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G1 AnnexA Project Workbook DRPC2010-1280411 - Revised CPMT Copy

G1 AnnexA Project Workbook DRPC2010-1280411 - Revised CPMT Copy

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Published by khmahbub

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Published by: khmahbub on May 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Project Workbook
Table of Contents
1Title Page with Reviewers' Comments
Tab Name: PNX Title Page
2Project Partners and Contact Information
Tab Name: PNX Contacts
3Outcomes Logic Model
Tab Name: PNX OLM
For more information, visit:
Outcome Target Indicators Plan
Tab Name: PNX OTIP
For more information, visit:
5Milestone Plan
Tab Name: PNX Milestone Plan
For more information, visit:
The milestone plan focuses on the end-dates by which your activities need to be completed and outputs need tobe delivered. It contains the project start and end date, and other important milestones. Progress reporting isdirectly made on the original milestones as defined in the milestone plan.This file contains spreadsheets of information submitted to the CPWF by the project team, and spreadsheets that we havedeveloped to aid our review process. Please change the 'PNX' to identify your project, e.g. Ganges Project 3 would be G3This page contains main project information and the contracting and inception reviewers' comments.Please list all your project participants with their contact details. This information will be fed into the CPWFcontact database. Please ensure that you inform the CPWF about any changes in your team.The OLM is a table that describes the project's theory of change (ToC), or how the project is expected to work. It
is a description of the project’s activities, outputs, outcomes and impact and their inter-relationships. Each line
describes an Outcome Pathway, with a short narrative description. The last row in the model is a narrativedescription of how the project predicts that the outcomes it achieves are likely to reinforce each other andeventually contribute to longer-term impact.
CPWF M&EGuide- Outcome Indicators PlanCPWF M&EGuide- OLMs
The Outcome Target Indicators Plan (OTIP) contains specific description(s), for each Outcome Pathway (fromOLM), of who/ how many exactly the project expects to change (Practice and/or KAS) and by how much, by the
end of the Project
. Indicators and tools to measure them are included for each outcome target.
CPWF M&EGuide- Milestone Plan
CPWF Project WorkbookTable of ContentsPage 1 of 58
6Gantt Chart
Tab Name: PNX Gantt Chart
For more information, visit:
7Schedule of Reports and Payments
= filled by CPWF Finance Officer for contracting
Tab Name: PNX $ Schedule
8Budget Summary
Tab Name: PNX $ Summary
9Budget Comments
Tab Name: PNX $ Comments
10Staff Time Allocation and Breakdown of Personnel Costs
Tab Name: PNX $ Time Allocation
11Indicative Breakdown of Budget by Outputs
Tab Name: PNX $ By Outputs
12Indicative Breakdown of Budget by Institution
Tab Name: PNX $ By Institution
This table shows the distribution of budget by output then by institution. The overhead costs are not included inthe distribution.This table shows a summary of the budget allocated to the project partner institutions (left part). The right partof the table could be of support to work out each project partners budget share by line item.This spreadsheet shows the breakdown of the project budget per line item and per year.The comments worksheet is where budget explanations and details are explained.In this worksheet the project team compositon is listed with their names, institution, expertise and contributionto the project (e.g., Output 1, Communication, Policy, etc.), the number of days per year, and the daily rate perstaff.The Gantt Chart focuses on the activities to be carried out to complete the project. This chart contains theproject schedule, work breakdown structure, i.e. activities with their milestones as the terminal elements, theirstart and finish dates, responsible project team member and their affiliations.
CPWF M&EGuide- Gantt Chart
This spreadsheet will be filled out by CPWF finance officer for contracting according to the budget details theproject has submitted. It shows the schedule of budget release, which depends on the satisfactory submissionand approval of the required progress reports.CPWF Project WorkbookTable of ContentsPage 2 of 58
Title Page with Reviewers' Comments
Project LeaderProject NumberProject Short TitleReporting PeriodStarting DateCompletion DateReview Questions (RQ)ReviewerRemarks on status (includedate)Changes required to proceedto contractingResponse from the ProjectLeader (include date)Status of changes requiredafter resubmission [to befilled in by the reviewers]PL response (include date),round 2Status of changes requiredafter resubmission [to befilled in by the reviewers],RQ1: Are documents in order,provide information required,and is there consistencybetween them?
Cells highlighted in yellow must bedealt with for contractingDocuments according to StandardClauses and Procedures 3.02 and3.03 (see list below)Cells highlighted in orange must bedealt with by time of inceptionreport
Revised proposalFirst submission 2011.03.03Contact sheetFirst submission 2011.03.03please identify who'sresponsible forCommunications, M&E, andKnowledge Sharing from theproject's end. We've addedanother column in 'G1Contacts'please submit CVs of the otherpartnersplease add the names of thepartners who are still to behired as well as the consultantsApr 18 2011 - Changed locationof IRRI staff (except PL) toBangladesh.CV.s DONEComms and M&E. DONESorry. No. I can't add namesfor people who have not beenhired and positions that havenot been created yet. I've usedPDF1 and PDF2 to distinguishbetween the two PDF positionsGantt chartFirst submission 2011.03.03Milestone planFirst submission 2011.03.03Suggested some changes in theMilestone Plan (e.g., specifythe names of the partners,rather than TBD; datesconsistent with Gantt Chart)Apr 18 2011 - Added PDF1 andPDF2 to the responsible staff listOLMFirst submission 2011.03.03OTIPFirst submission 2011.03.03KM PointPersonAndrew NelsonResource profiles, extrapolation domains and land-use patternsG1April 30, 2011April 30, 2014
CPWF Project WorkbookTitle Page with Reviewers' CommentsPage 3 of 58

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