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Film I.Q. Test

Film I.Q. Test

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Published by Arjun Upendra

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Arjun Upendra on Jun 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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02/06/12 1:43 AMFilm I.Q. TestPage 1 of 8http://www.ispgroupinc.com/Film%20I_Q_%20Test.htm
 Film I.Q. Test 2
1. F-stops relate to:
a. lens opening | b. shutter speed | c. film speed | d. film lens
2. ASA relates to:
a. film sensitivity | b. manufacturing date | c. black and white
3. Depth of Field increases with a:
a. long lens | b. wide lens | c. large aperture
4. An ND.3 filter reduces the light by:
a. half stop | b. one stop | c. three stops
5. Shooting tungsten film outside generally requires:
a. an 80A filter | b. an 85 filter | c. an ND.3 filter
6. Barn doors:
a. increase the light | b. control the light | c. keep the cows in
7. A pan moves the camera:
a. horizontally | b. vertically | c. camera does not move
8. Faster films have slightly more grain than slower films:
a. true | b. false
9. Grain increases when a film is pushed:
a. true | b. false
10. Flare can be avoided by:
a. stopping a lens down | b. flagging a lens | c. using slower film
11. What does not effect depth of field?
a. focal lengthb. aperturec. frame rated. distance from the subject
12. Foot candles are:
a. the speed of the filmb. measure of illumination
02/06/12 1:43 AMFilm I.Q. TestPage 2 of 8http://www.ispgroupinc.com/Film%20I_Q_%20Test.htm
c. the color of a light
13. For slow motion, a film camera would run:
a. 12 fps | b. 24 fps | c. 48 fps
14. Incident meters read light that:
a. hits the subject | b. hits the meter | c. reflects off the subject
15. Regular-16mm image area is larger than the Super-16mm image area:
a. true | b. false
16. Ramping refers to:
a. moving the dolly up a hillb. changing the camera speed during a shotc. push processing the film
17. An upside-down slate indicates:
a. an MOS take | b. clap at the end of a taker | c. re-shoot
18. Smoke or fog can be illuminated by:
a. front light | b. back light
19. NTSC video runs at:
a. 30 fps | b. 29.97 fps | c. 24 fps
20. Super 16 uses the area on the film reserved for:
a. sound | b. perfs | c. the lab
21. The 1st AD is generally not responsible for:
a. preparing the call sheetsb. designing the shooting schedulec. controlling the shooting schedule
22. In black and white, a yellow filter:
a. lightens the sky | b. darkens the sky | c. doesn't effect the sky
23. Long lenses:
a. distort a scene | b. compress a scene | c. lighten a scene
24. HMI light is balanced to match:
a. daylight | b. incandescent light | c. fluorescent light
02/06/12 1:43 AMFilm I.Q. TestPage 3 of 8http://www.ispgroupinc.com/Film%20I_Q_%20Test.htm
25. The shutter speed of a film camera running at 24fps is approximately:
a. 1/25th second | b. 1/50th second | c. 1/100th second
26. An answer print is made from:
a. an inter-positive | b. a release print | c. the original negative
27. In the Art Department, the Production Designer is second in command to the ArtDirector:
a. true | b. false
28. On a 35mm release print, the optical sound track is placed:
a. outside the perfs | b. inside the perfs | c. between the perfs
29. A polarizing filter has about a two stop light loss when rotated to:
a. a vertical position | b. a horizontal position | c. any position
30. The Best Boy is:
a. second in command in electric departmentb. the director's sidekickc. head of the electric department
31. The Gaffer is:
a. 2nd in command in electric departmentb. head of the electric departmentc. head tape handler
32. Faster films have slightly more contrast than slower films.
a. true | b. false
33. Tungsten film shot outside during the day without a filter looks:
a. white | b. blue | c. orange
34. Flashing is:
a. exposing the undeveloped negativeb. exposing the developed negativec. the same as pull-processing
35. What do the letters ASC after a DP's name mean?
a. DP is member of American Society of Camera Menb. DP is member of American Society of Cinematographer's

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