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theHumm June 2012

theHumm June 2012

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Published by rob9639
Arts, entertainment and ideas in the communities west of Ottawa. Featuring articles on upcoming events and a comprehensive calendar for the communities of Almonte, Carleton Place, Perth, Westport, Arnprior, Smiths Falls and Lanark Highlands in Ontario, Canada.
Arts, entertainment and ideas in the communities west of Ottawa. Featuring articles on upcoming events and a comprehensive calendar for the communities of Almonte, Carleton Place, Perth, Westport, Arnprior, Smiths Falls and Lanark Highlands in Ontario, Canada.

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Published by: rob9639 on Jun 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dragon’s Breath
Naismith Rides AgainJune’s Events
p.24 & 25p.5p.4p.13
   J   U   N   E   2   0   1   2
June is Bicycle Month!
The Art of Molly Hartin p.3
The Art of Molly Hartin p.3
www.thehumm.com June 2012
We’ll Miss You, Pete
All o us t
Hu re ex-treely sd to nnounce thessing o our erstwhile col-unist Pete Prsons. Redersy not recognize hi by ne,becuse he wrote only  ew(hilrious nd entirely o-the-wll) rticles bout ood, underthe seudonys “Pie Whole”nd “Innit Yuyinytuy”.We’re sure tht i you red thoserticles, however, you reeberhis quirky nd whisicl senseo huour (nd hoeully youeven tried soe o his recies).o red those rticles nd otherusings by Pete, lese visit hiswebsite t <wordthirst.co>.Pete lso suorted
Hund the counity in Alonte inother wys. He ws the “vocl silent rtner” t Pls Coee Sho,owned nd oerted by his rtner in lie Slly Prsons. Slly writestht Pls “would never hve hened without the constnt love ndsuort Pete gve to e. Aong ll the nuerous little things he didor Pls, he designed our website, heled bring Curry Fridys into ex-istence, nd ws  eber o Alonte’s Chber o Coerce. Peterelished his role o COGP (Chie Ocil Guine Pig) o our roducttesting division (we ce u with this crony one night s n nswerto the requently sked question: “Well, i your wie is the owner, che nd bker, then wht do you do?”). Pete believed tht you re lwyscble o chieving ore thn you could ossibly igine nd theonly wy to nd out ws to give it  shot, so we did nd hve neverbeen hier.”Dontions (s er Pete’s wishes) cn be de to the Universityo Ottw Hert Institute t the Civic Hositl t <ottwhert.c>.PO Box 1391Alonte ON K0A 1A0Phone: (613) 256–5081
Kris Riendeueditor@thehu.co
Layout and Design:
Rob Riendeurob@thehu.co
 Advertising andPromotions:
Kris RiendeuPhone: (613) 256–5081kris@thehu.co
 Assistant Editor:
Ron Frser
is  onthly rts, en-tertinent nd ides newserdelivered ree to businesses nd visitor ttrctions in Alonte,Perth, Crleton Plce, Westort,Pkenh, Cr, Arnrior, L-nrk, Siths Flls, Burnstown,White Lke, Blderson, nd Ot-tw. Our ndte is to connectnd roote eole nd eventsin the sll towns nd rurl co-unities o the Ottw Vlley —where the rts fourish nd enter-tining chrcters run ok!
By eil or on disk.
is the 22
o the onth rior toubliction.
cost $35 (includes HS) or one yer (12 issues). Send chequewith your ne nd ddress to:
PO Box 1391Alonte ON K0A 1A0.Oinions nd inortion ub-lished in
in letters,ress releses, or individul col-uns do not necessrily refectthe oinion o this newser.All writing, rtwork, nd hoto-grhs ublished in
 re coyright to the uthor, or to
in the cse where nouthor is secied. Rerintingny content without erission violtes coyright nd is rohib-ited (nd desicble!).
Thanks this month to:
All o the locl rers workinghrd to bring us resh roduce,no tter wht weird wetherthey hve to del with… And toll our colunists nd contribu-tors or king us so roud toresent this onth’s issue!
   R  e  a   d  e  r  s   W  r   i   t  e
Hummble Thought
   W   h  o   ’  s   R  e  a   d   i  n  g   t   h  e   H  u  m  m
The Friendly Town
On Sturdy orning, My 19
, I ws driving u Mill Streetheding or the Alonte Frers’ Mrket. Te Bridge Streettrc light turned red, so I stoed. A light-coloured vn ortruck ulled u on y right. Te le driver rolled down hiswindow nd clled out to e, “You’ve lost your wheel cover,nd it’s now in ront o the Bnk o Montrel.”I cknowledged the driver’s coent, the light turnedgreen, nd I roceeded on y wy. Lter on, I discovered ywheel cover roed u right outside the bnk, just s then hd sid.I’d like to extend y thnks nd recition to this er-son, who is unknown to e. Wht  hert-wring exerience! Itroves, once gin, tht Alonte is indeed “Te Friendly own.All the best to y unknown benector.
— Maureen McVey
hs to be recognized s n gent o socil develoentin the highest sense becuse it trnsits the highest vlues —solidrity, hrony, utul cossion.And it hs the bility to unite n entire counity,nd to exress sublie eelings.— José Antonio Abreu, ther o 
 El Sistema
,the ublicly nnced usic eduction syste in Venezuel
In June look for beans, peas, beets, salad greens, rhubarb, honey/syrup, and many ne tasty treats!
Get Fresh with a Lanark County Farmers’ Market!
Almonte Pulic Library parking lot(beside the Beer Store)Saturdays, May to anksgiving,8:45 to Noon
McDonalds Corners
MERA SchoohouseCounty Rd. 12 at Concession ASaturdays, May to anksgiving,9 to 1
Smiths Fals
RCAF Association Hal44 Abo St. N. (next to the xed bridge)Saturdays, May to October 13,9 to 1
Carleton Place
Market Squarecorner of Beckwith and Lake Ave.Saturdays, May to anksgiving,8 to Noon
Tay Basin across from Town HalSaturdays, May to anksgiving,8 to 1 Wednesdays, July & Auust, 2 to 6
Union Hal
Corner of Tatlock and Wolfgrove RoadsFridays, June 29 to October 5,3:30 to 6:30
Peter Ulrich Palm Parsons1970–2012
Who can it be, now?
Man at work, reading theHumm… None other than thelegendary
Colin Hay
(all the way from the land downunder) took time to pose with theHumm after playing anawesome concert in Ottawa last month. He seemed tothink it was business as usual, but we could barely containourselves — we contemplated turning cartwheels butdecided that would be overkill. (OK, in case you still need ahint, Colin was the lead singer of Men At Work).
www.thehumm.comJune 2012
   A  r   t …   a  n   d   S  o  u   l
In Support of LAWS
The Lanark Animal Welfare Society 
Pet Treats,Pet Food, Gift Certificates &More!
KID'SGAMES withPrizes for Everyone!
Event MC Hugh Colton will be Live on Location with Lake 88.1and the Town & Country Chrysler Coummunity Durango
FreshPopcorn &Cold Drinks
Saturday, June 16th9:00 to 2:00
Fido Fun Fair begins 11:00
10th Annual Event
 106 Wilson St. West Perth, Ontario613.267.5409
Mon-Thurs 8am-8pmFriday 8am-9pmSat 8am-6pm & Sun 9am-6pm
Best TrickLook-A-LikeBest Talker
Smallest DogLargest DogBiggest Belly
Longest TailShortest TailCurliest Tail
ody bre rt denotes n ever-growingbody o rtistic endevour tht rnges rotrditionl quilts nd wevings to ixededi rt collges contining eleents o bre. With its origins in the textiles, quiltsnd bsketry o ny ncient cultures, the genrestrted to ke new inrods into orl rtisticconsciousness ter WWII. By the 1970s nd ‘80sn Aericn revolution coenced tht recon-sidered bre rt in  broder culturl context. Art-ists nd cdeics begn to reexine the workso st genertions nd the eld exloded s excit-ing new ossibilities were exlored.Rurl bre rtist Molly Hrtin hs ollowed these trjectory in ursuing her rtistic evolution,rogressing ro trditionl quilting to rt quiltingto bric collges. About ve yers go, ter nysuccesses s  quilter, Molly ttended  worksho inAlonte resented by Kingston rt quilter PelAllen. Te worksho ws rtisticlly liberting ndthe tiing ws seinl or Molly.Freed ro the orl constrints o trditionlquilting, Hrtin ound tht “cutting loose” gve her new cretive ower. By “drwing” with her scis-sors, she begn to exlore her inner child nd gvehersel erission to ly. “Tese re erly dys ore;” she enthuses, “this is wht I intend to do.”Her bre rtworks re  gicl exression o her ssions nd her struggles with nd triuhsover ersonl loss nd in. Nture is  constntuse nd source o insirtion nd hoe. Teroise o ech dwn nd nother sring give herthe strength to endure, to hel nd to crete. Ech
Molly Hartin —Cutting Loose
bre iece revels nother sect o the joys ndsorrows she hs exerienced; ech iece is notherste in  ersonl heling nd growth rocess.
When the Going Gets Tough,the Tough Get Sewing
Hrtin nd hrdshi re well cquinted. Molly’slie chnged orever when the rst o her three chil-dren develoed severe eilesy t the ge o two.Eleven yers go  relentless or o the conditionended Kitlin Morris’s lie t the ge o twenty.Molly will be orever grteul or the love nd su-ort tht the entire counity gve to Kitlin ndher ily.Six yers go Molly suered debilitting sottissue injuries in  trc ccident. Tis is the rstsring she hs been ble to tend the grdens sur-rounding her Prosect re r. Troughout herlie Hrtin hs struggled with severe deressionhersel, nd she hs  close reltionshi with herentlly disbled brother. Te ne o her website— www.drgz.c — is her cknowledgent o the connection between her entl helth nd thethereutic vlue o her rt. Te cretive ower o exressing hersel rtisticlly rovides the energyto cobt the overwheling desir she soe-ties exeriences. Fibre rt hs becoe n es-sentil coonent o the tchwork quilt o MollyHrtin’s wellbeing.
 A Stitch in Time
Pril eories re indelibly stitched onto ourbrins by soe wondrous confuence o sensoryinut nd eotionl context. Molly’s rst eo-ries re o brics — the texture o the stin bindingon her crib blnket nd the coorting sell o herother’s nylon sli. When she wsour yers old she thought she hddiscovered how to ke cloth by ty-ing knots in string nd creting “elt”ro ilkweed silk.Growing u in the sleey h-let o Richond where her rentsrcticed veterinry edicine, Mol-ly’s vourite stie ws being l-lowed to use her other’s sewingchine. Only ter secretly rc-ticing on her neighbour’s chinews she ble to convince her otherto llow her to sew with the elec-tric oot edl, thus coencingher lie-long ssion or sewing. ByGrde 2, nd without  ttern, sheshioned hersel  ir o hi-hug-ger, bell-botto nts, à l Sonny &Cher. In high school she ws erningoney creting evening gowns or the woen in Richond, “be-cuse there ws nothing else or  teenger to do.Hrtin coleted  B.Ed., Honours Secilist in the eching o Hoe Econoics t McGill University. She tresured the students tSir Guy Crleton, A.Y. Jckson nd South Crleton High Schools un-til her orced retireent. Fortuntely she hd tken u quilting yerserlier when Kitlin’s sister hd sked or  quilt or her birthdy.Molly instinctively turned to her quilting s  recuertive strtegy.She hd becoe  eber o the Alonte Quilters Guild nd o the Alonte-bsed bre grou “Fryed Edges,” nd credits both withroviding “wonderully suortive nd eductionl environentsor e to exress ysel through y rt quilts.Since 2007 Hrtin hs ssed  nuber o quilting honours,winning n interntionl coetition in Houston, exs, nd twicegrnering Winner nd Judge’s Choice t the Richond Fir. Since be-coing the Quilt Coittee Chir, she hs encourged the exn-sion o the coetition t the Richond Fir to becoe one o thebest in the rovince, showcsing both trditionl nd odern ieces.
 Altering the Pattern
Ater her ccident, Molly ound she ws unble to work long hourst the reetitive tsks o quilting. She discovered tht the reedoo bre rt llowed her to diversiy her tsks to better ccoodteher hysicl liittions. She bece det t ny new techniquessuch s inting, dyeing nd screen rinting on brics, nd begnincororting custo digitized chine ebroidery, hnd stitchingnd ree otion chine quilting into her coositions. “My soulneeds to ly,” she exlined s she showed e her whisicl orysinto bstrct bric collge.
Soulplay in Almonte
Lst yer Hrtin ws very honoured to be invited to join the veother Estern Ontrio bre rtists corising Soully. Te grouored in 2008 to suort nd chllenge ech other s rtists, nd toexhibit their work collectively. Hrtin gretly vlues the rtionnd insirtion she receives ro her ellow ebers.
An excellent oortunity to udte your recition o this evolv-ing genre occurs on June 23 nd 24 t the Soully Fibre Art Exhibi-tion t the Alonte Old own Hll locted t 14 Bridge St. Better yet, eet Molly nd her Soul tes t the vernissge ro 2–4pmon Sturdy, June 23. Visit <soullyrt.co> nd <drgz.c>
orore resons to see Molly Hrtin’s bre rt. You cn rech her t<ollyhrtin@hotil.co> or by hone t 838–3174. Don’t orgetto cli nd sve her rding Crd or uture reerence!
by Sally Hansen
Photos by Sally Hansen and Mario Cerroni

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