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Cinema Grotto's June 2012 Tasselboard

Cinema Grotto's June 2012 Tasselboard

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Published by cinemagrotto

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Published by: cinemagrotto on Jun 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cinema Grotto
“The Mokanna”
June 2012 Edition Issue No. 6
Happy Father’s day from afounding father (and Mason) to another
Christopher Plucinski * Monarch Jim Jarnagin PM * Secretary
The Monarch’s Message
My fellow Prophets,A great big Cinema welcome (and bear hug from RogerPuckett) to our new prophets, John Maldonado & ArmondSardayani. Both prophets are from North Hollywood Lodge No.542 - frankly. It seems that Cinema Grotto is being taken over byNo. 542, and I can’t be any happier! It’s a great lodge, and we are allthrilled to welcome them. Keep em’ coming, NoHo boys!On a personal note, my wife and I received fantastic news: weare officially having another boy. The total number of baby boys(courtesy of the Grotto boys) is growing rapidly. Apart from myself,Prophets Roger Puckett, Vlad Badong and Joey Lamberti are allexpecting boys. Even better, Prophet Lamberti is having TWOboys. It’s a handful, and a blessing at the same time. Fortunately,the Grotto guys are a tight knit bunch, and we will all have eachother to lean on if times get rough.With the summer approaching, it’s time for our yearlybarbeques at our local Cerebral Palsy homes. Chief Justice DanHood should have the dates by our next meeting. If you can, try tomake it out to the BBQ’s. We’ve been told that the residents lookforward to the events. It is truly a reward experience!Finally, a great big happy Father’s day to all of the new and olddaddies. There is no better job in the world!
Yours in fellowship, Monarch Chris Plucinski
From the desk of ourEditor
Growing up, I wanted to be a superhero. I imagined myself soaring through the air with ease while lifting trucks off of the ground. That redcape, mixed with unimaginable strength and courage, was veryappealing. I punched, kicked, jumped and spun to the beats of themesongs that blared from my giant yellow Walkman. If for only a second,people would look up to me, and marvel at my very presence.Unknowingly, a superhero slept in the room next to mine - A man withthe same strength and courage that I wanted for myself, who took thepaternal and supervisory role of three children without haste. It becameknown to me then that glorified and impervious figures only exist in thepages of comic books and from the deepest realms of our imaginations.It became known to me then that the truest superhero was my father.It has been said that upon our final breath, a gorgeous beacon of light appears, to take us away into our resting place, that Holy of Holies.Similar to home videos of our yesteryears, our entire life plays outbefore us. We see the good and the bad – those moments that have bothraised our spirits, and darkened our days. As individuals in this crazyworld, there is an innate desire to be remembered. Heck, even Rambo,the scholar that he is, said it best: “Live for nothing, or die forsomething.” It is in this longing that Masons are all connected - whatwe do in this world will transcend the next. I look at the sacrifices myfather has made, and conclude that his endowments have given me thedesire to do the same for another.This is dedicated to those men, like my father, who have dedicatedtheir lives to their children. This is dedicated to you, dad. I truly hopethat I am able to follow in your large footsteps when I become a fatherfor the first time in the coming months.Joey Lamberti, Venerable Prophet & Tasselboard Editor

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