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Anders Breivik Letter 12-05-07

Anders Breivik Letter 12-05-07

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Published by kattimattinen

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: kattimattinen on Jun 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Anders Breivik Letter 12-05-07
[Address of recipient] Anders Behring BreivikPostboks 1501332 ØsteråsNorwayOslo/Bærum, 07.05.12Dear sister Mia:-)I'm sorry for not writing you earlier before the trial started, but the psychiatric evaluations and the police-debriefings lasted almost all the way up to the trial so I was more or less unable to focus on anything else. Inaddition, I needed to create the 38 page defence article attacking the first psych-report, then distribute it to threeNorwegian news companies. I basically listed and explained approximately one hundred lies in the report, butunfortunately the media companies I sent it to chose to almost sensor it in its entirety. However, it proved to be avery important document as I managed to use it in relation to the second psychiatric evaluation team and inaddition I managed to incorporate it in the official police report and have now forwarded it to the five judges in thetrial for review. The document had to be completed before the last report came on the 10th of April. In addition, Ihad to create the "13-page defence statement" which I performed on the 17th of April.Now, finally, thank #%&%#:D, I'm done with this and my one week defence, which lasted from April 17 to April24th. That was an incredibly intense and draining week, and I almost didn't manage to pull it off. As I told one of my lawyers: "It's such a soothing atmosphere here in the court room because I am surrounded by positive energyfrom 200 friends..." Seriously though:D The most draining psychological challenge is to perform well and maintainyour mental shields while being surrounded by 200 individuals who really want nothing else than to stab me inthe face and tear my limbs apart:D. And me giving them a nice right wing salutation didn't exactly lower thetension:D I'm puzzled no one has tried to jump over the rail and attack me yet:o If I survive this unharmed, I willbe positively surprised.Btw, thank you so much for all the polls and YouTube comments etc. you referred to earlier. You can't imaginehow important this information is to me. I truly appreciate what you have done Mia. In fact, I have actually usedsome of the information (just generic examples) to my advantage already, so thanks again.[content containing personal information removed]Even though we seem to be a long way from power today, the same thing was the case for the Islamists in theMiddle East, only 5 years ago. And now they control several countries.... As someone once said, the revolutionnever seems furthest from completion, until the day before victory. The same will happen in Northern Europe. It isa pressure cooker that will increase and increase, and a single spark will make it blow, eventually. Nationalistswill control several countries within just a few decades and perhaps even as soon as 15 years in the first country.[content containing personal information removed]You should go to atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com and check out how Pamela Geller is working. She is aninspirational leader, although she doesn't really care that much about European indigenous rights as she'sJewish. I worked for a while with the female leader of SIOA, Stop Islamisation of America, before she transferredthe control of the organisation to Geller and Spencer. She was Jewish also, btw. What is it with Jews andinitiative btw? Why are Christians and atheists so incredibly lazy (proportionate to total number of people)compared to them? Statistically, Jews are significantly superior when it comes to individual initiative in all areas.Is it lacking role models or what?:D[content containing personal information removed]To view it cynically though, there are a lot of idiots on the far right, so a person with intelligence, ambition andvision can go a really long way at the moment. This will change soon, because as soon as people notice that thetide is turning, it will no longer be a lack of talent standing ready. So by starting the engagement while the oddsare still strongly against us will undoubtedly be positive in relation to positioning for a long term effort. Being aconservative revolutionary is not just a job, it's a life, but you know that already.
[content containing personal information removed]For me it was an easy choice as my dream had always been to focus 100% on political activism. And it hasdeveloped into a great all-encompassing passion. You are already aware of the fact that I will fight, for the rest of my life, with the pen for the conservative revolution from here as best as I can for the coming decades.I lost/sacrificed my old family and friends on 22/7, so now and in the future the people I correspond with are infact the closest thing I have to a family. Of course, this was my own choice, but it also says that I truly appreciateeverything you are doing.[content containing personal information removed] And my hope is to develop this further with those who are willing to join the conservative revolutionary struggleand continue to work with me, with non-violent means of course. I have had hundreds of people writing to me insupport and some of them are really committed and intelligent enough at the same time. Btw, these people arenot extremists in any way and all are against violence and just want to contribute in whatever way they can.Some are writers, others are more into networking. Some are already members of existing movements, some arenot.[content containing personal information removed]Thanks to the ferocious struggle against the first psych-report stating that I'm a multi-retarded nutjob:D, and thenew report stating the opposite, I'm 100% convinced I will be found sane by the court, so this is truly a greatvictory seen from an ideological standpoint. The long term ideological effects has been and will continue to bevery rewarding seeing the massive amount of attention that has been directed at problems relating to mass-immigration and islamisation, and indigenous resistance etc. People now know that each and every person CANmake a difference if only they dare to invest their valuable time. Also, I know for a fact that the anti-nationalistwitch hunt initiated in Europe against moderate cultural conservatives after 22/7 will result in increased tensionand polarization, which will lead to increased radicalization, long term at least.Btw, Mia. Regarding the interview process which I first initiated in January. I answered BBC's request to interviewme, having considered and reviewed all other companies. At that point most of the large international newscorporations had requested a world exclusive interview with me. I thought, it might as well be with the company Idespise the most, BBC, since they have the largest global distribution network. A BBC producer called Anne Leer and her team started the process but somehow the information leaked, so a lot of news companies wrote aboutthe planned interview, which again put pressure on the BBC admin in London. According to Anne Leer, theNorwegian justice department sabotaged the process as they, according to her, contacted the police and prisonadmin and made it so, which resulted in a scenario where they refused Anne Leer to visit me, allegedly becauseshe had a criminal violation from earlier in her youth. But the real reason, according to her, was because theywanted to do everything in their power to prevent me from being interviewed in order to shield society. So after alot of discussions, according to her, the BBC admin cancelled the process.It was now in February. After that I contacted Reuters, as this is the largest news bureau globally, in reference totheir request to do a filmed interview. The European leader is stationed in Hungary, Budapest but all thedecisions are made in their HQ in NY. He was very happy to get the world exclusive, and he started the pre-approve process for the camera-team. After a couple of weeks though, he contacted my lawyer and told us thatthe NY admin had suddenly decided they wanted to cancel, without giving a reason.So I thought, well, I will do one more attempt before the trial so I answered CNN's request for a filmed interview.They immediately started the process for pre-approval of a news team. Again, someone leaked the information tothe media and CNN was exposed and received a lot of attention. A few weeks after that, they suddenly cancelled,without giving any coherent reason.There are still over a hundred companies, most of the world's largest news agencies have requested aninterview. The reason for the interest is that as of now, I have still not spoken to a journalist, so my "mediavirginity" is intact<3I've now changed my mind and concluded that I won't give any interviews at all, and will instead focus on writinga book(s). But at the same time, an interview definitely serves our case to a certain degree. The drawback is thatall international News companies support multiculturalism so they will not allow me to criticise their ideology. Theywill sensor what they see fit. I think perhaps the best approach would be to not run after the media and not replyto any requests and instead focus on books, where the possibility to forward more ideological content is possible.

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