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Egypt Arab Spring Essay

Egypt Arab Spring Essay

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Published by jknipper97

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Published by: jknipper97 on Jun 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ByJustin Knipper
Mohamed Mursi Ahmed Shafiq
ZIS Grade 8 English J8 Summit 2012
Egypt is on the Way to a better Future
Egypt was one of the oldest dictatorships in the world. Recently the era of approximately 50 years of ongoing dictatorships has stopped due to revolutions in majorcities of Egypt. Hundreds of thousands of people protested on the Tahrir square in Cairodemanding that Hosni Mubarak steps down. Ultimately he did, but it cost hundreds of lives.The protestors made goals they wanted to achieve and are still trying to achieve many.These goals made the lives of the Egyptians change for the better, because their humanrights have stopped being violated, their lives have improved and they are able to choosetheir president.Human rights have been violated before President Mubarak stepped down, makingthe lives of the Egyptians miserable. One of the human rights the Mubarak regime was inbreach of was right number three, the right to life and to live in freedom and safety. The life
of the Egyptians before the revolution wasn’t enjoyable, because of corruption in the
government and very poor living standards. Many people died from brutal attacks orderedby Mubarak during the revolution. This did not increase the security and freedom of thepeople but achieved rather the opposite. Another human right that was violated was right#21, the right to help choose and take part in the government of their country. There wasonly one totally untrustworthy election in the time that Mubarak was president and onlyvery few people actually bothered voting. The dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak and otherpresidents before him made the population of Egypt have no voice in the government at all.Lastly, right #23, the right to a fair wage and work in a safe environment, was violated.There are many people living off a very small wage and do not get any help from thegovernment. Sadly, this has not changed for the better; it has become worse after theprotest as shown in the case of Salma (Knell). Only 5 out of 100 job applications have beenresponded to for the 21-year-old business graduate Salma. Many other jobs have been lostand many people now sell cigarettes or vegetables on the street. Besides, the amount of tourists has gone down rapidly, making the amount of money Egypt has earned decrease.Once approximately 14 million tourists were in Egypt daily, each spending about 70 Egyptpounds a day. Before the revolution tourism was one of the main income sources for Egypt.It is getting better again, but is far less than it once was (Awad). Getting a fair wage and
work is more difficult in this environment. Many human rights were violated in the time of 
Mubarak’s regime, but this has luckily become better.
 The Egyptians had goals in their revolution that started off as livelihood, freedom,social justice and human dignity. They have branched out into many more as the revolutionstarted, but all were associated to the first four. Some of the demands were met, but manystill have to. One of the Egyptians many goals was the resignation of President HosniMubarak. They wanted him to step down, because he treated them very badly. As stated in
the first paragraph, many human rights were violated during Mubarak’s regime and the
Egyptians wanted this to stop. Hosni Mubarak finally had to leave his post. The new leadersinitiated a court proceeding against him that led to a life sentence. Another goal the peopleof Egypt wanted to meet was that all the prisoners taken since the beginning of therevolution would get freed. They partially have met that goal, but not every prisoner hasbeen saved for sure, since it is unsure how high the number of prisoners taken is (
). A goal that was not met is that every person has a minimum wage of 1,200Egyptian pounds. This aspirational goal will definitely take a long time to accomplish. Thenew president will have a very challenging time with the economy of the country and firsthas to rebuild it. Egypt is suffering from a very high unemployment rate. The average wageis very low. Egypt would need to create many new jobs and gradually increase the overallselling income. Many people make money as street vendors and they would have to get alot of money additionally from the government to reach this goal. The new government hasto invest in education to improve the overall living standard. The Egyptians have managedto fulfill some goals, but many still have to be accomplished.The people of Egypt have not had a chance to actually choose their president in avery long time. There has been an ongoing dictatorship since about 50 years and Mubarakhas been the President since approximately 30. This has stopped the Egyptians from havinga trustworthy voting in a long time. There was once an election, but the results weremanipulated a lot. Only about 20 percent of all of the Egyptians bothered voting and theresults were very bizarre. Approximately 90 percent voted for Mubarak and only 7 percentfor the second best candidate (Fam). This election was on the 7
September 2005. On the23
and 24
March 2012 there was the first vote that would actually change Egypt’s
president. The top three candidates had 25%, 24% and 21% of the votes, making them have

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