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How the Unity Grid Works Part 1

How the Unity Grid Works Part 1

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Published by Joe E Bandel
update on earth's ascension process
update on earth's ascension process

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Published by: Joe E Bandel on Jun 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How The Unity Grid Works Part 1
Since June is the show I thought I might post little bits and pieces abouthow the Unity Grid works and we can all see if I am right or not as the monthgoes by. So my first offering is how the Unity Grid manifests future events.Imagine if you will that the astral planes have pretty much emptiedthemselves of all events that can legally manifest according to the new rules.So there is no future created and we are collectively creating it day by day.Now one of the things about the Unity Grid is that the new world is "collective"in the literal sense of the word. Imagine a true democracy where all life gets avote.Imagine that most people don't want the world economy to collapse. Aseveryone knows the world economy seems about to collapse any day. This"collective" desire of "most" people reaches out into the void and literally"creates" a future where it doesn't collapse. How can it do that? Well let's see.Greece can't default on its debt, so what can prevent Greece from defaultingon its debt? Perhaps only one person, one of the powers that be, has theability to prevent Greece from defaulting. This person wants Greece to defaultbut is being forced into taking steps that keep the economy of Greece goingone day at a time. It is the only future that this person has, it is the only futurethat has been created for this person even if it is not the future he or shewants.In this illustration the "collective desire" of humanity creates a future thatinvolves this person against his or her will and makes it the only option he orshe has. There are no other future choices. This is also karmic because thisperson as one of the powers that be abused their position and trust and nowthey are truly "servants of the people" in a very literal way. Karma has a biteand all karma is to be balanced, good and evil. Thus we find "gridlock" in the physical world and nothing can get done.Everything is perfectly balanced and the knots are only gradually untied. Youcan be assured that the masses do not want world war III or a mass landing of UFO's either, so these are not going to happen. The masses do not want something "spectacular" to happen so nothingspectacular is going to happen. A future is being created day by day in whichthe status quo remains. The ascension of mother earth will mistakenly seemlike a non event to most of the population but this is not really the case.Something very profound is happening. This is why I have stated that theUnity Grid does not really support mass events.Enough of this for now. I will post more on how the Unity Grid works

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