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The Second Psychiatric Evaluation of Anders Behring Breivik

The Second Psychiatric Evaluation of Anders Behring Breivik

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Published by Fredrik Walløe
This is a translated version of the second psychiatric evaluation of Anders Behring Breivik. Originally published in Norwegian by national newspaper VG. Translated using Google Translate; should not be quoted.
This is a translated version of the second psychiatric evaluation of Anders Behring Breivik. Originally published in Norwegian by national newspaper VG. Translated using Google Translate; should not be quoted.

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Published by: Fredrik Walløe on Jun 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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See the letter from the forensic commission of 23 April 2012 where itemerge the following comments to the forensic psychiatric statement of 10 april 2012:1. The experts have not sufficiently taken subject to possible false negativeconclusion in the evaluation of touch with reality, cf. observandens opportunity for aadjust their statement to survey the situation. It is shown that it restsCourt to decide observandens different explanations.2. The forensic commission has problems with a view that the generalcriteria for personality disorder according to ICD-10 are met out of the premisesthe experts have assumed, and it is requested reconsideration of the validity of observandens answers to the tests applied.3. It is unfortunate that the experts do not even have obtainedArent complete information about observandens function in children, youth andearly adulthood and the years he was an adult lived with his mother.4. It required an assessment of the significance of discrepancy betweenobservandens described social functioning in the context of observation and theemotional reactions he shows towards the paklagede actions havethe diagnostic evaluation.5. It required an assessment of the meaning structure under custody andobservation period, for the diagnostic evaluation.The experts will initially express understanding of the issuesraised by the Commission. The current case has been shown to represent unusualdiagnostic and psychiatric challenges. Below are elaborated and the aforementionedissues:Ad 1 - possible false negative conclusion:There is no doubt that observanden in talks with the experts, to some extentexpressed strategically, ie that he has adapted his statements to what he at any timefound it best served. This applies in particular his description of the organization KnightsTemplar. In the early phase of the investigation, he gave a magnificent account of thealleged organization and their own position in it.VG has changed typography, corrected typos and deleted certain information about thirdparties.From the examination of 181,011, he has toned down the description when it comes toKnightsTemplars size and position. He has always maintained
basic ideas about the Knights Templars May and structure, but has emphasized thatorganization is being established and that many of his descriptions must be consideredsuggestions for a future structure.When it comes to ideas about a conspiracy kulturmarxistisk conspiracy, hebeen fairly consistent. The same applies to his statements on the vigilance andsuspicion of possible police surveillance.As for personality traits, has noted that he was the first time afterarrest, spoke about their characteristics and performance on a grandiose manner.Later he toned down the description, and maintained a more moderatepresentation. When it comes to personality traits in general, he seems constantly on the manypoints, having a desire to portray themselves in a lucky light. This tendency is suchseen with MMPI-2 testing in January 2012 v / psychologist and specialistindicated a very high base on validitetsskalaen so that the test as a whole is not consideredvalid.Because of his tendency to give strategic response has been so obviously for theexperts, that if one would only assume the statements that haveobtained in conversations, this would involve risk to the diagnosis of mental disorders. The experts therefore constantly checkmated consider observandensstatement against what he has stated before, especially the first time after the arrest, andconsideration has been given the food he has spoken out on. There is extensiveevidence from 22 July onwards, in the form of written notes and interviewsAudio and biiled recording of interrogations. Moreover, is rich health informationprison health care who have had contact with him since 260711, DPS-Bærumwith contact from 090,911, as well as minutes of calls in connection with the forensicpsychiatricobservation by Torgeir Husby and Synne Sørheim, during the period 100,811 to 21,111. Theyexperts has thus had a broad basis for assessing observandens statementsand how he appeared right after the impugned actions and until theyexperts began their own investigation.Pa this basis has been considered his various statements about possible psychoticsymptoms, as framgar of the statement in section 19.5 (SCID-I) and 21.5 (assessmentof psychotic disorders in observanden). Similarly, personality traits discussed inChapter 19.10 (SCID-II).There is no doubt that it is right that allows assessment of the evidence in the case, including
observandens various explanations, the Commission points out. The experts believeHowever, it has been necessary to consider the statements of observandenshas a direct bearing on diagnosis. It is not possible to make an assessment of any delusions, without a consider a number of observandensstatements, especially when it comes to suspicion, conspiracy ideas andorganization Knights Templar. The experts have, therefore, as it appears in thementioned chapters, took advantage of the opportunity arising from the mandate paragraph 1,thirdsection, to consider the facts of the case. One sees, however, that this position onshould have been pointed out more clearly than that suggested implicit in the declaration, andobscure public regretted.Other parts of the world observandens thought, particularly his political thoughts,characterized by ideas of conspiracy of politicians, journalists, etc., andnecessity of a terror campaign to save the Norwegian and European culture, has beenstable, as assessed both by early interviews and he has stated in his "Compendium." Thehas not been necessary to weigh against each other old and new statements on theseregions.The reviews outlined above of observandens various statements to police andexperts, means doubtless some uncertainty. The committee found itessential that the assessment base was supplemented by observation in an institution forCriminal Procedure Act, § 167, referred to in the declaration in Section 15 ObservationReport of Regional Security Department Dikemark has been very clear and unambiguous when it comesabsence of psychotic symptoms. Experience shows that it is unlikely that apsychotic patient can conceal a psychotic symptoms for three weeks during the observation of ahighly qualified, multidisciplinary psychiatric team. The result of observation is considered aas robust complement to the experts' own investigations, that one has not foundreason to take an explicit modification of the question of psychosis.VG has changed typography, corrected typos and deleted certain information about thirdparties.The case, however, still some very special challenges. This is especiallyobservandens extremist political attitudes and identification with an extremesubculture. The experts stressed, therefore, that even if you have not found

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