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the open secret

the open secret



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Published by Pankaj Kumar

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Published by: Pankaj Kumar on Dec 30, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Talks given from 1/11/77 to 30/11/77
Darshan Diary
29 Chapters
Year published: 1980
1 November 1977 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
Anand means bliss, and avid means one who knows -- one
who knows blissfully, one who knows through bliss, a
knowing blissfulness. And God can only be known that way;
God cannot be known through suffering. Everybody tends to

remember God when they suffer. But the real lovers are
those who remember him when they are happy, because it
is only in happiness that we are open to him. Happiness
really means that we are very close to him, because

happiness is possible only when we are close to him. So

remember when you are happy... make it a point, whenever there is happiness, to turn it into prayer. Whenever you are joyous bow down, and that will bring you closer and closer

to God every day. And God is not far away: he is just around
the corner!
[ A sannyasin at his leaving darshan says he wants to return
forever... and also that he has a problem relaxing.]

... It will be good if you can come because much more will
be possible while you are here close to me. There are
different types of people. There are a few people who can

grow even far away from me. You will not be able to; you
will need the physical presence. You are a very earth-bound
person, and that may be one of the reasons why you can't
relax. You are a very practical person, empirical,
Dreamers can relax very easily. In fact it is very difficult for

them to be active; laziness comes very easy to them.
Whenever there is an opportunity they can fall asleep;
activity is difficult. To you activity is not difficult and if you
are not physically active then you are mentally active. That's

why listening to me or listening to the tape helps you to
relax because is goes on boggling your mind. You cannot
think: it absorbs you totally. Nothing is left to think about. It

magnetises your whole attention. It takes your whole mind so nothing is left behind; there is emptiness. Then you can relax.

Just being close to me you will be able to relax utterly. And it is not that I turn people into inactive people -- no, not at all; I put them to activity. But I take the actor away from

them. The doer is taken away but not the doing. That's what
you need: you need action without any tension. And that is
a difficult thing.
It is easy to be non-tense when you are not active. It is easy
to be active but then you are tense, you are not relaxed.

Relaxation alone is easy, action with tension is easy, and the
whole point is to be active and yet relaxed. That is the
synthesis that is needed.
So this will be the right opportunity for you. Manage things
so you can come back. A few difficulties are always there;
finish them. Just by being here you will start relaxing
because there is nothing to worry about. And all those great

ideas that go on wandering in your mind I can put to use! They need to be implemented. And they will bring you joy because they can become creative.

Remember this: whenever there are great ideas in the mind
if you don't put them to use they will torture you, they will

become your worries. If you put them to use, if you become
creative, if you start transforming those ideas into reality
then they will not be worries. They will bring great joy to

It is said that if you want some work to be done give it to
the person who is very busy. If you give the work to
somebody who is not busy there is not much possibility that
it will be done. A busy person has more time than the non-

busy person. That is strange but that's how it is. A busy
person can always have holidays, can relax, can go into
hobbies. A non-busy person has no holiday possible because
all his activity goes on in the mind. A busy person can come

home and relax in the swimming pool but a non-busy person
never goes anywhere. Sitting by the swimming pool he is
busy; his mind is continuously working there.
You need activity. You have energy for it and your mind can
become very creative. So I will not suggest anything that
can tranquillize your mind; that will not be good. That will
give you a kind of relaxation but a very uncreative
relaxation. That is getting something at a very high cost.

Relaxation in itself is not valuable. Relaxation is valuable
only if it is creative. Creativity in itself is not valuable; it is
valuable only if it brings relaxation.
So you come! Relaxation will happen; nothing to be worried

[ A visitor says she feels fine -- better than ever.]

That's very good. Go on becoming better and better and
better. One can go on rising higher and higher. If you don't
go higher then you start falling back, because life is a

movement. You cannot stay anywhere; you have to go on. If
you don't go on, you go back. Either grow or fall back but
life does not allow anybody any rest because rest is
stagnancy. Life is movement, riverlike.

So this has to be understood, that one should go on moving higher and higher. Never try to stay anywhere: go on. One who starts staying begins receding and then there is misery. Because nobody wants to fall back to those lower places

which one has passed. They were beautiful when one was
passing through. Now they are no more beautiful because
they are lower than you are. Something higher is needed, so

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