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Industry Opening Menu

Industry Opening Menu

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Published by ceflatt6940

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Categories:Types, Recipes/Menus
Published by: ceflatt6940 on Jun 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pork Nuggets 6Panko crusted testa,spicy sambal aioliPotted Trout 7Smoked Pocono trout,pickled veg, crackersBrandade Croquettes 6Salsa rosa, celery saladCrispy Pig Ear Lettuce Wraps 6Frank’s red hot, julienned veg, bibb lettuceIndian BBQ Chicharrones 3Crispy pork skin,dusted with Indian curry Buffalo Sweetbreads 10Buffalo sauce, shaved celery,pickled veg, blue cheese Whipped Veggie Tofu 5Salty chips for dipping
 Vegetable Alphabet Soup 5Straight back to childhoodBaby Head Lettuces 8Shaved vegetables, marcona almonds,fresh berries, red wine emulsion Whole Grain Salad 10Faro, red onion, zucchini, squash,roasted tomatoes, shaved ricotta salata,sherry vinaigretteClassic Wedge 9Iceberg, blue cheese,crushed walnuts, bacon sprinkles,warm bacon vinaigrette
All served with hand-cutKennebec shoestring friesThe Industry Burger 81/4lb ground brisket,cabbot cheddar, lettuce, tomato,pickle mayo, sesame seed bunDouble 10, Triple 11.5add Neuske’s crispy slab bacon 3Porchetta 11Sharp provolone, broccoli rabe,ciabatta - add long hots .50Seafood BLT MPChanges often, ask your serverfor todays selection. Served withNeuske’s Crispy Slab Bacon,lettuce, tomato, pickle mayo,rustic Italian loaf Pulled BBQ Duck 13.5Pickled jalapenos,shaved red onion, ciabatta
LARGE PLATESSteak Frites 18Hanger, bordelaise, shoestring fries Whole Fish MPLemon, grilled vegPan Seared Scallops 21Fava beans, pickled veg, white beech mushrooms, cream of wheatSweet Corn Arepas 15Blistered tomatoes, creminis, poblanos, crème fraicheKentucky Fried Guinea Hen 17Mexican street corn, cucumber saladSIDESKennebec Shoestring Fries 4, Grilled Vegetables 6,Mexican Street Corn 4, Cucumber Salad 5, Mixed Baby Lettuces 4Executive Chef: Patrick Szoke
Bar Rule #23: Never start your order with"I know this is gonna be a pain but..."
Sous Chef: Jonathan RodriguezSMALL PLATESPat’s Pork Sausage 10 Whole grain mustard, pickled veg, crusty bread Veggie Fritters 10Quinoa, rice, cornmeal, ground vegetables, arugula pestoLamb Neck Gravy 10Fresh ricotta, grilled breadThe Generals Wings 121lb jumbo chicken wings, General Tso’s sauceTartare 14Diced filet, egg yolk, salty chipsCheese Plate 12Goat, cow, sheep, honeycomb, apple, baguetteBone Marrow 10Shallot & thyme marmalade, frisee salad, toasted baguetteFried Green Tomatoes 10Arugula cherry tomato salad, ranchClams & Sausage 15Shaved fennel, roasted long hot’s, lemon zest,Ommegang Witte, toasted baguette 
Doughnuts 6Cinnamon, sugar, homemade preservesShrimp & Grits 10Gulf shrimp, organic grits, scallions, two poached eggsBaked Eggs 11Cremini’s, onions, garlic, zucchini, broccoliPancakes 9Caramelized bananas, maple syrupFrench Toast 10Chambord strawberries, maple syrup
Bowl of Seasonal Fruit 8House-made Granola & Meyer Lemon Infused Yogurt 6 Veggie Scramble 10Asparagus, cherry tomatoes, ricotta,breakfast potatoes, toastMeat Scramble 12Pat’s pork sausage, aged cheddar,breakfast potatoes, scallions, toastShirred Eggs 12Smoked trout, scallions, roasted tomato hollandaise,breakfast potatoes, toast
The Stomachectomy 12Scrapple, bacon, pancakes, sausage, fried eggHillbilly Philly 10Kentucky fried guinea hen, Frank’s red hot,sausage gravy, cheddar biscuitDuck Confit Hash 12Two scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, toastSausage Gravy & Cheddar Biscuits 12
Baby Head Lettuces 8Baby head lettuces, shaved vegetables, marcona almonds,fresh berries, red wine emulsion Whole Grain Salad 10Faro, red onion, zucchini, squash, roasted tomatoes,shaved ricotta salata, sherry vinaigretteFried Green Tomatoes 10Arugula cherry tomato salad, ranchSweet Corn Arepas 15Blistered tomatoes, criminis, poblanos, crème fraichePorchetta Sandwich 11Sharp provolone, broccoli rabe, ciabatta - add long hots .50Pulled BBQ Duck Sandwich 13.5Pickled jalapenos, shaved red onion, ciabattaSeafood BLT Sandwich MPChanges often, ask your server for todays selection.Served with Neuske’s Crispy Slab Bacon,lettuce, tomato, pickle mayo, rustic Italian loaf 
House-made Scrapple or Pork Sausage 4,Neuske’s Crispy Slab Bacon 4,Turkey Bacon 3, Grits 4, Breakfast potatoes 4,Shoestring Fries 4, Toast 3House-made Cheddar Biscuit 4,Grilled Vegetables 6, Scrambled Eggs 4
Bottomless Coffee 3,Espresso 3, Double Espresso 4,Latte 4, Cappuccino 4, Americano 3.5Shanrgri-La Hot Tea 3(English breakfast, green, chamomile-mint)Executive Chef: Pat SzokeSous Chef: Jonathan Rodriguez

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