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Omicron Chapter of Alpha Phi: Summer 2012 Newsletter

Omicron Chapter of Alpha Phi: Summer 2012 Newsletter

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Published by AlphaPhiMizzou

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Published by: AlphaPhiMizzou on Jun 06, 2012
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Always Alpha Phi 
Omicron Chapter of Alpha PhiSpring 2012
Ts t y a St,oc’s “lv l” is Btt t ev
he “Lovely Lady” on Providence Road just keeps getting lovelierevery year, thanks to the ongoing support of alumnae like you.Over the past few years, your support has made possible manyneeded changes for Omicron’s chapter house. There are shiny newbathrooms, and the room formerly known as the formal living roomis now a library. (You will find our youngest sisters occupying it anyhour of the day or night, so the new library has proven to be one of the best design choices!) Then, last year the house corporation tookon a total interior reconstruction of the annex. Oh, and I almost for-got…all new bedroom furnishings! This summer, work continues withthe installation of a sprinkler system. Also, look for brand new wall-paper in the entry and a fresh coat of paint in the bedrooms and halls.The house corporation strives to keep the house looking great and op-erating at its best. Several years ago, the board developed a strategicplan to guide these renovation choices. Regular maintenance and up-dates are essential for the physical integrity of house that turns 90 yearsold next year. The board’s over-arching goal is to keep Alpha Phi’shome competitive with the other sororities on the Mizzou campus, butonly with your support is that possible!Thank you for always being there for Omicron.
Marcia Jones Lane ’73and the Omicron House Corporation Board
P.S. Coil Construction, who has done many of our recent projects, tellsus we maintain our property better and more responsibly than manyof the other houses. Nice compliment, don’t you think?
Omicrons  Lo vel y  Lad y.
: a T
Laughter and Special Moments Highlight Haggar Family Memories
or the ladies of the Haggar family, AlphaPhi is a family tradition.
Jayne FrederickHaggar
 , Texas A&M-Commerce ’76 
, joinedAlpha Phi at East Texas State University. Shewas first exposed to Greek life as a little sisterto Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. “When I de-cided to go through recruitment, I knew thatAlpha Phi was where I wanted to be.”During her undergraduate years, Jayne remem-bers fraternity mixers and living in the sororityhouse. “One of my fondest memories is bond-ing with my sisters during our pledgeship.”Jayne earned a degree in elementary educationwith a minor in physical education and akindergarten endorsement. Family is numberone for Jayne, and when her oldest daughterwas born, she became a stay-at-home mom.Both of Jayne’s daughters,
Joanne ’11
Jessie ’09
, decided to attend the University of Missouri and go through the recruitmentprocess. Jayne was excited about this opportu-nity but says she didn’t pressure her daughters.“I wanted them to pledge a sorority where theyfelt comfortable and felt like they would fit in.I was thrilled when they both fell in love withAlpha Phi. It was a great experience for me toget to be a part of their initiations, and theyboth wore my pin.”
From left: Joanne Haggar ’11, Jane Frederick Haggar,
Texas A&M-Commerce ’76,
and Jessie Haggar ’09.
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Always Alpha Phi 
Joanne says the
connection that she, her mother, and sister share is special. “It has bonded usin a whole new way. We have a lot of fun sharing stories together.” As a senior, Joanne had theopportunity to visit the columns to pick up the newest pledge class. Her sister was a part of thatpledge class and it was a moment they both cherish. “I will always remember those days.” Joanneis majoring in early childhood education with a minor in human development and family studies.She plans on attending graduate school to further her education.Her sister, Jessie, tried to keep an open mind during recruitment, but fell in love with Alpha Phiright from the beginning. “The girls are so genuinely nice and made me feel at home. I have lovedevery minute of being an Alpha Phi.” Jessie is majoring in physical therapy.The Haggar women cherish their Alpha Phi sisterhood, sharing sorority stories and memories.As an empty-nester, Jayne now works part-time, loves visiting her parents at their retirementcommunity, and enjoys spending time with her other daughter, Jennifer. Jayne and her husband,Joe, live in Dallas, Texas.
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n B Sct s
ect ls Cstt
micron’s very own
Nora Baker’08
has been hired by Alpha PhiInternational as an EducationalLeadership Consultant (ELC) for the2012-13 academic year. Nora gradu-ated in May with a degree in businessadministration with an emphasis in fi-nance, banking, and real estate. Of the69 applicants, Nora is one of 14women selected to represent the Frater-nity and to build and strengthen Alpha Phi colle-giate chapters across North America.Since pledging Alpha Phi at Mizzou in 2008,Nora has been an involved and dedicated mem-ber, highly respected by her peers and advisors,alike. The experience she gained in her most re-cent role as vice president of membership recruit-ment will certainly pay dividends in her next roleas an ELC. Nora’s leadership and vision helpedOmicron execute its most successful recruitmentsince the 1999 revitalization—pledging 86 smartand talented New Members.Nora is from Lake St. Louis, Mo., and also servedas the vice president of finance during her soph-omore/junior year—a natural progression fromher role as director of member accounts, a posi-tion she held from 2008-2009. Byvirtue of these positions, Nora was alsoa voting member of Omicron’s HouseCorporation Board, where she pro-vided valuable chapter input on hous-ing projects.Her talents have also been shared withthe entire Mizzou and Greek commu-nities. Nora was selected among acompetitive field for MU’s Judicial Peer Advi-sory Council and for the Greek Week SteeringCommittee. She was involved with A Way withWords and Numbers, Phi Alpha Delta pre-lawfraternity, Rho Epsilon real estate fraternity, Fi-nancial Management Association, and was aGreek2Greek facilitator.As a testament to her dedication to Alpha Phi,Nora is deferring her acceptance into a number of law schools for one year; she plans to choose aschool and enroll after completing her ELC year.Nora’s contributions to this Alpha Phi chapterand its sisters are far too many to list here. Wecan only hope she continues to share her talentswith Omicron as an alumna, and we wish her thebest in the year ahead.
“ruSh” iS(proBaBly) noTQuiTe like you rememBer
Continues to PledgeExcellent Members
hile gone are the days of pantyhoseworn on hot August afternoons,hoarsely-sung sidewalk songs, and cig-arettes offered during parties, sorority “rush”is still a long (sometimes stressful), yet reward-ing experience for Alpha Phi at Mizzou. Hereis quick snapshot of what recruitment week(the new term for “rush”) is like today!In 2011, more than 1,600 women registeredand participated in formal sorority recruit-ment—a 67% increase since 1999! Each of Mizzou’s 13 chapters ultimately pledgedbetween 83-88 New Members, making oursorority membership process the secondlargest in the country, behind only Alabama.We expect similar numbers this fall.Open House round now consists of 18twenty-minute parties spanning two full days,where Potential New Members/PNMs (nolonger called rushees) visit every chapterhouse. Chapter members and PNMs wearPanhellenic-issued tee shirts, and decorationsare not allowed in chapter houses. Duringtimeslots when a PNM doesn’t have a houseto attend, various fraternities provide a reststop and refreshments.After the second day of Open Houses, chap-ters turn in their invitation lists for the nextround, while every PNM indicates her favoritechapters in rank order. After a computermatches these lists, PNMs each receive invi-tations to the second party round, and chaptersreceive their lists of returning guests. It is notuncommon for a chapter to have second roundparties with 100+ PNMs, even with an extraparty timeslot added.This second party round is called SisterhoodDay, and features skits highlighting the chap-ters’ talents, such as dancing and singing.There are 11 parties on this day, and eachPNM may attend a maximum of 10 parties.Most chapters wear matching dresses thatcompliment their themes, and decorations arelimited to the room where the skit takes place.Philanthropy Day, the third round of recruit-ment week, allows chapters to highlight theirindividual philanthropic activities and its ben-eficiaries. PNMs are offered a house tour toshowcase where members typically live. Bothchapters and PNMs are required to again wear
Omicron Chapter of Alpha Phi3
Panhellenic-issued tee shirts, and decorationsare limited to only one floor of the house.Chapters host seven parties, each 45 minutesin length, while PNMs visit up to six chapterson this day.The final round is Preference Day, which thisyear will be on Friday, August 17th. Who canforget the ceremonies, songs and senior sto-ries shared on this emotional day? This isprobably very similar to what you rememberfrom your own time in college. PNMs may at-tend up to three of the four preference parties.At the conclusion of parties, PNMs completetheir preference cards, ranking the chaptersthey attended that day. Chapters also turn intheir bid lists, and a computerized matchingprocess based on mutual selection begins.Chapters receive their pledge list the follow-ing morning, and the tradition of opening bidcards at the Columns continues. The seniorsoften lead the newly pledged members backto the house, then fun, festive, and celebratoryBid Day activities begin!Many ask how Quota is set. Today, this actu-ally happens during the bid matching process.On Preference Day, chapters are provided aquota range (usually between 75-90 at Miz-zou), and then a computer calculates each nu-merical scenario within that range, seekingout the “best” result for the sorority commu-nity, where the maximum PNMs are matchedto chapters of their choice and all chaptersmake quota. Since this new process was putinto place, almost all chapters at Mizzou havematched quota every year.This fall, in an effort to reduce excessive partyfrills and focus more on conversation andchapter values, sidewalk songs have beeneliminated. Chapters will meet their guests di-rectly at the front door. For those who remem-ber long receiving lines, those are also part of the bygone past.As interest in sorority life continues to grow,we are sure to see further changes in Mizzourecruitment; for example, Tri-Sigma openstheir new facility this year (next door to PiBeta Phi) and Sigma Kappa will return tocampus to form a new chapter. Meanwhile,Omicron continues to bring wonderful newmembers into our Alpha Phi sisterhood andgrows stronger each year!We are always eager to hear from you! Pleaseintroduce us to women you know who are in-terested in recruitment at Mizzou. Completethe online recommendation form found atwww.mizzouaphi.com or in the summerQuarterly. We look forward to meeting the tal-ented, intelligent, and personable women youknow! Thank you, as always for your contin-ued support of Alpha Phi at Mizzou. If youhave questions, please email Liz Drouin at:lizu1872@aol.com.
oc Ssts’ pSws  a T d
micron Chapter started the 2012 year withfresh faces. Our executive board is brandnew, and at our officer retreat, we were en-couraged to set new goals for the chapter pertain-ing to scholarship, campus involvement, andpublic relations. The semester began with a re-newed pride in Alpha Phi.
Thank You, Supporters ofAlpha Phi Foundation
Omicron hosted our eighth annual Rockin’ RedDress Poker Tournament and Silent Auction inFebruary. We successfully raised close to $15,000for the Alpha Phi Foundation. Almost 300 alum-nae, parents, and fraternity members participatedin the event and Alpha Phi would like to thankeveryone who attended.
Campus-wide EventsDraw Alpha Phi Participation
Omicron has participated in many fun activitiesthis spring. In February, we placed second inthe Greek-wide philanthropy, Rockin’ AgainstMultiple Sclerosis, a lip-syncing and dancecompetition. Alpha Phi also celebrated GreekWeek 2012 with the men of Fiji and Theta Chi.The members had fun with the Barbie and Kentheme and worked hard competing against theother groups. We were very proud to have mem-bers represent the chapter on the steering com-mittee for Greek Week. At the end of thecompetition,
and our partners placed THIRD.Way to go, ladies!
Omicron Supports Panhellenic– Chapter Standards Increase
The chapter is looking forward to recruitment inAugust. Our goal is another strong New Memberclass for Alpha Phi. Our recruitment team is hardat work preparing for the changes presented byPanhellenic. Additionally, Panhellenic has insti-tuted a new program called The Foundation,which increases the minimum requirements thechapter must fulfill to remain in good standingwith the University. After Omicron implementedthe program, the chapter G.P.A. increased almostinstantly. The New Member class of OmicronChapter also placed fourth overall in New Mem-ber grades.
Chapter House Improvements Coming
When we return from summer break, the house cor-poration will have some exciting updates waitingfor us in the chapter house. A new sprinkler systemwill be installed, and the foyer will receive newwallpaper. Omicron is certainly off toa great start and the year only prom-ises to get better.AOE,
Rachel Neff ’10
Chapter Presidentrknqm9@mail.missouri.edu
Omicrons proudly represented A
’s Annual Rockin’ Red Dress Poker Tourneyon the cover of the February 2, 2012, issue of 
The Odyssey
.Photo by Tyler Garrett of 
The Odyssey
at Mizzou, www.The OdysseyOnline.com.From left, Shelby Barber '10, Emmy Martin '09,and MJ Lovewell '10 represented Omicronin the Rockin’ Against Multiple Sclerosislip-syncing and dance competition.

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