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October 29

October 29

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Published by URBNAnthony.com

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Published by: URBNAnthony.com on Jun 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Urbnanthony.com Urbnanthony.com Urbnanthony.com
The Meaning of October 29, 2011
As soon as the correction was made in 1964 in the constitution, it markedthe beginning of the end. Satan unknowingly allowed justice to enter theworld. It was through “equality”, which is not “just” in the eyes of thedeceiver, that his evil began to falter. He allowed something he was not toallow to enter into the world to enter, and that is Justice. Yahweh was only being patient for the time in which satan would falter in his evil. Fromslavery through all the wars created by his new world. It was not consistentwith what he created which was cruelty.President Johnson actually tried to compensate for his evil againstKennedy. He over compensated. He gave good the chance to enter into thenew world, and into what satan thought was the haven he created. Justice isgood.The falling of the snow was only a sign of the beginning of the last dayof the devils one thousand year reign, which is approximately twenty threeyears remaining. There is one year for each hour in his day, which coincideswith the 47 years from my birth, and twenty three years marked to the end of my birth. This is ordained by the creator as three score and ten. From thesnow which announces the last day. Marked in the law of the “ConstitutionState” by which Lucifer established his reign. It symbolizes that only thefirst hour is past, the Awtuhm, this coming fall.Then, winter will come, signifying the end. Urbn is defined. Ask themwhat it means, they don’t know. But, upon them hearing, they will knowFor it was stolen as it is written: “I shall come upon thee as a thief in thenight.” This is the sign mankind has been waiting for. Yahweh entered intothe realm not by force, but by invitation. For this kingdom was given tosatan to rule but for a season. He should be very upset now, for he was outdone. For Yahweh, is the great planner.Satan, is just a planner, as Yahweh is the Lord of Spirits and the GreatPlanner. Satan is a spirit cast down from Yahweh, to sway those whom hewill for a season. That plan was favorable to the creator for in it, all of thosethat are not of Yahweh would be availed and separated as that darknesswhich was in the heavens was separated. Through what Lucifer thought hecreated, he failed, and nothing was created. His is temporal, and Yahweh isthat which is eternal. Even the word of Yahweh, blessed forever, Is it notwritten: “I will use thy own wickedness against thee.”This is the beauty in Yahweh plan, for which not I fear, for my end in
Urbnanthony.com Urbnanthony.com Urbnanthony.com

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