends are like that.Looking at me he said, “Is any-thing wrong?”Being the truthful person I am,I said, “Wrong? What could bewrong? We’ve just enjoyed a greattime together. No, nothing’s wrong. Absolutely nothing is wrong.”
The illusive art of catching up
One problem with friends isthey always know when you arelying. My friend was no different.He just looked at me and said,“OK, what’s wrong?”I may have trouble catching upbut I have no trouble whatsoeverbeing caught with my pants down.Well, maybe not quite down butcertainly empty. Nothing is sadderthan a man wearing emptytrousers.“Did you forget your wallet?” myfriend asked with delight dancingin his eyes.He happily paid the tab but Iwill never live it down.The second incident also had todo with my wallet. Although thistime, I did not forget my wallet.I had an early morning meetingacross town. I knew my car wasrunning on fumes but no need toworry. I left the house earlyenough to stop and gas up.Pulling out of my driveway, I no-ticed the gas gauge was lower thanI remembered it being the nightbefore. A tinge of terror gripped mymind and I earnestly prayed Iwould get to the gas station ontime.I sighed with relief as I ap-proached a gas station. The stationhad just opened and the sign onthe pump informed me I needed topay for the gas before pumping it.No problem. I ambled in, pre-sented my credit card and pur-chased $20 worth of gas. There isa good feeling associated with aschedule well in hand. I glanced atmy watch and noticed I was twominutes ahead of schedule.With a whistle on my lips andair between my ears, I got into mycar and drove away.Two miles later, I glance at thegas gauge and noticed it had notmoved. I tapped the gauge andnothing happened. At that time,the car sputtered and coughedominously.Then, like a bolt of lightening, itstruck me. I had paid for the gasand drove away without pumpingit into my car. By this time, the carengine stopped and I had justenough momentum to pull to theside of the road.I sat there a few minutes pon-dering my dilemma. I knew what Ihad to do but I did not want to doit. Slowly, I picked up my cellphone and dialed the dreadednumber. The phone rang and in amoment, I heard myself speakinginto the phone, “Honey, can you…”Waiting for my wife to bring acan of gas I thought of a verse of scripture. “Therefore to him thatknoweth to do good, and doeth itnot, to him it is sin” (James 4:17KJV).Good intentions must be accom-panied with appropriate action.
Family of God Fellowship
Rev. James L. Synder • Ocala, FL
2 cups cream-filled chocolatesandwich cookie crumbs2 tablespoons sugar 1/3 cup butter, melted
1-1/2 cups sugar 1/3 cup cornstarch2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon salt6 cups 2% milk6 egg yolks, beaten1 cup creamy peanut butter 
2 cups heavy whipping cream1 tablespoon confectioners' sugar 6 peanut butter cups, chopped1/2 cup chopped salted peanuts2 tablespoons chocolate syrup
•In a small bowl, combine cookie crumbs and sugar; stir in butter. Press ontothe bottom of a greased 13-in. x 9-in. baking dish. Bake at 375° for 8 minutesor until set. Cool on a wire rack.•For filling, in a large saucepan, combine the sugar, cornstarch, flour and salt.Stir in milk until smooth. Cook and stir over medium-high heat until thickenedand bubbly. Reduce heat; cook and stir 2 minutes longer. Remove from theheat. Stir a small amount of hot mixture into egg yolks; return all to pan, stirringconstantly. Bring to a gentle boil; cook and stir 2 minutes longer.•Remove from the heat. Stir 1 cup into peanut butter until smooth. Gently stir peanut butter mixture into the pan. Pour over crust. Cool to room temperature.•Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.•In a large bowl, beat cream until it begins to thicken. Add confectioners' sugar;beat until stiff peaks form. Spread over peanut butter mixture. Sprinkle withpeanut butter cups and peanuts. Drizzle with chocolate syrup.
Peanut Butter Custard Blast
Belvidere News …
May 31, 2012 • Kadoka Press •
Page 3
Norris News
Marjorie Anne Letellier • 462-6228
Belvidere News
Syd Iwan • 344-2547
When sendingsubscriptionpaymentsPLEASE returnthe entire pinkpostcard
with your payment.
For $150, place your ad in 150South Dakota daily & weeklypapers through the …
Call 605•837•2259
Summer Hours 
Sun: 3 p.m. - 10 p.m.Closed MondaysTues. - Thurs:5 p.m. - 10 p.m.Fri. - Sat: 5 p.m. to Mid-night
Happiness is a new bag of crinkly dipping potato chips and,at the same time, a fresh can of cheese dip. This might be in con-trast to the last time you had chipsand were dredging around in thebottom of the sack for pieces bigenough to dip and having to dothat in a nearly empty can. Youmight even have had to resort tocollecting the last bit of dip with aspoon or your pointer finger. Fail-ing that, you may have, in despair,dumped the crumbs from the sackinto the can, stirred them around,and eaten them with a spoon. Dis-gusting! The new supply of chipsand dip then seems quite fine.Contentment is a gorgeous sun-set in all shades of pink, purpleand red, and you just happen tohave your camera with you at thetime. Even better is having a neattree or other interesting object orcritter to silhouette against allthat color with maybe a crescentmoon in just the right spot. Natu-rally, there would be no high-linepoles in the way or other clutter,and the jet jockeys wouldn’t havebeen racing around leaving vaportrails in all the wrong places.Delight is being right. Let’s sayyou were looking south in thenight sky and spotted two brightstars where there should only beone at that particular time of thenight and year. You try to figureout what is going on and decideone of the lights is the star, Spica,and the other has to be a planetsince all the stars are consistent intheir relationship to one another.The only two possibilities, giventhe brightness and location, areSaturn and Mars, so which one isit? After considering the matter abit you decide on Saturn sinceMars is probably more golden anda bit higher in the sky. When youlater check your conclusions withyour Starry Night computer pro-gram, lo and behold you are right.This is better than making a majormiscalculation such as adding twoand six and coming up withtwenty-two and a half or otherwiseending up somewhere way outthere in left field.Relief is when you work hard atsomething and it all comes outokay. Say your wife gives you anew book of piano preludes thatyou can play before church, andone of the pieces is really tough. You keep practicing that buggerand maybe play it in excess of fiftytimes before the tough spots areironed out. Finally you think itmight be good enough to play inpublic, give it a shot, and it goes just fine. Moreover, the people likeit. You are quite happy with theoutcome and relieved that thingsdidn’t fall apart somewhere in thatdifficult arpeggio on page three orthe loud and flashy ending. Youhave accomplished your goal.Great enjoyment is having roastbeef for dinner when it is tender,tasty and cooked just right. Addsome mashed potatoes and gravy,corn on the cob, a couple slices of homegrown tomato, and perhaps apiece of apple pie plus a dip of icecream for dessert. What could benicer than that?A warm heart might be whatyou come up with when your songives you a big smile for no partic-ular reason. The chest might evenhave to expand some if the kid alsohappens to incline his head yourdirection, meaning he thinks a kisson the top of the head might be ap-propriate. Kids, as you may know,have a way of messing with yourheart.Great amusement is what youmight get from reading a goodbook, watching a fine movie, orbeing with a truly witty person.Such things add some spice to lifein general.True joy, though, comes fromknowing you’re a child of the Kingand having the assurance that Godloves you and is with you for everystep you take. Sorrow, on the otherhand, is having a friend who seesno need for God in his life. What onearth are you going to tell his deargrandmother in heaven when hedoesn’t eventually show up there?How can you get it across that togain the whole world and lose yourvery soul is an exceedingly badtrade. Prayer and trust may savethe day.So, for you and me both, I hopefor happiness, contentment, joyand all the other good things plusan absolute minimum of pain andsorrow. May it be so.
 Happiness Is
Lookin’ Around
by Syd Iwan
Memorial Day services wereheld in Belvidere on Monday.Things started at the cemetery at9:30 a.m. with a color guard andfiring squad from Ellsworth AirForce Base. A program followed atthe hall with master of ceremonies,Gay (Klima) Tollefson, various mu-sical numbers, and an address byLenny and Ruby Sanftner. A catered lunch by Jigger’s of Kadokawas accompanied by variousdesserts brought in by local people.Glenn Freeman said there was agood turnout of around 75 to 80people which is probably one of thebiggest they’ve had in recent years.There were quite a few who camefrom Kadoka since they didn’t haveservices there this year. Glenn alsosaid the American Legion member-ship at the local post has nowgrown well over the fifteen mem-bers needed to continue which is arelief after being put on probationa while ago for not having enoughmembers.The annual Belvidere Firemen’sFeed and fundraiser was held atthe fire hall on Sunday evening. A lot of people turned out for thatwhich included burgers, brats, hotdogs, beans, salad and the works.The fundraiser later continued atJR’s with a dance; the music wasprovided by Westbound. Accordingto fire chief, Jim Addison, theevening was a success and will helpto fund the fire department’s workin the coming year.Georgann Addison went to Wallon Sunday to do some barrel rac-ing. Jim and Jami stayed homesince they’d been to Perault’sbranding and followed by a latenight due to the activities of thefiremen’s feed. They decided to restup.Ronda and Rick Dennis at-tended all the activities for the an-nual firemen’s fundraiser onSunday afternoon and evening, asdid everyone else from the neigh-borhood.After attending the MemorialDay program in Belvidere, Rondaand Rick Dennis went to Larry andJo Johnston’s for dinner on Mon-day. Also joining them were Bradand Scotti Block from Nowlin. Thegroup spent the afternoon fishingand reported to have good luck.Peraults held their branding onSunday although it was originallyscheduled for Saturday and gotrained out. Luckily, it could berescheduled for the next day whichhad nice weather. Work started atthe river ranch south of old Stam-ford, proceeded to the home placeat Bud and Valene’s, and endedlater in the afternoon at Mike andMarlene’s for dinner. There wasplenty of help and the work wentfine. Three of Mike and Marlene’skids, Bert, Lesa and Melissa, wereon hand to help with Melissa com-ing on Friday night and stayinguntil Sunday. That evening, Mikewent into town to the firemen’sfeed while Marlene finished up thebranding details and then joinedthe rest at the dance. Marlene saidBud and Valene have been enter-taining an old Navy buddy of Bud’s,Elvin Kingery, and his wife,Dorothy, of Chattanooga, TN. TheKingerys had been at Mike andMarlene’s for supper a couple of times in the last week and werestaying in their camper over at Budand Valene’s. Sunday turned out tobe a fairly full day at Perault’s butwent well. It was nice to actuallyget the branding done and out of the way.Frank Carlson is currently beingvisited by his brother, Jessy Carl-son, of Belle Fourche. Jessy is ex-pected to be around for a week orso. Frank and Jesse helped brandat Perault’s on Sunday and thentook in the firemen’s feed anddance.Fayola Mansfield stayed homeand went to church on Sundaywhile the rest of the family headedwest to Wyoming. Jim, Aaron,Michelle, and Tyrel went to helpdaughter/sister Allison and familywith their branding. Fayola saidshe had been there to visit a shorttime ago and wasn’t up to goingback again quite so soon. Herankle, however, is mostly healedfrom the break it sustained earlierthis year, and she is able to getaround fairly well.Chuck and Merry Willard hadtheir daughter, Niki, and sonshome for the weekend from HotSprings. Niki came on Friday nightand went back home on Monday.She and the boys went to churchwith Chuck and Merry on Sunday.Chuck said he has been busy help-ing the neighbors with branding,moving cattle, etc. He is enjoyinghimself very much since the brand-ing season might be his favoritetime of year. On Sunday, Willardsrode horses getting some heifers inand just enjoying the day. Chucksaid the rain on Saturday bright-ened everything up and madethings smell fresh and nice.Larry Grimme was visited by Art and Joyce Glynn of Rapid Citythis weekend. They came on Satur-day and stayed through Monday.On Sunday, they went to church,after which Larry and Art did somefishing at the Belvidere Dam albeitunsuccessfully. They did enjoy thenice day and watching the pelicansand other water fowl at the dam.That evening they took in the fire-men’s feed. Memorial Day serviceswere attended on Monday. Art willbe celebrating his 85th birthday onMay 31, and Art and Joyce will cel-ebrate their 56th anniversary onJune 6. They have four kids, Kent,Beth, Pam, and Scott.Bunny Green’s dinner guests onSunday included her daughter,Darlene Wiedemer, of Murdo andgrandson, David Wiedemer, of Pierre. In the afternoon, they allwent to the cemetery and decoratedgraves for Memorial Day. Bunnysaid they did relatives and alsosome friends who no longer havelocal relatives to decorate theirgraves. Darlene and David wenthome that night but returned onMonday for services at the ceme-tery and church hall. Darlene re-ported that, on her way back toMurdo on Monday, she noted a ladyplaying bagpipes near the old Wil-hauer place which is a desertedhouse just across the service roadsouthwest of 1880 Town. She didn’tknow what all that was about anddidn’t stop to find out. Earlier inthe week, Bunny and Betty Kusickhad been to Kadoka for groceriesand dinner at Jigger’s. Wally Wellshad also stopped in most days tobring Bunny’s mail. Jesse Carlsonis in the area and came by one dayfor a while. Bunny rememberedwhen Jesse was little, he some-times used her dog for a pillow. Herdog didn’t mind and even protectedJesse if someone got too close andlooked threatening.Betty Kusick attended the fire-men’s feed and was surprised atthe large attendance. Her son,Kenny, came from Kadoka on Mon-day and went with Betty to thecemetery and other Memorial Dayactivities.Kenny and Roxie Fox had allthree of their sons around thisweekend. Wade lives here, butShawn and his wife, Jodi, camefrom Mobridge and Jesse camefrom Gillette, WY. Wade’s friend,Patty Irigoyen, was also there fromSelby. The boys came to help withbranding which was accomplishedon Monday.Crystal Paulson’s son-in-law,Tracy Spoonemore, was recentlywounded in a mortar attack in Afghanistan. Crystal didn’t have alot of details but knew the injurywas not life threatening sinceTracy wasn’t sent home but waskept in Afghanistan to recover andrejoin his unit.
“Let our object be our country,our whole country, andnothing but our country.”  Daniel Webster on Bunker Hill (1825)
The Rings were busy brandingon Tuesday.The James Letelliers were inKadoka on Tuesday.Tuesday, Hank Hudson andfriends from Indiana were huntingprairie dogs at Maxine Allard’s.The guys also did some repairs forMaxine at her south house.Wednesday afternoon, Evan andDorothy Bligh were among thoseattending the White River MiddleSchool graduation and awards cer-emony.Congratulations to all the re-cent graduates from high schooland the eighth grade. On Wednes-day eighth grade graduation washeld in White River with a largecrowd in attendance. Norris stu-dents were very well representedand also took their share of honorsin the middle school awards cere-mony held during the graduation.Following the graduation a recep-tion and supper was held at theNorris Township Hall for eighthgraders Ethan Huber, CJ WhiteHat and Gaton Hawk hosted bytheir parents.Special guests at the Leon andCora Huber home for Ethan’s grad-uation was his sister, Amanda FireCloud, and little nephew, Andrayis,of Spencer, IA. His grandpa, VirgilHuber, and aunt, Anita Swedlund,of Custer and aunt, Mary Bannis-ter, of Sundance, WY, were alsothere.Wednesday, the Jason Burmafamily moved back to the JamesLetellier ranch for the summer.Thursday, Richard and CrystalCharging Hawk held areception/supper at the NorrisTownship Hall in honor of theirdaughter, Courtney, who wasamong those who graduated fromthe eighth grade. Others graduat-ing from this area were JaretWoodenKnife and Chris EagleBear. The eighth graders were allat one table down at the hall and Ithought, any school in the statewould love to have the talent andathletic skill sitting there. Congrat-ulations kids, we are proud of you!Bruce and June Ring conductedbusiness in Rapid City on Thurs-day. While they were at WalMartthey saw the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, so stopped to get their pic-tures taken. It was gone shortlyafter that so they were lucky toeven see it!Bradley Huber got his “big boyhaircut” on Friday just in time forhis two-year-old birthday Monday,the 28th of May. He looks so grownup. Bradley is the son of Dave andNicole Huber.On Friday, Evan and DorothyBligh kept an appointment inPierre.James and Marjorie Letellierand Jace Burma traveled in therain to the SD State Track meet atRapid City on Friday. It was mem-orable to say the least, everyonesoaking wet and the contestantsrunning through puddles on thetrack. I was kept busy just wipingmy glasses to see! It was intermit-tent showers all right; everyonelooked like they just got out of theshower. It was a fun day just thesame. The Letelliers came homethat night and JaLynn Burma andJulie Letellier of Kilgore went upon Saturday. All four of the Letel-lier’s daughters were there on Sat-urday and saw the Sunshine Bible Academy boys track team receivethird place in the state. DJ Beck-with is a member of the team.Guests of Maxine Allard on Fri-day was her daughter, Sharon, of Spearfish and friends, Dave andDiane Somers, of Anchorage, AK. Itwas so cold that day that Maxinestarted the heat for them becausethey were so cold. That evening,after the others had left, June Ringwas a supper guest.Ty and Taylor Merchen, the Bur-mas and the Letelliers did an excel-lent job of mowing the NorrisCemetery. That is a project that wehave tried to get done all week, butcouldn’t due to the rain. We are notcomplaining because it looks lovelyand freshens everything up. We re-ceived about an inch of moistureThursday and Friday. It was sofoggy Saturday that it kept every-thing wet then, too. We just decidedto mow when the sun decides toshine. The cemetery looked verynice and folks have been stoppingthere all weekend to pay their re-spects at that sacred ground thatholds their loved ones. Keeping itmowed is the least we can do.Julie Letellier of Kilgore was anovernight guest of her parents onSaturday night.Sunday afternoon, Jason andJaLynn Burma, Beaver, Jade,Jakki and Jimmy visited with theDaniel and Tresa Paul family atthe Bauman cabin in the badlands.Tuesday, Heather Taft kept anappointment in Martin.Samantha Taft came home fromRapid City on Wednesday whereshe had taken and passed a motor-cycle course. That afternoon, Danand Susan went into White Riverfor the middle school awards cere-mony and eighth grade graduation.Their daughter, Morgan, is a sev-enth grader.The Taft girls will be working onopposite ends of the state againthis summer. Last Sunday, Saman-tha Taft left for summer job in Yankton.Susan Taft and Morgan tookHeather's horse to Custer on Me-morial Day, while Heather droveher car there for her summer job.Ed and Carol Ferguson went toChamberlain on Saturday to at-tend the annual Drury family pic-nic. Others from this part of thestate that were there includedFrances and Bob Getz, Cliff andPriscilla Park of Kadoka and theOwen and Bonnie Ferguson familyfrom Long Valley.Charity Weiss of Rapid City,Betty Berger of Boulder, CO, andJohn Epperly of Minneapolis, MN,made the trip to Norris on Sundayto visit cemeteries in the area.They along with Jesse Fergusonand Gene and Marjorie Popkeswere dinner guests of Irene Kauf-man.Pete and Marla Ferguson wentto Rapid City on Sunday to visittheir daughter Olivia Wood-enKnife.Hope you took time out this Me-morial Day weekend to reflect onthe many sacrifices that our UnitedStates Military make so you can doas you please every day. It is theUnited States Army, Air Force,Navy, Coast Guard and NationalGuard, and their Special Forcesand Seals that face the forces of evil every day to keep us safe andsecure. Without their willingnessto serve our dear country and sac-rifice their pleasures, limbs andtheir lives we would not be theUnited States of America, as weknow it. We should not only on thisholiday, but always let them knowthat we will uphold them in ourthoughts and prayers as they serveour country with pride. They arethe best!A special thanks to those fromour own little burg like UnitedStates Army SPC Jarrod Wood-enKnife and his wife, Lacey, here inthe states and United States AirForce Tech Sergeant Tiffany Rootstationed at Kelley Barracks inStruttgart, Germany. Thank youfor your service from a grateful Na-tion. We are so proud of you!
Where there is a mud puddle …
little boys will make theirown entertainment. Coy Bonenberger (L) and Travis Dolezal enjoyedstomping their cowboy boots in the mud puddles at the Belvidere Fire-men’s feed Sunday night. The feed and dance was a huge success, however,boots and blue jeans were wet and muddy.
--photo by Ronda Dennis
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