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Al-Yaqeen Newspaper Interviews Abu Abdurrahman Al-Awlaki a Commander in Ansar Al-Sharia About the Houthi Issue in Yemen

Al-Yaqeen Newspaper Interviews Abu Abdurrahman Al-Awlaki a Commander in Ansar Al-Sharia About the Houthi Issue in Yemen

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Published by Defenderofthelands

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Published by: Defenderofthelands on May 30, 2012
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Al-Yaqeen Newspaper interviews Abu Abdurrahman Al-Awlakia commander in Ansar Al-Sharia about the Houthi issue in Yemen
He said the Ansar Al-Sharia have revolted against Ali Abdullah Saleh is a legitimate one because he committed the clear Kufr, and he attacked the Persian period, and describedSaudi Arabia as the hollow state and that its project, and accused the Houthis of handingover Al-Qaeda elements to the Political Security, and he excepted a world war in theArabian Peninsula and the Levant, and he talked about the Sunnah of Iran, Hezbollah, the Nusayris of Syria, Salafis of Saudi Arabia, Ismailis of Najran, Makarma of Yemen andthe Salafis of Dammaj.Al-Yaqeen: What brings you together with the Houthis is more than what divides you,you rebel against the ruler and they see rebelling against him. You shout death toAmerica and they also do. You see jihad and they also do. You boycotted the presidentialelections and they also boycotted. Then why is the conflict?Abu Abdurrahman Al-Awlaki: What is more accurate is what divides us is more than brings us together. What you mentioned in the question that we see rebelling against theruler and they see that also, the difference is too large, they see the rebellion against theFasiq (immoral) ruler, while we see rebellion against the apostate ruler who changes theSharia of Allah, and they see rebelling against all the rulers of the Sunni Islamic countriesthat rule with the Sharia throughout the Islamic history, while we don’t see rebellingagainst them. They see rebelling against any Muslim pious righteousness ruler who ruleswith the Sharia of Allah if his lineage wasn’t from (Hassan and Hussein - sons of Ali -),while we rebel against the apostate ruler who changes the Sharia even if he was a HashmiQureshi and we listen and obey to who rules with the Sharia of Rahman even if he was an
Abyssinian slave. So the two rebellions are different. So the rebellion of the Houthisagainst Ali Abdullah Saleh is a despicable racial caste rebellion, but the rebellion of Ansar Al-Sharia against him is a correct legitimate rebellion because he committed theclear Kufr of allying with the Kuffar and governing with the manmade laws and other Kufriyat which we have proof from Allah.What you mentioned in your question of death to America, the difference between us andthe Houthis is the difference between claims and actions. They say what they don’t dowhile Al-Qaeda Organization does what it says, and says what it does, that is why itgained high credibility with the friend and foe. But the Houthis in this issue apply to themthe saying of the Almighty: (It is most hateful to Allah that you should say that whichyou do not do) 3 Surah As-Saff. The reality on the ground proves with conclusiveevidence that the stance of the Houthis from the Americans is only a vocal phenomenon.As for the situation of Al-Qaeda with America is very different and war between them isrivalry they kill from us and we kill from them, we inflict harm against them and theyinflict harm against us, and the blessed end is for the pious.The American presence is very strong and intensive since the end of WWII and the defeatof Hitler to this day, Yahiya Al-Houthi has taken Germany as his home, and he practicesfrom it his political work and empty statements. So why doesn’t the American forces thatare present in Germany arrest him and bring him to America and put him on trial under the accusation of inciting against America and calling for death to Israel? We won’tforget his statement that the motto is merely words and that America and Israel are stillok. The more important question is that: Will America, Germany and all the countries of the world allow the presence of one commander in Al-Qaeda Organization to practice hiswork in Germany or other countries? The answer will certainly be no it’s impossible. Doyou know why? Because the Americans, the Europeans and the whole world knows for sure that Al-Qaeda Organization is very sincere with its self and the world around it andits sayings lines with its actions, but there is no problem in accepting the presence of theHouthis because they say what they don’t do. The Americans know for sure that theHouthis motto “Death to America and Israel” is only a motto for political bidding andtrading with the crucial causes of the Ummah in order to tickle the emotions of thehelpless Muslim peoples and gain their loyalty, and they have succeeded in that to someextent. But the rope of lying is short and the succession of events is capable of detectingthe hidden and clarifying the reality to the people.Regarding the boycotting of the presidential elections the difference between us and themis that their boycotting of the elections is a political boycott based on the principle of theinterests that can change political stances in return for getting more political interests and
gains in the coming state. So the stance of the Houthis from the presidential elections istactical not in principal necessitated by the current political situation. They Houthis have principles they are opportunists. The boycott of the Ansra Al-Sharia of the presidentialelections is based on solid basics of the Sharia and an ideological stance that doesn’tchange and it is not subjected to the cheap and vulgar political bargaining and swaps.What brings the Houthis together with the Americans is more than what brings themtogether with us. They share with the Americans the philosophy of pragmatism in the political work and other. All of them the “Houthis and the Americans” are pragmatistsand opportunistic moved by the interests not principles.We should remind here that the Americans hadn’t included Al-Houthi to the list of terrorist organizations and groups because they didn’t target the Americans and the Jews,since all the operation against the Houthis is directed in the first degree the SunnahMuslim and against the Yemeni army and not even one American was killed by theHouthis neither yesterday or today and they don’t plan to do that tomorrow.So why then there is a conflict between us and the Houthis? Our struggle with them is because:1- They are an aggressive enemy on our religion, honor and money/2- They insult Ummahat Al-Momineen and curse the Sahabah may Allah be pleased withthem all.3- They a people of innovation, quackery and superstition and practice witchcraft andsorcery,4- They work on facilitating the spread of the Twelver religion in the land Iman andwisdom.5- They agreed with the Americans and Ali Saleh in the Doha talks to fight us and theyhave handed over our elements imprisoned by them to the Political Security. And our fighting and struggle with them will continue on all levels until we purify the land fromtheir filth.As for our jihad and their jihad there isn’t known any jihad by them according to themeanings of the Sharia through 128 years, meaning from 1839 when the Britishcolonialism entered until it left in 1967 the armies of the Zaydi Imams, which ruled the North and some of the South, didn’t advance to Aden, despite their rule reached the

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