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some bullshit I wrote tonight of a political nature......
some bullshit I wrote tonight of a political nature......

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Published by: Andrew N. Farrens (Drew Kazinsky) on Jun 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 #civilDISOBEDIENCE #ARABspring #mylilywhiteASS, more like #peoplesickoftyranny doing whatthey do: #STOPtheINJUSTICE
I guess the #PEOPLEinCHARGE --creating profits from economic disasters sothey can live even better than they already do-- are really frightened if ABC ispublishing this swill. I only read it so that I can meet in the middle with all theunderground publications/websites/writers I also read #everyDAY. Twitterand Face-Book are wonderful resources if used properly and I have learned#THETRUTH is only found after #EXAMININGeveryANGLE, as even some ofthe so-called #trueAMERICANREVOLUTIONARYPATRIOT(S) #writers --myself included-- could not find they're asshole with a flashlight if they tried inthe pitch black of the midnight hour.......IT IS NO SURPRISE THAT EGYPT ERUPTS AGAIN WITH MASSIVE CIVILDISOBEDIENCE, DESPITE IT BEING SPRING OR NOT!It's more like summer anyway, at least in the Central Valley of Nor Cal 209 but isEgypt weather patterns the same as North America?I do not know nor do I really care.Other than Oakland, which sort of started the protests in the Winter of 2009--I mean the well documented start of the Civil Disobedience #theWorld hasbeen experiencing as of late, which is a damned #GOODthing--when that #INNOCENTyoungBLACKMAN #OSCARGRANT was #murderedby the #BARTpolice at the Fruitvale BART station January 01, 2009.It is true some of the #Oaklandish demonstrations turned into riots --sometimes justifiable and others times it was absolute ridiculousness-- but Egypt is thecountry where Civil Disobedience first started to gather#MAINSTREAMMASSMEDIA #attention in the spring of 2011.Thus, the name "Arab Spring", a term of #bigotry if I have heard one, whichquite sadly I have. It is amazing what White Folks, especially#OLDERWHITEpeople, will dare speak around a seemingly#youngWHITEDEVIL in they're presence. They naturally assume I feel thesame as them, not knowing I half-ass consider White People an #aberration,which I suppose makes me a #raceTRAITOR but even #JESUSCHRIST wasbrown!

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