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A Night of Masculine Saccharine

A Night of Masculine Saccharine

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Published by Ann Peñaredondo
This was the story of how I got from a general admission seat to a just a few feet away from NKOTBSB during their recent concert in Manila.
This was the story of how I got from a general admission seat to a just a few feet away from NKOTBSB during their recent concert in Manila.

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Published by: Ann Peñaredondo on Jun 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Night of Masculine Saccharine: How I got from a general admission seat to a just a few feet away from NKOTBSB
by Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo
“Somewhere in my youth or childhood I must have done something good.” 
Something Good (A Sound of Music)I know that song above is neither a Backstreet Boys nor New Kids on the Block song.But I think that it is the song that greatly defines what I am about to share to you.First of all, if you really know me, you know that I am a Backstreet Boys fan. I startedfollowing them in high school, and I still love them up to now. I attended their concertback in 2006 at the Araneta Coliseum. I missed their show when they came back in2010, though, as I just got employed in a new company during that time. I ended upplaying their Greatest Hits Chapter One album during their concert night to get by withloneliness.Then two months ago, my good friend-BSB fan Jesy sent me an SMS: “Ann, NKOTBSBLive in Manila on June 3, 2012!!! SM MOA Arena!” The message is clear: we’re goingthis time. Jesy and I made a pact in 2006 (we went together during that time) that wewill watch another BSB concert together. But instead of getting seats for Upper or Lower Box (we were in Upper Box A back in Araneta), we are going to go for generaladmission seats. Jesy won’t be able to make it on a nearer seat because she just hadher car fixed. After making sure that Jesy’s mind won’t change anymore and knowingthat Grace, Jesy’s office mate, is also tagging along, I booked our tickets.We knew how general admission works. It is free seating; you have to be early to getvery good seats. Be late or you’ll see sticks walking in the stage. Nevertheless, I wrotein my gratitude journal that I am thanking God in advance for our front seats in thegeneral admission section with good vantage point, I’m meeting new acquaintances,and I’m having feel good vibes.Concert night came. After some almost mad dash to many doors, escalators, and stairs,we made it inside the SM Mall of Asia Arena. We got front seats in the generaladmission section with good vantage point! A few minutes later, the section was fullpacked, with people already seating by the stair alleys. As we have settled to our seats, a venue staff approached a group of concert goersseating by the stair alley on our side. The staff nicely asked the group to go for other 
5 June 2012email me at pannkristine@gmail.com
empty seats so as to not block the way. The group insisted to stay; they said that allgood seats were already taken. The scene started a series of venue staffs (a bouncer was the last person to approach the group) asking the group to move empty seats. Thegroup continued to insist. At exactly 9:00 P.M., the concert started. I, Jesy, and Grace were already starting toscream our hearts out. Then, a venue staff approached the group in the stair alleyagain. Grace, who was nearer to the stair alley than me, heard that the group wasasked to leave the area and go to the second floor. Sensing that the group might be re-located, Grace whispered what she heard to Jesy, and then they decided to follow thegroup. They asked me to stay behind for the meantime.Minutes later, Grace sent me an SMS. She was giving me instructions to follow them.She was right: the group that were seating on the stair alley were re-located to, takethis: to the Lower Box, the next section to VIP. Grace and Jesy were also given seats; athird one was waiting for me.I remember going out of the general admission area while NKOTB was singing. Theother side of my brain was going nuts. Why am I doing this? We are already in the frontseats in the general admission seats with a good vantage point. What if Grace and Jesywon’t be there by the door just as they promised? What if I will be shut out for going toanother section I’m not supposed to be in?My brain’s other side retorted, “Nah! Forget it for heaven’s sake! I’m near the door! I’mnot going back to the general admission! I waited six years for BSB to come back. Andwho would not want to see NKOTB, too?” It made me went for a mad dash to the stairs.I stopped in one of the doors in the second floor. It was almost deserted. I can hear BSBsinging again. I was holding my phone, with the last SMS from Grace and Jesy tellingme to just go inside. With BSB singing, there is little hope that any of them would fetchme.My heart pounded when a staff standing by the door saw me. My right hand instinctivelyreached for the ticket that I placed in my pocket. I was ready to show it to the staff andtell him I was with my two companions who were relocated here.Instead, he smiled at me and opened the door. As soon as I went inside, I saw brightlights, people screaming and dancing and taking pictures, and the Backstreet Boyssinging their lungs out – a few feet away.
5 June 2012email me at pannkristine@gmail.com

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