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Opening Prayer

Opening Prayer

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Published by gladilyn

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Published by: gladilyn on Jun 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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There is a lot to be said for tradition! Generations of worshipping congregations haveincluded set prayers within the opening section of their weekly services. These generallycover the themes of adoration, thanksgiving and confession. And somehow that seems justright.Why is that?We begin our worship by reminding ourselves of how awesome our God is. We then thankhim for what he has done for us, and this inevitably reminds us that we really do notdeserve his mercy and grace. Which leads us to confession and accepting by faith theforgiveness that God offers to those who humbly come to him and acknowledge their faults.Below are two sets of opening prayers. More will be available soon as an ebook entitled 'TheWorship Leader's Little Helper' - watch this space, or contact me for updates!
Opening Prayers 1- Theme 'I will exalt you'
Consider these words from Psalm 145 
„I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever.Every day I will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever‟ 
(A moment of silence ) Creator God, we glimpse your beauty
in setting sun, mountain top, eagle‟s wing.
 We sense your power in thunder crash,
lightning flash and ocean‟s roar.
 Creator God we praise youPrecious Jesus, we see your lovestretched out upon a cruel cross.We stand in awe at your sacrifice,pure love poured out for humankind.Precious Jesus we praise youHoly Spirit, we see your powerin lives transformed, hearts on fire.We listen for your still, small voice,comforting, guiding, calling.Holy Spirit we praise you
To my words „Every day I will praise you‟ would you respond
‘And extol your name forever’
 From the moment we awaketo face the day ahead,you are with us,through good times and bad,Your presence enough for our needs.Every day I will praise you
And extol your name for ever
 Through the hours of the day,in our travels and work,you are with us;in decisions we must make,Your wisdom enough for our needs.Every day I will praise you
And extol your name for ever
 As we lay down to restat the end of the day,you are with us,as we lay our fears at your feet,Your peace enough for our needs.Every day I will praise you
And extol your name for ever
 A prayer of confession
Lord God, your love for humankindpresent in the beginning of all things,extends throughout historyand touches even my life.Your love sees failingsand forgives.Your love feels painand wipes away our tears.Your love knows grief and comforts the sorrowful.Your love sees sinand still loves the sinner.Forgive us when we fail to livelives that reflect your love.Forgive us the many timeswhen we take for grantedall that you have done for us.Transform us, through your Spirit,and empower us to serve you,this day and all daysAmenLet us join together in the words that Jesus taught his disciples.. 
Our Father………..
Opening Prayers 2
Theme 'God of all ages'
Listen to these words from Psalm 40 
“I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to
me and heard my cry... He put a new song in
my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.” 
To my words „God of all ages‟ would you respond
‘Accept our sacrifice of praise.’
 Eternal God,it was your Spirit,hovering over the watersat the dawning of that first day.It was your voiceechoing through the darkness,that brought forth light.God of all ages
Accept our sacrifice of praise
Eternal God,it was your lovethat birthed humankind,and placed them in a garden.It was your handthat helped them to their feet,each time they fell.God of all ages
Accept our sacrifice of praise
 Eternal God,it was your prophetswho spoke forth your word,to a rebellious generation.It was your Sonwho showed the depth of lovethat will not let us go.God of all ages
Accept our sacrifice of praise
 God of life,whose love enfolds us,and spirit fills us,we praise your holy name.God of joy,whose sunrise wakes us,and sunset amazes us,we praise your holy name.God of hope,whose promise sustains us,and power upholds us,we praise your holy name.God of love,whose patience humbles us,and touch can heal us,we praise your holy name.

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