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Developed Personalized Cyber Clone System By Amalgamation of Human Brain Intelligence

Developed Personalized Cyber Clone System By Amalgamation of Human Brain Intelligence

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Published by Adam Hansen
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications (IJAIA)
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications (IJAIA)

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Published by: Adam Hansen on Jun 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications (IJAIA), Vol.3, No.3, May 2012DOI : 10.5121/ijaia.2012.3305 55
Ankita Singh Bishnoi
and Prof. Sanjeev Puri
Department of Information Technology, Shri Ramswaroop Memorial College of Engineering & Management, Lucknow, India
Department of Information Technology, Shri Ramswaroop Memorial College of Engineering & Management, Lucknow, India
To provide a counterpart for every individual in the form of digital Personalized Cyber Clone (PCC) byamalgamation of the study of individual’s brain intelligence (IBI) and human information processingsystem which will help to live a better life in the Erratic World of today. This PCC will save time, energyand most importantly will act as a personnel guide for each individual. It will escort the individual withrational decisions in every field whether professional or pertaining to personal life.
Personalized Cyber Clone, Individual’s Brain Intelligence, Human Information Processing System, Rational Decisions.
1. Introduction
These days, people are living a very fast life and are often puzzled by the latest devices likeLaptops, I-phones, PDA’s, Internet and automated machines, etc., they usually ponder what to doand what not, which lead to the development of a new world called Erratic World which is madeup of two Worlds i.e. Real (Physical) world and another is Digital World in both the worlds everyindividual is puzzled about how to lead a better life and the combination of both gave birth to aconfusing, fast & violent Erratic World.This Personalized Cyber Clone (PCC) [3] will guide each individual to live his own life in abetter way. The need of PCC has been felt because Erratic World is an unexpected world full of confusions so people are unaware of what to adopt and what not. Here PCC helps in decisionmaking and guiding every individual not only in the cyber world but also in the real world. As allof us know that it is only the best which survives in the most adverse of the situations. Theconditions of today make us feel that we are a confused lot and this state of confusion must not betaken lightly. When we take care of this state of confusion then only we will be able to survive inthis erratic world.
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications (IJAIA), Vol.3, No.3, May 201256
To know one self better the Erratic World is now giving us the opportunity to create aPersonalized Cyber Clone which can guide us in adopting things which are suitable for us in thisdigitally explosive atmosphere and help us to live a tension free life in this erratic world.Our Cyber Clone research places stress on individual personalized information processingcharacteristics, models, and extensive applications. Brain intelligence is an upcoming field thatsystematically helps us in studying the human brain and its information processing mechanism. Italso provides the principles of individual modeling, guiding PCC’s core design and intelligenceupgrade. PCC specifically studies individual information processing, their differences and thenevaluates the optimum outcome so achieved.Personalized Cyber Clone (PCC) can be evolved only from the integration of many studies, fieldsand it has a vast range of applications so it is multidisciplinary in nature. The major challenge inbuilding a Personalized Cyber Clone is to integrate all these studies & their experts. Isn’t it quitedifficult and complicated? We will definitely need to set the standards for building the PCC & itsprotocols also should be properly designed as these will play an important role in thedevelopment of PCC. In which most important role will be played by the different version of protocol having a unique biological database. This will only be similar to something like areproduction of the individual himself or a soft copy of the individual installed in his PC.
Figure1: PCC in digitally explosive atmosphere confiscate our in decision in Erratic world
We have always felt the need of a language to communicate with each other since the verymoment when man came into existence. The need gave birth to languages not one but many thisfurther gave birth to the need of learning each language but it is not possible for a person to knowall this so it resulted in the beginning of someone or something which can help us in thecommunication. Similarly now a days for a common person the need of a program is felt whichcan free him from all this confusion and make his life simple. We have imagined and used a lotmany things which can solve our problems physically and mechanically. But today every humanbeing is more confused than ever before so a personalized cyber clone can be the best answer.
Purpose and motivation towards PCC
The purpose of PCC is to form an integrated open platform to join all the multidisciplinary andinterdisciplinary actions as well as a variety of technologies to be adopted for globally combinedwork on understanding more about human beings brain, assimilating all this with computer andcreate something which is able to handle the cyber world and its invasive devices in the risinghyper world [4].
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications (IJAIA), Vol.3, No.3, May 201257
PCC means Personalized Cyber Clone and in this Personalized means real-I’s attitudes,behaviors, ego etc. Now-a-days the researches are researching in making a robot or a programwhich can do things efficiently as that of a real-I can do, so for this they use ArtificialIntelligence, Robotics, genetic engineering etc. but here we are talking about to make digital copyof a human brain. The ultimate goal of PCC is to make a counterpart of the individual which actsas a clone [1] in the digital world.PCC means an exact virtual image of you [2] in cyberspace which has the same personality asthat of yours and will help you live better in hyper erratic world. I
t's well known that people sayand do many things in cyberspace that they wouldn't ordinarily say or do in the face-to-face
world. They loosen up, feel more relaxed and express themselves more openly when alone. [7].The uninhibited and relaxed response of a person in the cyber space is not the only factor that
determines how much people open up or act out in cyberspace. The behavior of the person also
varies to a great extent in the presence of other persons or a particular one. The tendencies of 
every individual differ greatly towards the expression. Individuals with Melodramatic styles tend
to be very open and emotional. Enthusiastic people are more restrained. The online uninhibitedand relaxed response of a person will clash with these personality variables, in some cases
resulting in a modification from the person's true behavior, at the same time on the other handmajor dramatic changes will be reflected. Many people open up only when they are alone and this
peculiar behavior helps a lot in our study of the Human information processing system of anindividual and also helps us in linking it with the human brain intelligence.For example: some individual have the habit of sharing everything to one and only one true
friend. With this friend they reveal their emotions, feelings and experiences. All of these things
are most of the times very true as they feel that these things will remain undisclosed to the othersand only the two of them can actually share the secrets of each other. This surety of confidence isonly be possible now a days when the person is sitting alone online. We mean to say that whenthe individual is sure of this that nobody is going to comment on him on any of his act then he isrelaxed and at times will reveal that part of his thoughts which is camouflaged.
 Brain Intelligence
is used to study our Information Processing System [8] by various ways likefunctional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG). All this datais collected and processed to understand the thinking pattern of an individual. Besides this we willalso need to study attention, memory, reasoning, decision making, learning, discovery, creativityetc. which are essential factors in the development of PCC [5].Now if we go deeper in understanding of the human behavior and thinking Brain Intelligence (BI)can help us in giving human intelligence models which will further help in the core designing of the Personalized Cyber Clone, when a Personalized Cyber Clone is born an essential model isformed with internal and external elementary features.This will lead us to make a clone of real-I in the hyper erratic world.
Reveal your True self without concealing
The unconcealed true depiction of ones personality will reveal a true persona of the individualand nothing will be left to chance. It will include the true revelation of one’s emotions, hisattitude, simplicity, complexity, arrogance, and other similar traits of the person. These traits willbe very close to the real individual. When we will feed all this into the making of our PCC it willbe able to take decisions based on brain intelligence and the typical individual who’s PCC holds.At times some personal and cultural values may also guide an individual this at times can make alot of difference so this aspect will have also incorporated while imagining the PCC.

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