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6.11 Lookin' for Tomorrow & Findin' Yesterday

6.11 Lookin' for Tomorrow & Findin' Yesterday



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The War is Over, but the journey has just begun. Watch as Desmond recalls the past 33 years and Daniel finds a way to contact the outside.
The War is Over, but the journey has just begun. Watch as Desmond recalls the past 33 years and Daniel finds a way to contact the outside.

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Published by: jwlost on Dec 29, 2008
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*I suggest checking out the s5 ref. guide for this one.*
Season6 Episode11
"Lookin' For Tomorrow & Findin' Yesterday"
Previously On Lost:The light from the Epsilon Station in 6.10.The Smoke Monster vanishing after the light in 6.10.Ben killing Richard and Roberta in 6.10.Widmore planning to move the Island to it's original spot in 5.14.Ms. Hawking helping Ben and the others return to the Island in 5.15.The DI gassing the Survivors in 5.18.Roberta and Amelia visiting the Man with the Tubes in 6.7Nadia faking her death and hiding out in Australia in 5.15.Desmond reading Widmore's will in 6.9.Kate finding out Desmond was the Man with the Tubes in 6.10.1) INT. WIDMORE'S OFFICE. LONDON. DAY.
Desmond is sitting at Widmore's desk looking across the room at 5 year old Ji Yeon as hehas another glass of MacCutcheon Whiskey poured for him by Ms. Hawking. Desmond looksup at her then looks back down at the letter thatWidmore left him in the event that Widmore was dead. He picks up the Scotch glass and begins drinking it as Nadia looks onworried.
Don't you think you've had enough, Desmond?
Desmond shoots a look at Nadia and then picks up the letter and crumples it up in a ball and throws it at her.
I don't think there's enough bloody whiskey in Scotland that would be enough!
Hawking sits down the bottle and walks over to a chair and sits down in front of Desmond across the desk. She looks at Desmond with the most sincere of expressions.
Ms. Hawking:
I know this is asking a lot of you, Desmond, but it is what needs to be done.
And if I don't?!
Ms. Hawking:
Desmond, you will... if you don't, then things would have already changed. This is yourdestiny and it's calling.
My destiny?! My bloody destiny?!
Ms. Hawking:
The Island needs you to do this, Desmond. Remember when you tried to kill yourself amonth back? A bullet... right to the brain. Should have taken out you like that
(she snapsher fingers).
But... you lived and you were out of the intensive care unit in a day. Why doyou think that happened?
.... destiny, I suppose you're going to tell me.
Ms. Hawking:
Destiny. It is your path.
And I have no choice, then... right?
Ms. Hawking:
No, Desmond. You don't.
Desmond, a bit furious, gets up from the desk and he stumbles a bit because he is very drunk. He steadies himself, then he walks over to Hawking and bends down over her in thechair.
If you think I'm going to dedicate the rest of my life at restarting the Dharma Initiative, youare mad.... bloody insane!
Desmond stumbles past her and over to Nadia. Nadia doesn't know what to think and Desmond sees this. He looks at her and says:
You're better off without me, lass... go on... take the little one and run.
He turns back to Hawking as he says this:
Get the hell as far away from me and this.... this...
He doesn't finish. He just looks at Hawking with drunken disgust. He turns back to Nadia.
I mean it... get out of here... before you get sucked up in this too.
Desmond grabs his coat and he heads out the door. Ms. Hawking looks at Nadia after Desmond has left. She says:
Ms. Hawking:
Well... that didn't go over so well, now did it?
No. I suppose it will take some more convincing.
Ms. Hawking:
Then I suggest you do it quick. Noor, you do understand what is at stake here, don't you?
Yes, ma'am. I do.
Ms. Hawking:
You've taken him this far. Finish the job.
Ms. Hawking stands up and she walks out of the room leaving Nadia and Ji Yeon alone.Nadia turns and looks out the window. The camera cuts to:
Desmond, obviously rather wasted, is sitting at a bar in London. Themusic in thebackground is "If Today Was Your Last Day" by Nickelback.http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=HOEB9liIbE0(start at :07).
My best friend gave me the best advice,He said each day's a gift & not a given right.Leave no stone unturned,Leave your fears behind.Andtry to take the path less travelled by.That first step you take is the longest stride.
He drinks down a pint as he eyes up the female bartender.
If today was your last day,And tomorrow was too late,Could you say goodbye to yesterday?
The music fades to the background and he says out-loud, but not directly to anyone:

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