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amazing new mind power secret

amazing new mind power secret



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Published by Sarah

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Published by: Sarah on Dec 29, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Amazing New Mind Power Secr et
Almost all mind power books say t hat one has t o visualize in or der t o get

r esult s. But f or me, and I dar e say many of my f r iends/ r eader s, visualizing is ex t r emely dif f icult : all I can summon up in my imaginat ion is a vague pict ur e, lacking vivid colour and dept h, last ing f or no mor e t han a second or t wo. This lef t me ver y f r ust r at ed, and I was close t o giving up mind power alt oget her when I hit upon t he idea which I will ex plain t o you in a moment .

A f r iend of mine whose hobby was ex pensive hi- f i equipment had been saving
f or a cer t ain component cost ing j ust over $ 800. He had saved about $ 500
when, alas, he damaged his car . He was only insur ed f or t hir d par t y, f ir e and
t hef t , so he had t o f oot t he bill f or t he damage which lef t him wit h only $ 25.
I t hought t hat t his would be a good oppor t unit y f or t est ing my idea. He
f ollowed my inst r uct ions f ait hf ully and wit hin one mont h he had t he component
in his bedr oom. I t happened t hat he won a compet it ion in a magazine which
gave a f irst prize of $1000 worth of hi-f i of your choice f rom a large hi-f i
shop in London. This was t he f ir st t ime my f r iend, who f r equent ly ent er s such
compet it ions, had won anyt hing.
The r esult s f r om t his f ir st t est made me ver y ex cit ed so I decided t o t r y a
second experiment with another f riend of mine. He wanted a girlf riend, but he
wouldn' t set t le f or any gir l - he want ed a par t icular gir l. For t his r eason it
cost him a f ew pounds t o have a phot ogr aph of her , which he t ook secr et ly,

enlarged. This delayed the result of the experiment by a couple of weeks, but had he not been so par t icular it would have happened mor e quickly because any pict ur e of a woman wit h similar f eat ur es t o what his ideal woman looked like would have br ought r esult s. He got his gir l in f ive weeks. He did not have t o t r y - she came t o him.

Since t hese ex per iment s wit h my f r iends I have enj oyed ver y sat isf act or y

r esult s f r om using t he same idea f or myself . I have always want ed t o play t he guit ar and have t r ied many t imes, but wit h no success. I n t he past six mont hs I have pr ogr essed mor e t han I ever t hought possible; and can now even play solos and lead br eaks. I have also j ust or der ed my f ir st br and new car f or

deliver y when t he new r egist r at ion comes out . I t is cost ing over $ 7000 f or
which I don' t need a loan: I can pay cash which I t hink is not bad as I have
only j ust t ur ned 21 year s of age. I seem t o be r eceiving money f r om all sor t s
of unex pect ed sour ces, and I believe it is all down t o t he mind power idea I am
about t o r eveal t o you.

The idea came t o me af t er r eading about t he use of subliminal adver t ising in cinemas in t he 1950s, I t hink it was. A f r ame of t he f ilm being shown would ever y so of t en cont ain t he name of a br and of dr ink; but t he name would not be per ceived by t he viewer ' s consciousness. I t was however not ed by t he

subconscious mind wit h t he r esult t hat people would aut omat ically seek out

t he br andname dr ink in quest ion, having no idea t hat t hey had been inf luenced t o do t his by t he f ilm t hey saw! Event ually t his f or m of adver t ising was made illegal. I experienced what must have been a similar, if less subtle, technique when I saw a video of t he f ilm The Ex or cist . Ever y so of t en a leer ing demonic f ace would appear f or a split second or so and t o t his day, t r y as I might , I

cannot f or get it . I saw t he f ilm again t he ot her day and it wasn' t in it so I
t hink t hey must have st opped put t ing it in.
Now her e is my mind power idea. I will use an ex ample of money which is what
ever ybody want s. I f you want $ 1000 wr it e t his amount on a lar ge sheet of
paper . W r it e in big, clear pr int . Now st ick t his paper on t he wall f acing your
bed. The nex t t hing you need is a f lashlight , pr ef er ably one wit h a st r aight
f or war d on/ of f swit ch - not one of t hose wher e you have t o pr ess t he but t on
once f or ' on' and again f or ` of f ` , t his t ype is t oo slow.
Nex t you need an alar m clock which you should set of f at a t ime when you

know you will be in deep sleep and when it will be pit ch black in dar kness. Keep your f lashlight wit hin ar m' s r each of your bed and when t he alar m clock goes of f stop it and immediately grab the f lashlight. Now looking towards where you st uck your sheet of paper f lash t he f lashlight at it three times, allowing one or t wo seconds bet ween each t ime. W hen t his is done r et ur n t o sleep and do not t hink f ur t her about t he money you want .


I f you desir e a new car get a lar ge pict ur e of t he car you want and wr it e over it ' My car ' and st ick t his on t he wall. I f you want a gir l or boyf r iend do as my f r iend did, or t he ot her way I ment ioned if you do not desir e a par t icular

per son.

Ther e is no end t o t he obj ect ives t o which my idea can be applied: j ust wr it e your desire on a sheet of paper or use a large pict ure of what you want and st ick it t o t he wail. The inst r uct ions ar e t he same no mat t er what t he nat ur e of your aim.

You should aim f or j ust one t hing at a t ime unt il your aim is accomplished.
Then you can begin somet hing else. Follow my inst r uct ions unt il your aim is
accomplished. Then you can st ar t somet hing else. Follow my inst r uct ions ever y
ni ght unt il you get a r esult . Result s may t ake days, weeks, or even mont hs in
some cases, so please be pat ient .

I t has worked f or me.
I t has worked f or ot hers.
I t can work f or you.

For t hose who f ind it har d t o visualize t his novel mind power met hod must be a f ant ast ic idea. And not hing could be simpler . But f or some of you t her e may be one dist inct hindr ance t o t his applicat ion: t he use of an alar m clock in t he

middle of t he night . This obviously pr esent s a pr oblem t o anyone who sleeps in
t he same r oom as anot her .
The point of using an alar m clock is t o ar ouse one f r om deepest slumber : t hat
moment of awakening when the subconscious mind is particularly receptive to

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