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The Feast - June 3, 2012 Issue

The Feast - June 3, 2012 Issue

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Published by Cynthia U. Santiago

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Published by: Cynthia U. Santiago on Jun 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A Catholic Prayer Meeting of the LIGHT OF JESUS FAMILYJune 3, 2012
Today, I receive all of God’s love for me.Today, I open myself to the unbounded, limitless,
overowing abundance of God’s universe.Today, I open myself to God’s blessings, healing,
and miracles.Today, I open myself to God’s Word
So I would become
More like Jesus every day.Today, I proclaim that I am God’s beloved,I am God’s servant,
I am God’s powerful champion.
And because I am blessed,
I am blessing the world.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.
BRO. Bo Sanchez is sending inspiringmessages and announcements to Feastattendees via text or short messaging
services (SMS) from his mobile phone and
through email.Want to receive messages? Just text
your mobile phone number and emailaddress to these numbers...
“ARE we there yet?”
If you’re a parent, you’ve heardthis line a thousand times.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to the park,
the mall, the beach.
Kids can’t wait to reach
their destination.
Me? I’ve learned
to like the
tothe destination.It’s the
that thrillsme. The joy of 
 being together.Swappingstories and singingsongs with the
 boys. And
 breathing in thecharming sceneryalong the way.Friend, if youwant to savor life,
you have to learn toenjoy the drive, not just the destination.Let me tell
you why.Because healing
your performance-oriented spirituality
will take time.Healing your skewed image of Godwill take time.
 B r e a k  F e a s t
Healing your shame-based personality will take time.Healing your low self-worth will take time.
But that’s okay! Don’t
rush through this process. Itcan’t be rushed anyway, even if 
you tried. Enjoy the drive.
Before you know it, the
destination is before you.Today, I pray that Godcontinue the miracle of 
your inner healing throughthe Feast.
May your dreamscome true,BO SANCHEZ
FEAST YEAR 2 CELEBRATION!See picture story on pages 4-6
PENTECOST SUNDAYcommemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles
and the Blessed Virgin Mary inthe Upper Room. It is always a
happy occasion because it is the birthday of the Church. At the
Feast PICC, this year’s Pentecost
Sunday is extra special because
it coincides with its secondfounding anniversary. To add to
the joy of the double celebration
at the PICC, Fr. Eric Santos presided the Holy Mass, lacinghis homily with rib-ticklers.Fr. Eric announced that beginning this Pentecost Sunday,the new Roman Missal (the
third edition) is used little bylittle in the Holy Masses until its
full implementation on the rst
Sunday of Advent 2012 . The
response ‘And also with You.’will not be used anymore. Inits place, the congregation nowreplies, ‘And with Your Spirit.’
Why is Pentecostconsidered as the birthday of the Church, and not Maundy
Thursday when the Lordinstituted the Holy Eucharist?It is because the apostles were
not ready on Maundy Thursday.
They cowered in fear, and drewstrength from the Blessed Virgin
Mary. When the Holy Spirit
came, they were empowered, and became cowards no longer. It wasnot easy for the apostles who alldied a martyr’s death – cruciedupside down, skinned, or roasted
alive – except for John the
Beloved who took care of Mary.The Holy Spirit is at work even now in the churches andcontinues to be on re. It gathersus together in one church. The
Lord makes use of every person
to build the Church, offering us
various opportunities to serve.We can’t afford to be idle because
the Holy Spirit is working in us.It adds life to the power of theChurch and gives hope. The HolySpirit must be shared by beinggenerous enough to others.
 – Bella Estrella
Build Your Fence
AS we celebrated the second birthday of Feast PICC, Bro. Bo
Sanchez talked on
Give Yourself the Gift of Limits
, Talk 3 of our 
Bro. Bo said human beings
have limits or boundaries.We are limited by time andresponsibilities. But there are
 people who carry burdens beyondtheir limit. Such gesture may bedue to a wrong interpretation of Matthew 16:24-26 where Jesus
“Whoever wants to be mydisciple must deny themselvesand take up their cross and followme.”
Bro. Bo said the passageis for those who already have aconcrete self concept. He added:
“Because if you do not have a
self, how can you deny it?” Howdo you set limits?
Bro. Bo cited the exampleof the Good Samaritan. TheSamaritan chances upon aninjured person on the road,
 brings him to an inn, anddelegates him to the innkeeper 
 because he has to take care of 
his own business. The Samaritansets a boundary: he goes only sofar as to nd help for the injured
man—because he has business,
without which he cannot be of 
help to others.We are not able to set our 
 boundaries because we have broken fences. Bro. Bo gavefour kinds:
1. Money Fence.
we are still young and strong,we must build our money fenceso we have savings which we
can use for future needs.
2. Body Fence.
Mothers,especially, live to take care of their children. But mothers, andeverybody else, should takecare of themselves so they can better take care of others.
3. Friendship Fence.
There are two kinds of friends: Nourishing Friends whoinspire and encourage you to be a better person; NegativeFriends who demoralizeand damage you. Look for anourishing friend now!
4. Helping Fence.
 Galatians 5 contains
two seemingly opposing
instructions. Verse 2 says
Carry each other’s burdens
.Verse 5 says
 for each one should carry his own load 
.Bro. Bo explained that the
 passages mean we shouldhelp those who can’t carry
their burden. But don’t help
those who can but won’t.
Don’t take on the personalresponsibilities of other  people. If you do, your 
helping isn’t really helping, but harming them.
Loading burdens on Bro. Bo, top,
from le: Paolo Espos, Markley
Villarin, Kean Lim, and JC Libiran.
At right, Bro. Bo sets boundary byreturning backpacks to their owners.
 Photos by Edmundo L. Santiago
 Happy Birthday!
THE FEAST June 3, 2012
Beautiful, Beloved 
Once upon a time, I thought I wasreally ugly. This guy, however, kept on telling me that I was pretty. But I just couldn’t see what he saw in me. I ignored him.
WHEN I WAS a teenager, a mantold me that he’s in love with me.
And I couldn’t believe him. I
was like, “How could you love mewhen I’m not even beautiful?”At the time, I thought I wasreally ugly. This guy, however, kepton telling me that I was pretty. ButI just couldn’t see what he saw inme. I ignored him.But after a few days, he was
still there. He pursued me. Alas, I
wasn’t ready for a relationship. No,
let me rephrase that. The truth is, I
did not feel I was worthy to have arelationship with this guy, or withany other guy. So, I continued toignore him.
A couple of months
 passed, and whoa, he was stillthere! I thought, “Crazy guy.He just doesn’t know what he’sgetting into.”
So, I confronted him, and
told him so. “Hey, stop pursuingme. You just don’t know whatyou’re getting into.”After that, I thought he’d goaway. A year passed, and wow, I
couldn’t believe it—he’s still there!
But I just didn’t feel worthy
of his attention. I continued to
ignore him. I continued living myown life without him. I did my ownthing. I enjoyed excursions with
my family, I enjoyed school, sports,
gigs with my friends, travelled to
various places.A couple of years passed, and
unexpectedly, this man was stillthere waiting for my Yes. And I waslike, “This man is insane!”Again, I told him, “Forget
about me because I don’t have any
 plan of saying Yes to you. Can’tyou understand that?”And he goes, “Even if you
don’t love me yet, I still love you,
and will always love you. I loveyou with all of me. I will waituntil that day that you will sayYes to me.”That was lovely… if only I
felt the same. I fell silent. I didn’t
know what to say. A part of mefelt guilty, and another part feltastounded. How could anyonelove me so much when I don’teven like me?So again, I put the manon hold. I told him I didn’t wantto decide yet about going into arelationship with him.
Three years passed, and
he was still there. Nothing hadchanged. I was still living my ownlife, and I still thought he was just
really crazy.
Four years passed, he wasstill there. I told him, “Don’t wasteyour time on me. You’re just goingto get tired of waiting for myYes, because I will always justsay No.”This time, he was deadsilent. Was he getting mad at me?
But then, I still couldn’t care lessabout him.Another year passed. I
graduated from high school andstarted college. In the university,I met people who, again to mysurprise, told me I was beautiful.
One even told me I should join a
 beauty pageant.
With these people’s
afrmation, my insecurities began
to fade a little.On my senior year in theuniversity, I said Yes-- to a boy in
school. He was in love with me,and so was I with him. He wasmy prince. I was his princess. Hewas my world, and so I thoughtit was the perfect relationship I’d
ever had.Then, that fateful day came.
He broke up with me. I was, to say
the least, devastated. I couldn’tsleep. I cried and cried until I hadno more tears. Still, my heart crieduntil I felt numb all over. I didn’t
care about living anymore…One afternoon, while I waswalking around the bend in theuniversity, the same man who washead over heels in love with me
approached me. He said, “Why
are you looking for your family?They’re far away from you. Whyare you looking for your friends?They have problems of their ownto x. Why are you still lookingfor your former boyfriend? He’s nolonger with you. Why? Am I notenough for you?”
He said, “I’m crazy for 
you. I’m madly in love with you.You don’t see what I see. Youthink that I don’t know what I’mtalking about. Well, you’re wrong because I know everything aboutyou. I know your strengths andweaknesses. I know you haveaws, and I’m not expecting you to
 be perfect. I understand your mood
swings. I know your dreams, andI’m here to support you all the way.
People may have left and betrayed
you, but I’m still here to show youthat you’re worth knowing, andI’m sticking with you. I’ll be your 
companion, your best friend, your 
everything. Won’t you say nowYes to me?”
Then, he stretched his arms,
and for the rst time, I saw theMan. I realized he’s real… as realas the cross behind him. For therst time, I realized his love for meis real. And I heard myself saying,“Yes, my Lord.”I was then only 19 yearsold when I said Yes to Jesus.
And my life has never been
the same. I began to seemyself the way Jesus sees me:
Beautiful, Beloved.
My dening moment all
came back to me as I listened tothe talk on our 
Yes, I once felt unworthy. I once
felt ashamed of myself. But in this
series, I heard God’s comfortingwords:
 Do not fear, for you will not be ashamed; Neither be disgraced, for you will not be put to shame; for you will forget the shame of  your youth...
(Isaiah 54:4).
Actually, I remember the
shame. But I don’t have the feelinganymore… because it has been
erased by God’s unconditional
love for me which I savor to
this day.
JB Rodriguez and Carlo Lorenzodemonstrate how to set limits.Bro. Bo said there are twoendings to this skit:Ending 1: JB lets go of Carlo. Carlo is forced to swim for 
his life. Both remain alive.
Ending 2: JB tries in vain
to pull up Carlo. Drained of his
strength, JB falls off the bridge
too. With no more support, Carlo
swims for his life. He lives. JBdrowns and dies.Bro. Bo concludes: 1)
When you help others, don’t
forget to help yourself. “Donot kill the goose that lays goldeneggs.” 2) Do it with a team. Don’tdo it alone. Delegate tasks.
 Kristine Mutuc Photos by Arlene Batislaong and Gerald Gonzalez 
Carlo and JB are on a bridge.Carlo depends on JB for his
survival by tying a rope aroundhis waist.
Carlo gives the end of the ropeto JB.
Alas, Carlo falls o the bridge
and holds on to the rope.
THE FEAST June 3, 2012

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