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Published by: mcchronicle on May 30, 2012
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As Low as 59
with paid subsciption
Established 1884THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2012
Member FDIC - Equal Housing Lender
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Portland Golf Club$200 per 4-person teamCall Tom Remaklus at 419-852-2987 toenter your team
** If you would like to have your eventposted in the Greater Mercer CountyCommunity Calendar, e-mail your infor-mation, at least 4 weeks prior to event,to mercercountychronicle@bright.net.**
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Inside Today
Graduation Section
Most Wednesda aftenoonsduing the school ea, a goup of 2
gade students fom CelinaWest Elementa met with theiHigh School Bigs fom aea highschools. This goup of Bigs andLittles is pat of the Big BothesBig Sistes Buddies pogam. TheBuddies pogam just concluded itsactivities fo this school ea.Duing thei time togethe thegoups would wok on homewok,have a snack, pla games, anddo othe activities. This eathe focused on multicultualappeciation, safet, and beinghealth. The also had sevealguest speakes come in thoughoutthe ea.The leade of this goup wasNanc Ebele. She said that she willalwas emembe the excitement of the Littles and the spakle in theiees when the Bigs would walkin. Some of the Bigs had favoitememoies, too. One said this gavehe the chance to be a pat of achild’s life that needed he. Othessaid that the enjoed watchingthe Littles gow and having funwith the Littles. The Littles weealso asked about thei expeience.One mentioned that having he Bigwas the geatest thing that has evehappened to he. Othes mentionedthat the liked how helpful theiBigs wee and having fun with theiBigs.Big Bothes Big Sistes wouldlike to thank the following fohelping to make the Buddiespogam possible: CAPT,Cagill, Celina & Mece Count
Buddies Pogam Waps Up
Written by Skeet Wolters
Memoial Da bings backmemoies of m time spent at theHabo Point 4-H Camp, east of Celina, whee I seved as the Count4-H Pogam Assistant. To thisda campes and staff sleep in theve buildings that housed the 70Ameican soldies the summe of 1944. Ameican GIs guaded the 300Geman pisones of wa once theaived b tain fom New Oleans,La.The pisones esided in tentsplaced in ows in the middle of thecamp and wee suounded b thecabins. The took thei meals inthe dinning hall whee the samesilvewae and othe items 4-H’esused wee engaved with US am.Cots, geen wool blankets and otheleft ove supplies wee utilized bcampes in the 70’s and 80’sM late Uncle Chalie Dock,a Coldwate native and long timeEnglewood esident, seved as amedic at the camp along with aGeman medic named “Hans.” Thetwo became fiends and coespondedfo a few eas. He said the Gemanpisones wee just as “docile aslambs.” “The wee nice gus and wehad good appot with those people.”The wee oung men aound 17-18 eas of age and although thepefeed to be in Geman, theaccepted thei time in Mece Count.Uncle Chalie commented that theewas no need fo high fences andbabed wie as the POWs knew thewee well caed fo and had no desieto escape.The plan was fo the soldies towok in the agicultual field, as theaea was shot on wokes becauseou oung men wee seving oveseas in the wa. A Dail Standadaticle epoted on Jul 8, 1944:“Officials of Campton CanneiesInc. of Celina and Beckman andGast of St. Hen said that should thepisones be bought hee, the woulduse them.” The wee paid 80 centspe da and eceived 10 cents pe dawhen the wee not woking. Localsemembeed watching the POW’sbeing tanspoted on the beds of Am tucks to thei wok sites. Thewee descibed as “good lookingoung men.” The POW’s etunedto Geman in Octobe of 1944. Thecamp was etuned to the 4-H’es andis still being used as a 4-H Camp folocal outh each June.Chalie Dock admitted that hiswas an eas job as a medic and he wasable to hitchhike home to Coldwateto spend the night and etun the nextmoning via the same outine. This isalmost impossible to imagine thesedas. He neve made a big deal out of this time at the POW camp but I feelit is impotant to emembe and thankou membes of the amed foces eachMemoial Da. Especiall as oucount is at wa and we have manlocal oung men and women sevingfo ou feedom. Thank ou.
Local history of POWs and American Soldiers remembered
Tents which housed GermanPOWs 68 years ago.Medic Charlie Dock at thePOW camp.See BUDDIES, page2
Page 2
Ma 24, 2012
area obituaries
Ten Behavior Myths in Dogs
This is the second in a series on behavior problems. It is always best to consult your 
veterinarian rst when an aggressive or worrisome behavior is being exhibited by your pet.
I want a medication to treat my dog’s behavior problems.Medications are alone not the answer to a pet’s behavior problems. Medications can
play an important role in the treatment of a behavior problem but only if used as a part of a complete treatment plan. Medications do not solve the problem completely. Behavior 
modication and environmental modication are necessary to achieve long-term lasting
improvements. Some medications have been shown to increase the speed of which these
modications take effect, but are only considered another useful tool in treating the behavior problem, not the remedy.
Aggressive dogs are only acting dominant.Some dogs may truly exhibit dominance aggression; these instances are more popular 
with the social media and are much rarer than they want you to believe. Dominance theories
are outdated, and they result in confrontational styles of training. The styles of training arebased on the mistaken belief that owners have to physically dominate their dogs. This type of training is dangerous and usually ineffective. It has resulted in damage to the human-animalbond more than success. Dogs with aggression problems are usually anxious or afraid. Theyusually respond well to reward based training under the supervision of a qualied person.My pet gets angry with me and knows what he did wrong.Dogs do not eliminate on the oor or destroy things out of spite. The likely cause isanxiety or lack of exercise or stimulation. Many dogs show submissive behavior when their owners come home. Tucking the tail, lowering the ears, avoiding eye contact, and slinkingaway are not signs your pet is saying they are “sorry.” They mean that the dog has learnedthat you are angry and associates your return home with the presence of feces, garbage, or destroyed items on the oor. The dog is not angry but afraid. That is because in the pastwhen you arrived home to these things, you yelled at or hit. Even if you did not do thesethings, the angry body language you exhibit is clear to the dog. The dog still learns to feelfear when people arrive. When you punish your pet in these circumstances, it does not teachyour pet anything. The dog is incapable of associating any punishment with the behavior he
performed minutes or hours before. 
Ronald C. Anders, DVM, CVA
Question & Answer with Dr. Ronald C. Anders D.V.M.
Veterinary Acupuncture
Ronald C. Anders, D.V. M.
609 North Second Street • Coldwater, OH 45828419-678-3610 • 800-868-VETS (8387) • Fax: 419-678-4838Email: randvmcac@gmail.com
Your Graduation Headquarters!
Cookie Platters$12.00
Coldwater Subway223 W. Main St.Coldwater, OH 45828419-678-3950
Sub Platters$26.99
Rockford Subway101 N. Main St.Rockford, OH 45882419-363-2336
Giant Subs$36.00
St. Henry Subway561 Eastern Ave.St. Henry, OH 45883419-763-1212
 A 24 hour notice is required on all party orders.
PC’S & L
870 East Main Street ( Coldwater Mall )Coldwater, Ohio 45828PH# 419-763-1167 Toll-Free/Fax# 1-866-651-1925
E-mail : tcservices@hometowncable.net Web: www.tcservicescomputers.com
Grace Bruggeman Timmer-man
, age 89, died at BiawoodMano Nusing Home in Cold-wate on Monda, Ma 21, 2012.Bon on Febua 22, 1923 inAkon, Ohio, she was the daugh-te of Lillian Loaine (Lee)and James Vincent Wallace, S.Fiends ma call at the funealhome fom 4-7 PM, Wednesda,Ma 23d and fom 9:45-10:45AM, Thusda, Ma 24th. Fu-neal Mass will be held at 11:00AM, Thusda at the chuch, F.Ken Alt, C.PP.S., officiating.Buial will follow at St. MasCatholic Cemete, Celina.
Louise Luken
, age 91, of Coldwate, Ohio, died on Sunda,Ma 20, 2012 at BiawoodVillage, Coldwate, Ohio. Shewas bon Janua 01, 1921 inStke, Ohio to Emile andMte (Planson) Hae. Mass of Chistian Buial will be held 10:30AM on Wednesda, Ma 23, 2012at Hol Tinit Catholic Chuch,Coldwate, Ohio. Buial will bein Shiffle Cemete, Ban Ohioon Thusda Ma 24, 2012 at 11AM. Fiends ma call on Tuesdafom 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM and onWednesda fom 9:00 AM to 10:00AM at the Hogenkamp FunealHome-Coldwate. Condolencesma be left at hogenkampfh.com.
John E.Zumbrink,
 age 67, of Noth Sta,Ohio, died onMonda, Ma21, 2012 at hishome. He wasbon Novembe30, 1944 in Celina, Ohio to thelate August and Ma (McClug)Zumbink. Mass of ChistianBuial will be held 10:30 AM onThusda, Ma 24, 2012 at St.Louis Catholic Chuch, NothSta, Ohio with F. David Zink,officiating. Buial with militahonos will follow in St. LouisCemete, Noth Sta Ohio.Fiends ma call on Wednesdafom 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM at theHogenkamp Funeal Home-St.Hen and on Thusda fom9:00 AM to 10:00 AM at St. LouisChuch, Noth Sta. Condolencesma be left at hogenkampfh.com.
Margaret E. “Maggie”Roebuck
, 72, Fot recove,Ohio, died Ma 21, 2012 , at VanWet Inpatient Hospice Cente,Van Wet, Ohio. She was bonJul 16, 1939, in Coldwate, OH,to the late Ha O. McDowelland the late Dillie (Camack)McDowell. A Celebation of Lifewill be held 10:30 am Thusda,at Bockman - Boeckman FunealHome, Fot recove, OH.Buial is at Macedon Cemete,Coldwate, Ohio. Calling is 2-4and 6-8 pm Wednesda and 9:30-10:30 am Thusda, at Bockman- Boeckman Funeal Home, Fotrecove, Ohio. Contibutionscan be made to the Mece CountCance Association.
Call 419-678-2324FOR DETAILS
Combined Sevices, Coope FamilFoundation, DP&L Foundation,Dannon yogut, Geve Auto Sales,Mece Count Civic Foundation,St. Mas Intemediate School-Social Committee, United Wa of Auglaize Count, United Wa of VanWet Count, Vecten Foundation,and Walmat Foundation. Thewould also like to thank all the BigBuddies and West Elementa fothei help.If ou would like moeinfomation about the Buddiespogam o an Big Bothes BigSistes pogam, please contact theagenc at 419-394-2990, 1-866-670-BBBS, o office@bbbsma.com. you ma also visit theagenc’s website at www.bbbsma.com.
(Continued fom Page 1)Mece Count right to Life -gifts to 1st bab bon on o afteMothe’s Da. Gifts pesented bEsthe Beke - pesident MCrTL Tad Joseph bon to Scott andTamm rindle of Maia Stein Aived Ma 14, 2012 at11:52pm Weighed 6lbs - 10 oz and19 inches long Welcomed home fom left toight, b Becca age 9, Sidne age11, and Owen age 7 
Mother’sDay baby
Call 419-678-2324FOR DETAILS
May 24, 2012 • Page 3
A Look Back 
Vol. 115 No. 21USPS 339-15560
The Mece Count Chonicle is published Thusdas at 124 W.Main St., Coldwate, Ohio b Mece Count Publications, Inc.Enteed in the post office in Coldwate, Ohio 45828 as Peiodicals,postage paid at Coldwate, Ohio.Available b mail in Mece, Auglaize, Dake, Ja o Van WetCount, $36 pe ea. Outside these counties, $45 pe ea.
Kami Phlipot, General Manager •
Send addess changes to:Mece Count Chonicle, P.O. Box 105, Coldwate, OH 45828
529 plan can help with college fundingand estate-planning con
106 S. Second St., Coldwater, OH Bus. 419-678-3252 TF. 866-678-3252 John.yoder@edwardjones.comwww.edwardjones.com
This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.
Edward Jones, its employees and nancial advisors are not estate planners and cannot provide tax or legal advice. Consult a qualied tax specialist or attorney for professional advice about your situation.
Financial Focus is a weekly column courtesy of...
John M. Yoder, Financial Advisor 
Now that another school year is drawing to a close, your young children are a step closer to the day whenthey’ll be heading off to college. Of course, as you’re probably aware, higher education doesn’t come cheap —and the costs seem to continuously climb. You can help your children — or even your grandchildren — meet 
these expenses by investing in a 529 plan. And this college savings vehicle offers estate-planning benets. As a college funding vehicle, a 529 plan offers some signicant benets. When you contribute to a 529 plan, your earnings accumulate tax free, provided they are used for qualied higher education expenses. (Keepin mind, though, that 529 plan distributions not used for qualied expenses may be subject to federal and stateincome tax and a 10% IRS penalty.) Furthermore, your 529 plan contributions may be deductible from your state taxes. However, 529 plans vary, so be sure to check with your tax advisor. And the lifetime contributionlimits for 529 plans are quite generous; while these limits vary by state, many plans allow contributions well inexcess of $200,000. Plus, a 529 plan is exible: If the child, grandchild or other beneciary decides against college, you can transfer the unused funds to someone else, tax and penalty free.Now, let’s turn to a 529 plan’s estate-planning benets. If you think that you may need to reduce the sizeof your taxable estate, and you also want to create a legacy you may be able to enjoy during your lifetime, youmay nd that the 529 plan offers a solution for you. When you establish and contribute to a 529 plan, the assetsleave your estate — but they don’t leave your control. If your named beneciary decides against college and 
you don’t have another family member to whom you can transfer the account — or if you simply change your 
mind about funding the 529 plan — you can get your money back at any time, although, as mentioned above,you’ll have to pay taxes, and possibly a 10% IRS penalty, on the earnings.Your contributions to a 529 plan also qualify for the $13,000 annual gift tax exclusion, so you can give largeamounts each year without incurring the gift tax.In the investment world, you can nd many vehicles that can help you make progress toward one goal.But it’s far less common to nd something that may give you a boost toward two. And when the two goalsare helping a child or grandchild go to college and lowering the value of your taxable estate — while still maintaining control of your assets — you’ve got an investment worth considering. So consult with your tax and nancial advisors to determine if a 529 plan is right for you. And if it is, think about taking action soon, becausethe more years you can contribute to a 529 plan, the better the outlook for both your future student and your 
estate plans
Listen to us daily at noon on WCSM 96.7 FM 
Anothe school ea is aboutfinished and soon thee willbe man moe people lookingfo wok. Lets hope the find adecent job with decent pa. Itseems to be getting hade andhade to find wok just out of high school. And with the highcost of college toda makingit hade to get into collegethat will also add to the wokfoce looking fo wok. Theecent incease in tuition is pe-venting man kids fom evenconsideing going to college. Ina pesidential ea one wouldthink the candidates wouldbe looking into lack of jobsavailable fo the gaduates of this school ea. Unemplomentates ae still too high and noone seems inteested in talkingmuch about it. I am not sue anPesident, be he Democat orepublican, is going to solve theunemploment poblems that wehave toda. I feel as though theeae just too man jobs leavingthe U.S. to foeign counties. Ionl wish I had the knowledgeto solve this poblem but I don’t.The Pesidential candidate thatcan come up with the was tostop this would suel be electedhands down.We could eall use someain. I don’t mean thee o fouinches in a couple hous. Just anice eas ain fo about a daand a half and give it time tosoak in the gound. Don’t needan gull washes! The con islooking good and it just needsain and some wam weathe. Iguess we just have to take whatthe good Lod gives us and bethankful fo it.Questions of the week; whatis happening to Gand Lake? Itis bown on the suface now andno one seems to know what ishappening. How did the Alumteatments go? Been thinkingabout doing some cappie fishingbut I am not sue if I eall wantto. It’s a eall had decision tomake. I will have to give it someseious thought and see what isbest. you all be good out theeand sta safe. Be sue and lockou doos when ou ae out of the house.That’s M Opinion........What’s yous???Fom the Achives of TheMece Count Chonicle
10 YEARS AGO (2002)
Elaine Maue, pesident of theMece Count Council on AgingBoad of Diectos, announced thatEd Jeffies of Celina was selectedas Outstanding Senio Citizen of the ea fo 2002.Eic Thomas, Coldwate VillageManage/Enginee infomedcouncil that the final pavingon the Scamoe Steet Pojectwas completed on Ma 10 andsidewalks, landscaping and steetmakings will be completed in afew weeks.
25 YEARS AGO (1987)
Dan Abels and Kaen Kahlighave been named co-valedictoiansand Janice Eves and Maroessne ae co-salutatoians atFot recove High School fo theclass of 1987.The village of St. Hen hasbeen geaing up fo its 150thbithda pat, to be held fom Jul4-12. Events will include a paadeon Jul 5, the buing of a timecapsule, an old-time ban dance,and a concet b a Geman band.
50 YEARS AGO (1962)
Coldwate High School willgaduate 69 senios this Sundaaftenoon. Co-valedicoiansfo the class of 1962 ae MaLnn Niebeding and ronaldMuhlenkamp.
1002 N. Meridian, Portland, IN • (260) 726-4919
For thoseover age 55
It’s The Best DealFor Seniors!
Includes FREE Drink

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