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Published by ogangurel

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Categories:Types, Resumes & CVs
Published by: ogangurel on Dec 29, 2008
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Arthur T, Gurel O. (2007, October 6). Online Communities for Doctors: The What, the Why and the How Tobin Arthur & Founder and CEO of iMedExchange, Inc..mms:// I, Gurel O. (2008, March 26). Focusing the Radiation Beam: Stereotactic Radiosurgery Issam Awad MD MSc FACS MA (hon) - Professor and Vice-Chairman of Neurosurgery atNorthwestern University.mms:// S, Gurel O. (2008, February 2). The World of Healthcare Law Scott Becker JD'98 - Healthcare Co-Chair at McGuireWoods, LLP.mms:// B, Gurel O. (2007, September 29). Advances in the Management of Cerebral Aneurysm Disease and Stroke Bernard Bendok, MD, Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery andRadiology- Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.mms:// J, Gurel O. (2008, January 12). Expanded Role for Ultrasound in Physical Diagnosis Jason Birnholz MD FACR FRCR, Diagnostic Ultrasound Consultants.mms:// S, Gurel O. (2008, March 29). Nanoparticle-based sensors Sandra Bishnoi PhD - Assistant Professor - Illinois Institute of Technology.mms:// E, Gurel O. (2008, March 8). Intermittent Explosive Disorder Emil F. Coccaro, MD - Professor & Chairman of Psychiatry at the University of Chicago.mms:// E, Gurel O. (2008, April 19). Update on Head & Neck Cancer Ezra Cohen, MD - Assistant Professor of Medicine (Hematology/Oncology) - University of Chicago.mms:// E, Gurel O. (2007, November 24). Advances in Targeted Therapies for Cancer Ezra Cohen, MD - Assistant Professor of Medicine (Oncology) at the University of Chicago.mms:// Valle C, Gurel O. (2008, March 29). Hip Arthritis and Hip Replacement / Resurfacing - Update & Advances Craig Della Valle MD - Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery - RushUniversity Medical Center.mms:// J, Gurel O. (2008, March 29). Healthcare Reform, Challenges in Hospital Finance James Doyle - HSPH - Senior VP & CFO, Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare.mms:// L, Gurel O. (2008, July 12). End-of-Life Planning and Advance Directives Linda Emanuel MD PhD - Director, Buehler Center on Aging, Northwestern University.mms:// A, Gurel O. (2008, April 26). Surgical Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Alessandro Fichera MD - Assistant Professor of Surgery - University of Chicago.mms:// C, Gurel O. (2008, March 15). Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation for the Depressive Phase of Bipolar Disorder: Advances and Indications Chip Fisher & President Fisher-WallaceLaboratories.mms:// C, Gurel O. (2007, December 1). The Harvard-Munich Medical Alliance Prof. Chris Frank MD, Chief of Cardiac Anesthesiology, Ludwig Maximilians University (Munich) and ExecutiveDirector of the LMU-Harvard Medical Alliance.mms:// N, Gurel O. (2008, April 19). Linking structure and function at the molecular level Neville Freeman PhD ¿ President, Farfield Scientific.mms:// F, Gurel O. (2008, March 22). Making "Sense" of DNA Franz Geiger PhD - Dow Chemical Company Professor at Northwestern University.mms:// B, Gurel O. (2008, April 19). The World of Nanotechnology: Self-Assembly of Complex Systems Bartosz A. Grzybowski PhD '00 - Associate Professor of Chemical and BiologicalEngineering - Northwestern University.mms:// O, Prinz R. (2008, April 12). Update on pancreatico-biliary surgery Richard Prinz, MD - Helen Shedd Keith Professor and Chairman of Surgery - Rush University Medical Center.mms:// O, (2006, May 15). Medicare Part D: What the Benefit Means For Medical Technology.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=14531.Gurel, O. (2006, May 1). Drug Safety Debate to Yield Big Changes, Grow More Controversial.http://midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=14395.Gurel, O. (2006, April 3). Tech Convergence a Key Theme at Orthopedics Conference in Chicago.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=14132.Gurel, O. (2006, April 17). Perspective Following BIO 2006: The Midwest as Innovation Central?.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=14279.Gurel, O. (2006, June 13). Intellectual Property: Does it Matter?.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=14769.Gurel, O. (2006, June 26). The Future of Drug-Coated Stents: A Big Issue or a Non-Issue?.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=14867.Gurel, O. (2006, July 12). A Time to Make Friends: More Partnerships in Biotech, Med Tech?.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=14980.Gurel, O. (2006, July 24). Drug-Eluting Stent Market: $5 Billion Turning on a Dime.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=15086.Gurel, O. (2006, August 7). The Devil's in the Details: A Closer Look at Merck's Vioxx Trials.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=15210.Gurel, O. (2006, September 8). FDA-Approved Artificial Heart From Abiomed a Whimper, Not a Bang.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=15459.Gurel, O. (2006, October 16). Bioelectromagnetic Therapies: Science Fiction or Reality?.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=15754.Gurel, O. (2006, October 31). Cosmetic Implantables: There's More Beneath the Surface.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=15883.Gurel, O. (2006, November 14). So Far, Venture Capital Relatively Unsuccessful in Biopharma Market.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=15991.Gurel, O. (2006, November 27). Drug-Eluting Stents, Part One: Triple Storm Catching Industry Attention.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=16063.Gurel, O. (2006, November 28). Drug-Eluting Stents, Part Two: Triple Storm Catching Industry Attention.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=16065.Gurel, O. (2006, December 11). Biotech, Med Tech Business Models: Investors, Patients Deserve Better.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=16167.Gurel, O. (2007, January 9). Subtle But Powerful, Publication Bias Goes Beyond Financial Incentives.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=16348.Gurel, O. (2007, January 22). Lance Armstrong and the Future of Cancer Care.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=16444.Gurel, O. (2007, February 5). What's More Important in Medicine: Diagnostics, Therapeutics or Prognosis?.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=16542.Gurel, O. (2007, February 20). Medical Design Excellence Awards Offer Decisive Glimpse Into Future of Health Care.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=16998.Gurel, O. (2007, March 5). Gov. Blagojevich Announces IllinoisCovered to Insure 1.4 Million in Illinois.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=16729.Gurel, O. (2007, March 19). What Patients Want: A Story of Choice, Trials, Evidence-Based Medicine.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=17559.Gurel, O. (2007, April 2). KKR Buys First Data: On Private Equity, Pipelines, Development.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=16902.Gurel, O. (2007, April 16). Personalized Medicine, Tech Convergence Decisive Trends.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=16998.Gurel, O. (2007, May 1). Unfolding Tragedy: Balancing Act Between Innovation, Health-Care Access.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=17107.Gurel, O. (2007, May 14). The Diabetes Divide: Is Diabetes a Surgical or Medical Disease?.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=17195.Gurel, O. (2007, May 29). The Innovation Gap: Preventing Ideas From Untimely Deaths.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=17277.Gurel, O. (2007, May 30). Call to Action: How to Accelerate Medical Technology in Illinois, Beyond.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=17291.Gurel, O. (2007, June 12). FDA: Tortoise, Hare or Something Else Entirely?.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=17378.Gurel, O. (2007, June 25). The Future is Bright For Life Sciences in State of Illinois.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=17466.Gurel, O. (2007, July 9). Stryker: The Surprising Implications of Hip-Resurfacing Implants.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=17559.Gurel, O. (2007, July 17). Analysis: Why the Abbott Deal With GE Healthcare Fell Apart.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=17614.
Gurel, O. (2007, July 23). Life Sciences Funding: Has the Private Equity Boom Peaked?.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=17658.Gurel, O. (2007, August 6). Integration of Medical Records Across Populations Still a Dream.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=17747.Gurel, O. (2007, August 20). The Deconstruction of Amgen: Company is Victim of Own Success.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=17830.Gurel, O. (2007, September 17). Concepts of Innovation, Invention Should Now Be Regarded Differently.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=17984.Gurel, O. (2007, October 4). Invention Needs to Be Left Free; Innovation Must Be Managed.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=18102.Gurel, O. (2008, January 21). Innovation vs. Invention: Accelerating Development.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=18697.Gurel, O. (2008, February 5). The Logic of Health Care in Wake of New Obama, Clinton Reform Plans.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=18783.Gurel, O. (2008, February 18). Innovations Galore Spawning From 2008 Medical Design Excellence Awards.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=18851.Gurel, O. (2008, March 17). Counterdetailing: A Cure For a Pharmaceutical Addiction?.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=19002.Gurel, O. (2008, April 14). Rising Co-Payments: Are Patients Getting Their Money's Worth?.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=19091.Gurel, O. (2008, April 28). Connection Between the Subprime Mess and the Uninsured: Socialized Risk.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=19129.Gurel, O. (2008, May 12). The Persistent Socialized Risk Problem: Gas Tax, Health Care Insurance.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=19166.Gurel, O. (2008, May 27). Pharma Finance 2008 in Italy: Invention, Innovation Perspectives.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=19212.Gurel, O. (2008, June 5). Pharma Finance 2008, Part Two: Invention, Innovation Perspectives.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=19239.Gurel, O. (2008, June 9). Where the Action's at With Secrets of Everyday Life: Proteins or DNA?.http://www.midwestbusiness.com/news/viewnews.asp?newsletterID=19245.Gurel, O. (2008, June 11). Where are the secrets of everyday life, in proteins or DNA?.http://wistechnology.com/articles/4815/.Gurel, O. (2008, June 6). Italian view on invention and innovation.http://wistechnology.com/articles/4804/.Gurel, O. (2008, April 30). Socialized risk not confined to subprime mess; healthcare impacted.http://wistechnology.com/articles/4721/.Gurel, O. (2008, January 23). Innovation versus invention: Why accelerating development makes sense.http://wistechnology.com/articles/4488/.Gurel, O. (2007, October 2). Fostering innovation doesn't occur in a vacuum.http://wistechnology.com/articles/4218/.Gurel, O. (2007, September 18). Innovation vs. invention: Knowing the difference makes a difference.http://wistechnology.com/articles/4184/.Gurel, O. (2007, August 20). Lessons from the deconstruction of Amgen.http://wistechnology.com/articles/4129/.Gurel, O. (2007, July 13). Crazy like a Google? With GE-Abbott deal scrapped, could Google be next buyer?.http://wistechnology.com/articles/4057/.Gurel, O. (2007, June 25). Reforming FDA: Focus on safety, let market judge efficacy.http://wistechnology.com/articles/4021/.Gurel, O. (2007, June 20). FDA: Tortoise, hare, or something else?.http://wistechnology.com/articles/4009/.Gurel, O. (2007, May 30). Who is minding the Innovation Gap?.http://wistechnology.com/articles/3954/.Gurel, O. (2007, May 15). Barriers will not stop convergence of medical technologies.http://wistechnology.com/articles/3923/.Gurel, O. (2007, May 1). Abbott vs. Thailand has implications for innovation and access.http://wistechnology.com/articles/3886/.Gurel, O. (2007, April 17). Personalized medicine and technology convergence.http://wistechnology.com/articles/3855/.Gurel, O. (2007, April 3). Of private equity, research, and drug development.http://wistechnology.com/articles/3819/.Gurel, O. (2007, March 19). What patients want: A story of choice, clinical trials & evidence-based medicine.http://wistechnology.com/articles/3785/.Gurel, O. (2007, March 6). Healthcare of business: Universal coverage plan includes new business taxes.http://wistechnology.com/articles/3749/.Gurel, O. (2007, February 20). And the winners in medical design are ....http://wistechnology.com/articles/3718/.Gurel, O. (2007, February 5). A prognosis for GE and Abbott Diagnostics.http://wistechnology.com/articles/3677/.Gurel, O. (2007, January 22). Lance Armstrong and the future of cancer care.http://wistechnology.com/articles/3641/.Halasey S, Voigt H, Azar K, Gurel O. (2008, February 16). Reporting from the Medical Design Excellence Awards Steven Halasey - Editor-in-Chief of MX Magazine Herbert Voigt, PhD -Professor, Boston University College of Engineering Kouros Azar, MD - Biomedical engineer and plastic surgeon.mms:// D, Gurel O. (2008, April 5). Self-Assembling Molecules for Cell Signaling Daniel Harrington PhD - Research Assistant Professor - Northwestern University.mms:// CA, Gurel O. (2007, August 25). The Present & Future of Primary Care Medicine C. Anderson Hedberg, MD, MACP.mms:// D, Gurel O. (2008, May 3). Emerging Technologies for Nano-Engineered Medicine Dean Ho PhD - Professor of Biomedical Engineering - Northwestern University.mms:// B, Gurel O. (2007, December 1). Update on MRSA Dr. Bala Hota MD MPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) at Rush University Medical Center.mms:// D, Gurel O. (2008, January 5). Update on Liver Diseases Donald M. Jensen, MD ; Professor of Medicine and Director at the Center for Liver Diseases at the University of Chicago.mms:// P, Gurel O. (2007, October 6). Doctor, What Should I Do With My Baby's Cord Blood? - The Politics, Economics, Business and Ethics of Stem Cells and Cord Blood Dr. Paul Kent `AB86 -Assistant Professor of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology at Rush University Medical Center.mms:// Y, Gurel O. (2007, April 5). Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Yevgeniy A. Khavkin, MD - Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery - Northwestern University.mms:// S, Gurel O. (2007, October 6). Nephrolithiasis for the General Practitioner Stewart Lipson, MD - Associate Professor of Urology at the University of Illinois - Chicago.mms:// J, Gurel O. (2007, December 8). Encyclopedia of Life John McCarter MBA '63 - President & CEO of the Field Museum of Natural History.mms:// J, Gurel O. (2007, December 15). Physician Quality & Performance Measurement Joseph V. Messer, MD, FACP, MACC, FCCP, Professor of Medicine at Rush Medical College.mms:// P, Gurel O. (2008, June 28). Biologically inspired strategies for new biomaterials Phillip Messersmith PhD - Professor of Biomedical Engineering - Northwestern University.mms:// M, Gurel O. (2007, December 22). Quality of Care and Quantity of Payment: The New Link Between Performance and Reimbursement Michael Millenson, President of Health QualityAdvisors.mms:// C, Gurel O. (2008, July 12). Bioinspired Nanomaterials Chad Mirkin PhD - Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Institute for Nanotechnology at Northwestern University.mms:// H, Gurel O. (2008, April 26). Bio-Inspired Sensors Hooman Mohseni PhD - Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences - Northwestern University.mms:// C, Gurel O. (2007, November 10). Issues in Male Reproductive Health for the General Practitioner Craig Niederberger MD - Chairman of Urology, University of Illinois - Chicago.mms:// V, Gurel O. (2007, September 1). Unmet Needs in Primary Care Vedat Obuz MD, Medical Director at the Lotus Medical Clinic.mms:// M, Gurel O. (2008, March 29). Ankle Arthritis - Total Ankle Replacement and Newer Bone Sparing Options Michael Pinzur MD AAOS - Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation -

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