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House Dems Corbett Myths List

House Dems Corbett Myths List

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Published by PoliticsPA

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Published by: PoliticsPA on Jun 01, 2012
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After 500 Days of Governor Corbett, it’s time for….
The Corbett Administration recently distributed a piece called
“Top Five Proposed Budget Myths.”
about those “so
called myths”
that C
orbett doesn’t want you to know:
Pennsylvania spends more money building prisons than building schools.
What Gov. Corbett Claims to be Fact: 
In the proposed budget, more than $10.7 billion is dedicated to educationin Pennsylvania. For the first time in ten years, the proposed budget contains no increases for the Department ofCorrections. The budget does include approximately $600 million in prison construction, $400 million of which wascommitted prior to Governor Corbett taking office. This overall amount is small in comparison to the more than$10 billion the Governor has committed to investing in education.
THE REAL TRUTH:In the current year, Gov. Corbett increased spending for the Department ofCorrections by $204 MILLION in state funds for prison operations (in addition to prison constructionfunding), while he cut classroom funding for K-12 public education by nearly $1 BILLION. His proposal for2012/13 provides level funding for Corrections, but cuts K-12 classroom funding by another $100 MILLIONby again eliminating Accountability Block Grant funding.
The reductions in higher education funding will cause universities to raise tuition.
What Gov. Corbett Claims to be Fact: 
Schools themselves have shown this not to be true. From 1999 to 2011,Penn State, Temple, and the University of Pittsburgh received a combined $7.2 billion in state funding. During thatsame time period, tuition at these institutions rose an average of 130 percent. The funding reductions proposedfor the state-related and state-owned schools amount to an approximate 1.5 to 3.8 percent reduction in theiroverall operating budgets. These small percentages are something that should be overcome through costcontainment instead of reflexive tuition increases. The Governor is urging these institutions to examine how theyspend their money instead of balancing their budgets on the backs of students and families.
 THE REAL TRUTH:From 2001 to the current year,
Pennsylvania’s annual higher education funding fell 9
percent. The state has continued to slash funding for higher education at alarming levels. Since 2007,Pennsylvania has slashed higher education funding by 15 percent, four times the rate for all states in thenation. Gov. Corbett last year attempted to slash funding for public higher education by an historic
50 percent. The final Corbett budget included a 20-
percent cut. But Corbett won’t stop
his attack on public higher education. His proposed 30-percent cut would finish what he started
andleave college students and their families with significantly higher tuition bills.Gov. Corbett likes to say he is cutting university funding by just 1.5 to 3.8 percent of universi
ties’ totalbudgets. But those numbers are misleading because they take into account the universities’ entire
operating budgets. He is comparing apples to oranges
state funding levels to universities vs. overalluniversity budgets (of which state funding is a relatively small percentage)
all to make his proposed 30-
percent cut in state funding appear smaller. What he fails to acknowledge is that the universities’
operating budgets include many restricted funding accounts that universities cannot use to offset thestate-funded classroom education cuts.
May 31 marks 
Day 500 
of Pennsylvania 
Governor Tom Corbett’s
term in office. To commemorate this milestone, here are some truths to combat 
Corbett’s false claims about his proposed 2012 
-13 state budget.

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