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Introduction to Day Game

Introduction to Day Game

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Published by Veliki Maleni

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Published by: Veliki Maleni on May 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sinn’s Inner Circle:
February Edition
Introduction to Day Game – Transcript
Hey Guys! Welcome to another edition of
Sinn's Inner Circle 
.I get a lot of emails from guys every month asking different questions about variouselements of the game and differences between environments. So this month, I wantedto give you guys kind of an introduction into picking up girls during the daytime, as that'sa question that I get kind of a lot of the time.People want to know what the differences are, what they can do to be better with girlsduring the day, they walk around all day and they see all these girls they want toapproach. Some guys are really comfortable and confident approaching women atnight, but you see a girl out during the day and it becomes a little bit harder. So I have afull course on day game, called
The Day Game A to Z Mastery Course 
which we cameout with last year, and I'm pretty much recognized as the best guy in the world atmeeting women during the daytime, so I figured I'd give you guys a brief introductionthat will let you guys get out there today, after you listen to this audio and start to reallypractice meeting girls during the day.So the first thing I want to talk about are some of the differences between nighttime anddaytime. The first key difference is that most of the times when you meet a girl at nightshe's going to be in a big group. Now that doesn’t mean that it's impossible to meet agirl when she's out by herself at night, and that doesn’t mean that you're never, evergoing to approach girls in groups during the day, but for the most part, when you meet agirl during the day, you're going to meet her one on one while she's out running errands,or shopping, or going to the bookstore, and you're out doing the same.So a big part of day game is one-on-one interactions with a woman, which has somebenefits and some problems. One of the benefits is that you're instantly in a one on oneconversation. That's really important. A lot of the times you go out at night and youmaybe meet three girls and it's really hard to get one girl isolated from the other girls,you have to get all of them comfortable with you first, then you have to have a reason toisolate her, have a place to go, etcetera, etcetera. Here, you meet girls one-on-one, sothat's really good.The second thing is the energy level during the day is a lot lower and people are notgoing to be on different substances. One of the things that I think is not given enough
attention and time is that when you meet people at night, most girls are drinking, sothey're a little tipsy, or at least on alcohol, if not on various other drugs and substances.So during the day you're going to have a chance to meet a much more real "version" ofthat person. So the energy level will be a lot lower, like 30 percent of what it is at night.That's one of the reasons it's tough to do moving groups during the day, is to keep thatgroup's attention you have to have a really energy level, but it's kind of weird to besuper high energy during the day.Another big difference between night and day comes in the idea of legitimate timeconstraints. When you meet a girl out at night at a bar or a club or restaurant or party,whatever, she's pretty committed to being there for at least a few hours. At least anhour, it's very, very rare that girls go out at night for less than an hour; and they mayeven be available there the whole night.Well, when you meet girls during the day, very often, they're going to have legitimatetime constraints, meaning, they have to get back to work, or they have to meet theirfriend for lunch, or they're late to pick up their dry cleaning, but there is a real reasonthat they can't sit there and talk to you for 20 or 30 minutes, so your sets are going to bea lot faster, and that means you're going to have to do more things and different thingsduring the day than you would do at night.So there are some pros and cons here. I want to examine a couple of the pros andcouple of the cons. First we'll start with the pros. The first pro is that you meet a much,much better quality girl during the day than you do at night. Literally the differencebetween night and day, so if you're looking for a quality relationship, you're looking tomeet a girl that you're really going to connect with; a girl who's really together. You'regoing to have a lot more success finding that type of a woman during the day.The reason is, bars and clubs attract a certain subset of people and it's not necessarilythe best quality, you know, you're probably not going to meet a hot med student onWednesday at 2:00 am at the bar. It's probably not going to happen, but you might meether at a Starbucks, or at the mall, or at the grocery store, any of those places that theyhave to go through in their normal, everyday life.Another pro of day game is that there is not as much of a stigma against it. Meetingguys in bars and clubs is not the coolest thing in the world for girls—in fact some girlseven have a no-random rule. Meaning they won't even talk to random guys at bars letalong actually want to meet up with them or go on dates with them. So it's important tolook at the fact that any girl kind of would think it was a cool coincidence to meet a guyat Subway or John Bajusz or CVS or Whole Foods or Target, or any of these variousplaces. On the subway, at a park, all these places that you're at on a day to day basisand you have the opportunity to meet women in.So that's a cool thing, there's not much of a stigma. Girls are not going to be as bitchy;girls are not going to have their guard up so much because guys are approaching them
left and right. You're going to have a much better chance of being the only guys whoapproaches at Target than you do of being the only guy who approaches her at a bar.So it's going to be a little bit more unique. She's going to be a little bit more relaxed,she's going to be sober, you're going to not have the loud lights and sounds of the club,she's not as distracted. She doesn’t have the aid of her friends around. There is a lot offocus and attention that can be paid to you and the fact that you're trying to talk to her,and once you get her kind of associated into a social mode, then she's going to be 100percent paying attention to you, and no guys are going to come and try to steal heraway, for the most part.So those are the pros. Now there are definitely some cons to day game as well. One ofthe cons is that there's not always a lot of approaches. You can go out with the intentionof doing day game and walk around the mall or sit at a coffee shop, or hang out in anarea where a lot of people walk, like Third Street Promenade or something in LosAngeles; and no one can come. So that's one of the problems, is there is not always ahigh concentration of girls at any one time. There is often a lot of time in betweenapproaches which helps your approach anxiety to creep back in, keeps you from gettingin state, forces you to be really in your head, and gets you weird—just gets you weird.So that's kind of not a cool thing about daytime as well.Another con of daytime is that not everybody can do it everyday. People have jobs, youguys have to be at work and stuff so you can't just run around approaching girls all thetime. You have legitimate time constraints and things you have to do during the day aswell. Another con to daytime stuff is that oftentimes you'll get girls who havecircumstances outside of your control. Some days you go out and you do sixapproaches and you run into six girls who are married or have boyfriends, andlegitimate boyfriends. They're not just telling you that because they don’t like you; andthat sometimes happens. Sometimes you get into situations you can't control.Sometimes there are no sets, other times you walk around and there's not reallyanything all that interesting going on. So that can happen as well, you can't really plan,like "Okay, I know it's going to be crowded these times and these times, it's just morekind of hit or miss.Another thing is there is not as much distraction so a lot of guys find that they havemuch more anxiety about approaching women during the day and they get reallyworried about it. They worry that other people are going to hear them, which is true,other people are more likely to hear you when you are approaching girls during the daythan at night. People are more likely to care, but it doesn’t really make that big of adifference most of the time that people worry about it, is because they wish they wereable to do it themselves. So you shouldn’t really sweat all too, too much.And the last con of daytime is that it's kind of difficult to stay warm because the setscome in different time frames. You can't just bounce around and use social proof anduse a lot of these mass influence tactics that you can use at night, just because itdoesn’t lend itself. Things like social proof, jealousy, emerging sets, a lot of grouptheory. It doesn’t really get into it. So you're kind of stuck with the idea that if this girl

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