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Bank Soal Try Out Smk 2011-2012

Bank Soal Try Out Smk 2011-2012

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Published by elismawati74

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Published by: elismawati74 on Jun 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Try Out 4Reading Section
I. Incomplete DialoguesQuestions 16 to 30, choose the most appropriate answer.
16.Kiki: "Where should we have lunch, Sita?"Sita: "How about the new restaurant near the cinema?"Kiki: ".... I heard that it is good enough."A.That’s a good idea.B.What a lunch we have now.C.That’s terrible.D.You should know better.17.Caller: "May I speak to the Manager, please?"Clerk: "I’m sorry, Sir. He’s out of town today. ...?"A.Would you like to leave a message?B.Who do you want to speak to?C.May I help you?D.Should you go out with him?18.Fifi: "I haven’t met Pras for long."Umi: "Don’t you know that he has moved? ..., but now he teaches at the new school."A.He used to teach here.B.He has moved to a new school.C.I know that he has moved.D.He still teaches here.19.Dea: "There’s a good movie playing at Studio 21."Gina: "“Merah Putih”? I’ve been waiting for that film."Dea: "Shall we go there this weekend?"Gina: ".... I’m always free on Saturdays and Sundays."A.I don’t like that kind of film.B.That sounds great.C.What about this weekend?D.It hasn’t played for a long time.20.Roni: "I’m attending my best friend’s wedding party in Surabaya tomorrow, Sir. ...?"Manager: "Actually, you have a lot of assignments to finish, Roni."Roni: "I will finish them today, Sir."A.May I have a day off?B.Could you finish my assignment?C.Would you like to come with me?D.Could you give the actual date of the wedding party?21.Weni: "I’m sorry, but I’d like to return this blouse. I have the receipt here."Assistant: "What’s the reason for the return?"Weni: "...."A.It comes in size S, M, and L.
B.I like the color very much.C.It really suits me.D.It doesn’t suit very well.22.Waiter: "Excuse me, Ma’am. ...?"Fira: "Could I have some Gado-gado, please?"Waiter: "Certainly. Anything to drink?"A.What would you like to have?B.Could you recommend your special food?C.Could you provide the menu, please?D.Where would you like to eat?23.Lina: "...? I’m leaving for Surabaya tonight and I can’t pick you up as usual."Atik: "Don’t worry. I’ll take the public transportation."A.What will you do at work tomorrow?B.When are you leaving for Surabaya?C.Can you pick me up tomorrow?D.How will you get to work tomorrow?24.Ari: "Why do you look so upset? What’s bothering you?"Maya: "I’ve lost my flash disk."Ari: ".... Do you remember where you last put it?"A.What do you mean?B.I don’t want to bother you.C.You can buy a new one.D.I’m sorry to hear that.25.Tukul: "What would you do if you had a lot of money?"Gayus: ".... I like traveling."A.I would go around the world.B.I will travel to Bali.C.I would have visited many beautiful places.D.I will be going wherever I like.26.Traveler: "...?"Pedestrian: "No, it’s just a five-minute walk from here. It’s along this street."A.Could you tell me where the post office is?B.Is the post office far from here?C.Where is the post office?D.How long does it take to walk to the post office?27.Reni: "Your managing director resigned yesterday, didn’t he?"Ida: "Yes. .... He never told anyone about his plans."A.He will resign someday.B.We knew he would resign.C.That’s a good idea.D.It was quite a surprise.28.Receptionist: "...?"Mrs. Siregar: "Double with bath. I'd appreciate it if you could give me a room with a viewover the valley."A.How many rooms do you need?B.I’d like to make a reservation?
C.When are you going to stay at this hotel?D.What kind of room would you like?29.Vera: "Hasn’t Cita arrived yet?"Mei: ".... She called me just now and said that she was still on the way."A.I think she will not come here today.B.Let’s cancel our meeting.C.She will arrive soon.D.She would like to find her way.30.Rini: "May I borrow the Oxford dictionary? I have a translation work to do."Librarian: "Let me see. .... What about Longman dictionary instead?"Rini: "That’ll be fine. Thank you."A.I’m sorry, but it hasn’t been returned.B.Yes, it’s available.C.Of course you can borrow it.D.Could you return it on time, please?
The Plaza is (A) located at the southeast corner of New York’s fabulous Central Park, (B)where is not far to the best shopping along New York’s famous Fifth Avenue. This 1907hotel, with (C) its beautiful fountain, is a famous location in (D) many popular movies and books.A.locatingB.whichC.itD.much
Budi: "The 8:00 (A) show for The Train is (B) sold out, (C) so I got tickets for High Flyer. I hope that’s OK."Lusi: "That’s fine. People say that High Flyer is (D) more good than The Train."A.showingB.sellingC.becauseD.bette
Caller: "Hello? I’d like (A) to speak to Mr. Anto, the manager, please."Clerk: "I’m sorry. He’s out for lunch. (B) Could you like to leave a message?"Caller: "Yes. Please tell her Rosa (C) called. I’ll (D) meet him at two this afternoon."A.speakingB.WouldC.callsD.meeting
My cousin Andi and his son Dio are very (A) different . They (B) aren’t look the same. Diois very tall, but Andi isn’t. They (C) don’t like the (D) same music. Dio likes hip-hop, butAndi likes jazz.A.differenceB.don'tC.didn't

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