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Nostradamus Prophesies 6

Nostradamus Prophesies 6

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Published by: littlebabycrazyangel on Jun 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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( To start at the beginning of the book, please turn toTABLE OF CONTENT <index2.htm>)
 PART I:The False Crusade, the return to evilness.
 PART II:The signs preceding the long-awaited coming of the antiChrist.
 PART III:The antiChrist.
 PART IV:The crucifixion of the Mystical Body of Christ, bloody reign of the Evil One.
 PART V:The last revolution of Saturn, the End of the world.
 Henry's successor.
 Le grand Senat decernera la pompe
 A un qu'apres sera vaincu, chasse
 Des adherans seront a son de trompe
 Biens publiez, ennemy dechasse
 NOTE:Senat: senate; decerner: to award; pompe: ceremony; apres: afterwards; vaincu: vanquished; chasse(chasser): to hunt, shoot; adherans (adherent): supporter, follower; trompe: trumpet, horn; a son detrompe: to the sound of the trumpet, with full publicity; bien: goods, benefit; publiez (publier): to publish, make public; dechausser: to expose the root.
The great Senate shall award the ceremony
To one who afterwards shall be vaquished, expelled 
 His supporters , at the sound of the trumpe
 Shall auction his goods, expose his enemy
COMMENT: King Henry's successor shall be dishonorable leader who shall be disfavored anddisappeared.
The fate of Muslim nations after the World War.
 Au port Selin le tyran mis a mort 
 La liberte non pourtant recouvree
 Le nouveau Mars par vindicte et remort 
 Dame par force de frayeur honoree
 NOTE:Selin: (Greek) moon or Muslim; pourtant: however; recouvree: recovered; vindicte: prosecution; remort(remords): remorse; frayeur: fear.
 At the Muslim port, the tyrant shall be put to death
 However, liberty shall not be recovered 
 New War shall start through persecution and remorse
Women shall be honored due to fear 
COMMENT: The Iranian leader shall be executed near Persian Gulf after the War but Muslim societiesare still very totalitarian. New wars shall start due to Western persecution and old wounds or frictions between Western and Muslim countries. The role of women in Muslim societies shall be honored andimproved due to Western pressure.
 Muslim leader shall be an Egyptian woman after the World War III.
 De terre foible et pauvre parentelle
 Par bout et paix parviendra dans l'Empire
 Long temps regner une Jeune femelle
Qu'onc q'en regne n'en survint un si pire
 NOTE:Foible: feeble; pauvre: poor; parentelle (parente): kindred, relatives; bout: fragment, remaining portion; paix: peace; parviendra (parvenir): to attain ,reach; jeunne: young; onc: ever, never; survint: surviving; pire: worse.
 In a feeble land of poor kindreds
 As the remnants (of the earth) and peace shall join into the Empire
 Long time shall reign one young woman
There has never been a reign which is so worse
COMMENT: During the period of peace the remnants of the earth shall try to survive and heal deepwounds. Egypt ,who shall be unscathed through-out the War shall become the new leader of thedefeated Muslim fraction, shall be ruled by a poor young female leader for a long time. They shall beallowed to participate in the world body led by France but shall be mistreated and remain in poverty.
The Seventy years of wars during the period of False Crusade.
 Mars nous menace par la force bellique
 Septante fois fera le sang respandre
 Auge et ruine de l'Ecclesiastique
 Et par ceux qui d'eux rien ne voudront entendre
 NOTE: Nous: us, each other; bellique: warlike; septante: seventy; foi: time, occassion; respandre: to pour, shed;auge: augment, division; eux: they, them; rien: nothing, anything; entendre: to understand, to intent,listen.
 Mars shall threaten all of us with wa
 Seventy times blood shall bed shed 
Fragmented and ruined is the Church
 By those who will not listen to Her Teaching 
COMMENT: After the period of peace for fifty seven years, a period of seventy years of sporadic warscalled here as the False Crusade between Western and Muslim factions of the world shall ruin theChurch,her authority, and creat much more human sufferings.
 A renowned German leader during the False Crusade.
 La grand bande et secte crucigere
 Se dressera en Mesopotamie
 Du proche fleuve compagnie legere
Que telle loi tiendra pour ennemis
 NOTE:Crucigere (latin = crucigere): to crucify; dresser: to set up, erect, rise up; Mesopotamie: region betweentwo rivers, here southern Germany between Rhine and Danube; proche: near; fleuve: river; compagnie:company; legere: light, swift, light-armed; telle: such, similar; loi: law; tiendra (tenir): to hold, maintain.
 A great band and sect of Crusade
 Shall rise up in southern Germany
 Near the river a light-armed company
Who shall hold such law toward enemies
COMMENT: The Crusade army who shall start out as a small rebels in the southern Germany shalldefeat more powerful Muslim occupying force and to restore the Law of the Cross (Christianity) and papacy. These events shall occur shortly before the antiChrist emerges around 2080 -2150 ADaccording to my calculation.
 A German leader shall be victorius during the period of False Crusade.
 De sang Troyen naistra coeur Germanique
Qui de viendra en si haute puissance
 Hors chassera gent estrange Arabique
Tournant l'Eglise en pristine pre-eminence
 NOTE: Naistre: to be born; puissance: power; hors: out, outside; gent: race, nation; tournant (tour): to turn, turnabout.
Of Trojan blood a German heart shall be born
Who shall obtain so high a power 
Who shall chase away a strange Arabic race
 Return to the Church her pristine pre-eminence
COMMENT: This German leader shall drive away the Muslim force led by Egypt. This shall happenafter the World War (1999-2028AD), after the period of peace (2028 - 2085AD), between 2085AD to2155AD, and before the coming of the antichrist (2156-2160). These numbers of course are not exact but just my own approximate calculations.
The greatest solar eclipse, the sign of calamities.
Quand le deffaut du soleil lors sera
 Sur le plain jour le monstre sera veu
Tout autrement on l'interpretera
Cherte n'a garde, nul n'y aura pourveu
 NOTE:Deffaut: default, defect; lors: then; plain: on the same level of equality; veu: viewed; tout: totally;autrement: otherwise, differently; on:one; cherte: high price; n'a : not have; garde: guarding, watching;nul: not one, null; pourveu (pourvoir): provided for, supply the need.
When the solar eclipse shall occur 
On the plain daylight a monster shall be seen
Completely falsely one shall interprete
 No one is watchful, no provider, high price shall be paid 
COMMENT: When the greatest solar eclipse ( greatest since the Crucifixion of the Lord) shall occur,the anti-Christ shall emerge. Not many will be able to interprete the warning sign from Heaven.
The Sun hidden , the anti-Christ revealed.
 Lune obscur cie aux profondes tenebres
 Son frere passe de colour ferrigine
 Le grand cache long temps soubs les tenebres
Tiendra fer dans la pluie sanguine
 NOTE:Profond: deep; tenebre: darkness; frere: brother: ferrigine: rusty; cache: hidden; sous: under; fer: iron,sword; pluie: rain.
When the moon obscurs the sky with profound darkness
 Her brother (the sun) shall cover with rusty colo
The great one hidden for a long time in darkness (obscurity)
 Shall soak his sword in the rain of blood 
COMMENT: When a great solar eclipse occur, the antichrist shall be revealed in about 2155 ADaccording to my calculation.
The antichrist shall come after WW III and after the great comet.
 Mabus puis tost, alors mourra viendra
 De gens et bestes une horrible defaite
 Puis tout a coup la vengeance on verra
 Sang, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comette
 NOTE:Mabus: the name or anagram of the name of the antichrist; puis: then, afterwards; tost (tot): soon,quickly; alors: then; defaite: defeat, undoing; tout a coup: suddenly; on: one; verra (voir): shall see;main: hand; soif: thirst; courir: to run, hurry, speed up.
 Afterwards Mabus soon comes then soon dies
 Half human and half beast, the abomination of the desolation born
Then suddenly one shall witness Divine chastisement 
 Blood, tyrant, thirst, famine, while the comet is speeding toward the planet earth

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