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Published by Kelly Jordan

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Published by: Kelly Jordan on Jun 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Lilli
This story happened in Tasmania, Beaconsfield, in a gold mine. My story wasinspired by a true event.
One night as Lilli, Maha, Maddy and were mining, they heard a noise that they hadnever heard before.Then all of a sudden they heard the noise again and rocks began to crumble fromabove, the mine started to close in on either side. All of the miners managed toget out excepted Lilli and Maha and another miner but he died. Lilli and Mahaended up being trapped in the mine for 15 days with no food or drink.
To get Lilli and Maha out of the mine they tried setting bombs off but that didn’t
work. During this time Lilli and Maha had no idea what was going on up there.They were petrified! Can you imagine how they would have felt?Then one night Maddy and Libby went down to the mine and tried to get Lilli and
Maha out. They were able to talk to them and explain, “If we try to get you out of here all the rocks will fall on you.” So instead Maddy and Libby sent
down foodand drink to Lilli and Maha, they even sent down a phone. Lilli and Maha wouldnow be able to ask if they needed anything as well as be alerted when Maddy andLibby were going to set bombs off or when they were going to drill a hole.5 Days later
the drill reached Lilli and Maha. They were both so happy that theystarted laughing because they were so relieved! A few more days later there was abig hole where they had drilled.
Finally, it was time for Lilli and Maha to get out of the mine. They were so excited!After much help from rescue workers Lilli and Maha reached the surface, wherethey were greeted by a big crowd of people and most importantly their families.With much love and support from their families both Maha and Lilli recovered andthey both lived happily ever after.
The Dragon
By Brodey
On a bright and sunny day,
two researchers named Lachie and Brodey were drivingin their jeep. Lachie and Brodey were on their way to Flanders Field to do someresearch on the great war.When they got to Flanders Field they got out of their car and started to look forbullet shells and stuff, but instead, Brodey tripped on a rock and a giant holeappeared. Luckily Brodey got out safely. Out of the ordinary a dragon appeared!Brodey scr
eamed, “Ahhhhhh!”
 Immediately, Lachie and Brodey called the army. The army tried to find thedragon
s weak spot and when they did they shot it with a tranquiliser gun. Thedragon fell slowly to the ground with a big
 When the dragon was asleep the army put the dragon in a cage that they hadbought to keep it in. After the dragon was captured they had to prepare for whenit woke up.
Once the dragon woke up, Lachie went over to him and said, “Please don’t hurtmy people, we mean you no harm.” Surpr
isingly the Dragon nodded and then thedragon just disintegrated. Everyone lived happily ever after.

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