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The War Room Report

The War Room Report



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Published by storyboardguru
Case studies of corporate meetings using visual maps to improve their effectiveness
Case studies of corporate meetings using visual maps to improve their effectiveness

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Published by: storyboardguru on Jan 04, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The War Room
©2007 Hands•On Graphics, Inc.
Strategic War Room 1.0Finally! The Secrets to Unlock Innovation,Participation and Collaboration in StrategicPlanningJoin Thousands o People Who Are UsingWar Room Tools to Get Faster Results and WinningStrategies with Less Eort.
Dear Friend,Hi! I’m Thomas Sechehaye, and I’m passionate about visual strategic planning. And I’m writing youbecause I know you want to create collaboration and innovation in building strategic success inevery launch, plan and project.Many people think o strategic planning as a routine mundane task and reduce it to “dusting olast year’s plan” in order to meet a deadline set on the corporate calendar. Or in order to get theirwebsite up to make a pre-set launch date.I don’t know about you, but nothing is the same this year as last year…and so I wouldn’t want to relyon a unky, old-ashioned process when I need to generate cutting edge strategy to shape the uture.Ever since I started sharing these skills with my corporate clients, I’ve been getting the samequestion over and over again:
“How Can I Do What You’re Doing?”
When I decided to oer War Room Storyboarding Tools, I basically just wanted to share what wasworking so well in my own business. And i you listen closely you’ll hear many business superstarsand Internet gurus mention these tools.Just in the last couple weeks, I’ve gotten e-mails and heard reerences rom Dan Kennedy, JohnReese and Rick Sheren. And they all reer to the power planning using visual maps.You’ll hear words like: “War Room Tools” “Command Center Planning,” “Charts on the Wall” “BigPicture Thinking” and “Strategic Show-Me-Prots Maps,” mentioned in their e-mails, newslettersand training programs.
The War Room
©2007 Hands•On Graphics, Inc.
It’s clear that a visual display makes it easy to solve problems, understand sequence andcommunicate strategy. And it’s true or Internet marketing success as well as planning or creativityand innovation in ofine marketing. But no one, up to now, has really explained how to make it workor planning your Internet Marketing success. Anyway, I NEVER DREAMED that I’d be #1 in the Google search or strategic storyboarding and thatthousands o people would want to know about visual blueprints or setting up their own StrategicWar Room. And I’m foored to see that thousands o people are on a special email list…basically waiting in lineto see what I’m going to release next.For that, I am very grateul and thankul.So here’s the deal.Roughly every 7 minutes, someone sends an email asking i I’ll teach them how to use my WarRoom system…or i I have open enrollment sessions…or i I can consult on their specic brandstrategy. You get the picture. And the answer is…
“Yes, I Can Teach You This Stu.”
Sort o.The reason I say “sort o” is because I am the master acilitator or Hands•On Graphics, Inc., andlike the company name says, we have a very hands-on way o teaching and consulting.But there are just not enough o us to go around. And there is no way I and my team o expertacilitators can stand shoulder-to-shoulder, next to each and every one o you. And do the very best job o building the Strategic Command Center EVERYONE is asking or.With that said, I will be working with a ew SELECT people, and I’ll give you more inormation aboutthat on June 15, 2007.
“Here’s What You Need To Do Next”
I you’re interested, that’s great.But rather than asking you to make a knee-jerk buying decision, I want you to see what’s involved insetting up a Strategic War Room so you can get the WHOLE PICTURE FIRST.That way, you’ll know i this is really or you.So, i you’ve already seen MY work…and taken my trainings…and gotten hands-on consulting….you probably have one question really standing out in the ront o your mind.
The War Room
©2007 Hands•On Graphics, Inc.
 And that question is…
Can This Incredible Success be duplicated?
Naturally, my answer to you is “YES!”…But why should you take my word or it?I expect you to be skeptical and applaud you or wanting to get ALL the details up ront.I’m the same way. I’m German, ater all, and I like to see the logical sequence laid out. I want to getthe big picture. And know exactly how it will help my team make better decisions and build strongerstrategies in less time and with less eort.That’s why I’m going to take you behind the curtain o how a Command Center really works. I’mgoing to introduce you to my clients who get radical results using this system.These olks were regular people…just like you…who never thought they could think visually, tellpowerul stories rom their data or create dynamic presentations o their strategies.Today, they are getting rave reviews, powerul results and measurable strategic success. As always, I will talk about any business tools, methods and skills in simple, practical and easy-to-use language.
But Beore I Show You More Amazing Results — I Want to Let You in On A Huge “Secret”
You have probably been wondering why it seems so “easy” that I am able to generate so manyoutstanding results. Ater all, how much money could you make i you were able to transorm strategic planning romthe mind-numbing dreaded process it is today…and instead get instant buy-in, organization-widealignment and ast, positive results rom your customers?You’d be able to print money-on-demand. You’d have an unair advantage over 99% o yourcompetitors in ANY proessional eld that you do business in.Sound like a antasy? It’s not.Without going into too much nitty-gritty detail here in this report (I’ll be showing you more about thisvery soon) I’ll just sum it up or you…In 32 years, I’ve gured out some VERY POWERFUL things when it comes to strategic engagement.I’m talking about proven, eld-tested methods — things that work today and will continue to workor YEARS to come.

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