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HRD Mini Project (Shreeshail Paints)

HRD Mini Project (Shreeshail Paints)

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Published by Sunil Naidu

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Published by: Sunil Naidu on Jun 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Institute of Excellence in Management Science, Hubli
Executive Summary of QWL
"Quality of Working Life"
extent to whichemployeescan enhance their personal lives throughtheir work environment and experiences.Quality of working life has been differentiated from the broader concept of quality of life. Tosome degree, this may be overly simplistic, concluded that quality of work performance isaffected by quality of life as well as quality of working life.Whilst quality of life has been more widely studied, quality of working life remains relativelyunexplored and unexplained. A review of the literature reveals relatively little on quality of working life.It is argued that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts as regards quality of working life,and, therefore, the failure to attend to the bigger picture may lead to the failure of interventionswhich tackle only one aspect. A clearer understanding of the inter-relationship of the variousfacets of quality of working life offers the opportunity for improved analysis of cause and effectin the workplace.This consideration of quality of working Life as the greater context for various factors in theworkplace, such as job satisfactionand stress, may offer opportunity for more cost-effectiveinterventions in the workplace. The effective targeting of stress reduction, for example, mayotherwise prove a hopeless task for employers pressured to take action to meet the requirements.
Institute of Excellence in Management Science, Hubli
Topic of the study:
"A Study on Quality Work Life of Small Scale Industry with reference to HRM"
Objectives of the study:
To review & explain QWL concepts & to analyze how this QWL benefits small scaleindustries.
To reveal various socio-economic background of employees working in small scaleindustry.
To identify various factors effecting quality of work life of employees working inindustries.
To identify important factors effecting QWL when employees are grouped on the basis of personal, job related & organizational profiles.
To compare the position of different factors effecting QWL when they are grouped onpersonal, job related & organizational profiles.
Institute of Excellence in Management Science, Hubli
It was found that 19% of the workers agree that they are aware of health in spite of thenature of job, 8% strongly agree.
It was found 19% of the workers agree that the energy & time spent on the job does notaffect their life adversely.
It was found that 12% of workers agree for getting opportunities for improvement of their job, 9% no agreement or disagreement, 5% strongly agree, 4% disagree.
Minimum workers are getting opportunities for improving their job in theorganization so the organization needs to take into consideration for improvingthe job opportunities of its workers.
Acceptance level of the workers ideas to bring new changes in the organization isvery low. So the organization needs to accept the ideas of the workers at somesituations so as it will increase the work efficiency & leads to increase in theproductivity.
As the information was collected during the working hours, the employees may havegiven biased answers in a hurry due to lack of time.
Due to time restriction vigor study could not be possible. Especially for the survey, basedon employees they were busy in their routine work.

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