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A Compendium of Occult Laws r. Swinburne Clymer

A Compendium of Occult Laws r. Swinburne Clymer



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Published by Bot Psalmerna
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rose cross rose croix rosecross swinbyrne clymer beverly hall

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Published by: Bot Psalmerna on Dec 30, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Denver Spiritual CommunityCOMPENDIUM OF OCCULT LAWS © 1966Home Wisdom of the AgesThe selection, arrangement and application of the most important of Occult and Arcane Laws taught by the Masters of the August Fraternities of Initiation, and the practice of the Laws in thedevelopment of the fourfold nature of man in attaining Success and Mastership on all planes of activity.By Rev. R. Swinburne Clymer, M.D.Director General: The Confederation of InitiatesPrinces and Princesses of the Royal House of Melchizadek Church of IlluminationSupreme Grand Master: The Aeth PriesthoodThe Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis CONTENTSChapter Preface1 The Hermetic Concept of Success2 The Philosophy of Occult Initiation3 The Hermetic Teachings4 Hermetic Science and the Alchemical Processes5 The Occult Concept6 Occult InitiationCompendium of Occult LawsPrefaceThe field of Occult(1) literature is indeed rich and voluminous. To systematically and painstakinglywade through all of it, would require practically all the days of a lifetime.---------------------------------------(1) Throughout the text, authentic Occult terms will be used, "Occult" meaning that which isgenerally hidden - unknown to all but the few, who have given long and sincere study to the subject.
 Nothing in the text has any reference to that vast charlatanism which is so universally employed, so bewildering to the public, and misleading great numbers to their undoing. Only that which is certainto benefit man in his fourfold nature shall find any part in the text.---------------------------------------Sincere students in this field of research and practice are fully conversant with the fact that there arenow about ten thousand volumes dealing with the subjects of Occultism, Initiation, Mysticism,Alchemy, Hermeticism, Rosicrucianism and Alchemical Processes. In every one of these volumes, beginning with the eighth century, there are to be found either plainly stated or more or less hiddenin Alchemists' "jargon," many important Occult Laws; important because they should be known tothe Neophyte - the man or woman who is seeking to attain that Initiation which ends in complete,fourfold development - a balanced growth of the body, mind, spirit and Soul which assuresMastership, success on the four planes of being.The very fact is in many instances entire books, seemingly uninteresting in themselves, must becarefully read, aye, keenly studied, in order that the important Law or Laws therein expounded, may be revealed. In all too numerous instances such books have been long out of print, therefore are rareand expensive. This has discouraged the vast majority of students from even attempting to procurethese books, to study them and unravel their hidden inculcations, tabulate and arrange theseimportant Laws in order that they might apply them in their efforts toward personal attainment.All this was clearly impressed upon me some sixty years ago when I first assumed the SupremeOffice in the August Fraternity, and I then decided that a part of my life should be devoted to thecollection of these books and the many private manuscripts held in the archives of the AncientSecret Schools in Initiation; to study them one by one and carefully separate the wheat from thechaff, the actual Laws from the merely interesting reading matter; to arrange these Lawssystematically; to interpret those written in Occult jargon; and to carefully point out in readilyunderstandable and modern terms, their application in the process of Initiation, the development of the higher self of the Neophyte which leads the Soul to Illumination in the first instance, and hasMastership or Adeptship as the goal.Many long years have been devoted to this subject. It has been a fascinating task; nevertheless, atedious one, and I am happy the present edition is ready to be placed in the hands of all sincerestudents for their daily, aye hourly guidance.Continuity of though on the subject matter has in no instance been attempted. This is not a literary product. Laws taught have been noted, interpreted and their application to both everyday andspecial interests indicated so that all who are ready may easily understand and apply them. Thus,one Law after another is given and explained to the end of the volume.There is no claim to originality. There is little new in the entire work except the applications andinterpretations. All, or almost all, found herein are either from a printed book or a privatemanuscript prepared by some Initiate, Master or Adept, although in almost all instances the phraseology and application have been modernized and made applicable to present-day conditions.With the intent that the contents of this volume may be the more readily applicable to the variousclasses or types of students, it has been arranged in six parts, beginning with the Laws teachingwhat we generally term material or worldly success on all planes of activity; finally, ending withthose Laws which inculcate the highest and most lasting success of all - the Spiritualization of theInfinite Being in man leading to Godhood, i.e., becoming the son of God.The first section, "The Hermetic Concept of Success", is in greater part based on the inner teachings
of Hargrave Jennings, the Rosicrucian Initiate; Warren Richardson,(2) greatest of all modern OccultMasters; the teachings of the Phelons of the Hermetic Brotherhood; the texts, "The Philosophy of Fire" and "The Rosy Cross: Its Teachings".The second section, "The Philosophy of Occult Initiation", is based almost exclusively upon thesecret writings of those versed in Hermetic Science and Alchemical Processes, notably Dr. P.B.Randolph, Freeman B. Down, General Ethan Allen Hitchcock, Warren Richardson(2) and HargraveJennings.-----------------------------------(2) It is of utmost importance that Warren Richardson, author of "Dr. Zell" and "The PrincessCharlotte", should not be confused with later writers of the same baptismal name.-----------------------------------The third section, "The Hermetic Teachings", is a digest of the published works and private writingsof the Phelons and manuscripts in the possession of the Fraternity, and in part the works of GeneralEthan Allen Hitchcock in his exhaustive text, "Alchemy and the Alchemists.The forth section, "Hemetic Science and the Alchemical Processes", is based in part on the private books and manuscripts in the archives of the August Fraternity, and the works of Dr. P.B. Randolph,Freeman B. Dowd, General Ethan Allen Hitchcock, Warren Richardson and Hargrave Jennings.The fifth section, "The Occult Concept", is a digest of both the inner and outer teachings of theHermetic and Rosicrucian concepts, from manuscripts used in private class work by the Phelons,Tyner and others, and also from the text, "Mastership: The Divine Law".Lastly, the sixth section, "Occult Initiation", is a digest of the most important writings of WarrenRichardson, Hargrave Jennings and other Initiates who are little known to the Western World; themanuscripts are now in possession of the Confederation of Initiates. We trust our duty has beenfairly well accomplished and that the present text will be of great help in the guidance of all thoseseeking to become masters of their destiny, and free from every form of servitude, whether of self or of the dictatorial edict of this modern age.Sincerely given, R.Swinburne Clymer 

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